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Are you curious about how successful entrepreneurs get results? There are three things that entrepreneurs need to get results and achieve business success.

If you want to get results, you must be willing to do what it takes to get them, and sometimes that means stepping outside the box.

To get results, you must:

  1. Have a positive mindset and belief that your desired results are possible- no excuses.
  2. Create a strategy – step by step – to get the results you desire.
  3. Take intentional effective action – determined by your strategy.

Let’s break them down. But first, this method to help you get results is based on Purpose to Results™.

How to get results using my Purpose to Results™ is broken down like this:

Mindset – Situational Mind Modeling – for clarity, confidence, and connection with purpose and impact

Strategy – Simplified Sustainable Strategy – long-term strategies embodying SEO, systems, and processes for success.

Action – The Accountability Framework – to ensure consistent execution.

What does it mean to have a positive mindset?

If you want to get results, you have to believe your goals and dreams are possible, and that God has a purpose for you and will equip you to fulfill the calling he placed on your heart. The beliefs you have will influence your thoughts. Your thoughts will invoke your emotions. Emotions trigger feelings. And your thoughts and emotions will determine your behavior choices – whether you take intentional action or sit around and hope for something to happen for you.

Thinking things like what if…

it doesn’t work

no one hires me

I’m not good enough

they’re already doing this

I don’t have time

she’s better than me

I can’t afford it

it’s not perfect yet

I’m too old to start something new

This list could go on and on.

Your thoughts produce your results. If you are focusing on what if or negative thoughts because you don’t believe something is possible, you will most likely not be able to focus on creating a strategy.

When struggling with a “what if” doubtful thought, catch it and challenge it. If it is not rational or realistic, change it. The more you practice this, the better your thoughts will be and the better results your results will be.

But, recognize you are human. And as humans, we very quickly fall back into negative thought patterns because of previous experiences, traumas, or outcomes. A great scripture to reference and meditate on when you find yourself experiencing a negative thought pattern is Romans 12:2: Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing, and perfect will.

Likewise, if comparison is resulting in doubt, which can often happen if you are spending time consuming content instead of making decisions and taking action, another scripture verse to meditate on is Galatians 6:4: Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else.

The decisions you make influence your outcomes

In addition, your thoughts determine the decisions you make. To get results, you must make good decisions. Your decisions will lead to actions. If you have negative thoughts, you will stay stuck in a place of indecision. Indecision never produces positive results because it keeps you stuck in a cycle of procrastination and questioning what-ifs.

Healthy habits for a positive mindset

If you want to get results, practice healthy habits for your mind.

  1. Catch the negative “what if” doubtful thoughts.
  2. Challenge the negative thoughts.
  3. Change the negative thoughts.
  4. Journal every day.
  5. Practice gratitude.

Strategy is the next important part of the equation if you want to get results

Another important step to take to get the results you desire is to create strategies. When you have a strategy in place to market your brand, to have systems and processes, to create and repurpose content, to be present for your audience and potential clients, and genuinely represent yourself, you will be more likely to get the results you crave.

A brand marketing strategy begins with your personal brand. What makes you unique? How do you want others to perceive you? Your brand marketing strategy will differentiate you from all others in your area of expertise. Creating a personal brand and differentiating yourself using your brand marketing strategy will help you get positive results. How? Your audience will see that you are the one who has the solution for them, that you align with their values, that what you offer is exactly what they need and only you will provide the solution the way you do.

Your brand marketing strategy also includes your systems and processes. Systems and processes including onboarding and off-boarding processes, reflect your personal brand and help with customer service, client retention, and future referrals.

In addition, you need an SEO strategy, PR strategy, Email Marketing strategy, sales strategy, offer and pricing strategy, hiring and delegation strategy, mindset strategy, social media strategy, if using it, Pinterest and LinkedIn, and so on. The strategies you need are specific to your business. But, there is no question that strategy is necessary if you are going to have a solid foundation for long-term success.

More on each strategy needed to get results

SEO strategy – unless you optimize your website, your soulmate clients will have a hard time finding you. A good SEO strategy includes not only your own website being optimized, but using PR to get reputable back-links to your site, driving traffic to your site, and providing valuable meaningful content your audience wants and needs. I like to lump Pinterest and LinkedIn into SEO strategy too. Pinterest is a search engine and should be used to drive traffic to your website and LinkedIn profiles are often the first search result when someone Googles you. LinkedIn can also be used to publish articles and content and drive traffic to your website.

PR strategy – public relations is a powerful way to get more eyes on your personal brand and business. Examples of PR include interviewing on podcasts, TV, radio shows, etc., writing articles for journals and magazines, and guest blogging, to name a few. In addition, speaking to groups and organizations can be part of your PR and marketing strategy and often generate revenue.

Email marketing strategy – how can you accumulate email addresses so that you can communicate with your audience at any time and about any offer? An email marketing strategy overlaps with an SEO strategy because you can send links to blog posts and content on your website to your email list. Likewise, when you have a PR strategy, you can drive people to your email list and then nurture them so that they get to know you and trust you.

Social media strategy – if you choose to use social media, I recommend waiting until the foundation of your business is established to avoid confusion and comparison, create a content strategy as well as a strategy for how often you want to be present for your audience. Remember that your content strategy should start with long-form content such as a blog or podcast and be repurposed to social media.

These strategies fall into lead generation strategies.

Additional strategies you need if you want to get results

Offer and pricing strategy – the first phase of this strategy is getting to know your soulmate client. What offer will best serve them? Pricing should be based on the value you provide, not trading time for dollars. When considering your offers, do you want to focus on one high-ticket offer or low-ticket offers and online courses? What do your soulmate clients want and need? Your offers and pricing will help differentiate you from others in your area of expertise. Your offer strategy also has to include the consideration of your time and how much you want to work and how you will be able to provide the most and best value without getting burned out.

Hiring and delegation strategy – what tasks do you want to avoid, what tasks are you not good at, and what tasks are too time-consuming? You are the CEO of your business. As such, you need to have a strategy for delegating tasks that are not in your zone of genius or that you are not efficient at. Hire a virtual assistant for tasks such as these. And if you struggle with money mindset around hiring someone, do situational mindset modeling around hiring so that you can focus your efforts and time on revenue-generating activities.

In addition, hire a coach or mentor. But not just any coach or mentor, one who also has a coach and who is aligned with your values. This recommendation is especially valid for anyone who is a coach. Hire a coach and learn more about how to coach – learn from examples. Hiring a coach should be part of your growth strategy because a coach will help you recognize what you don’t know and help guide you on what action to take and hold you accountable.

Mindset strategy – always do mindset work. Implement a strategy for when you will do mindset work and how you will do mindset work. My go-to for mindset is a brain dump in the morning, journaling, and catching any negative thoughts and changing them to positive ones – but this takes practice and daily action. The mindset strategy is continuous, not one-and-done. Your mindset strategy may include meditation. But no matter what, you need a strategy and to implement a process for mindset work.

Intentional action helps get results

Lastly, if you want to get results, you must take action. The action begins with doing mindset work to ensure your beliefs and thoughts will move you forward to reaching your goals. In addition, action includes creating strategies and implementing them. But the key to action is accountability. And that is why the Purpose to Results™ includes the accountability framework. You can’t simply write down your goals and expect them to come to fruition. A plan of action is necessary. Map out the goals and results, but create the strategy and take intentional action – step by step – to get results and grow your business for limitless earning potential.

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