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Comparison can really drag you down, in life and business.

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The Comparison Conversation

Don’t compare me to them.

Have your ever thought or said that? We don’t want others to compare us, yet we compare ourselves.

We set standards for ourselves based on what others are doing and if we aren’t doing as great as it appears others in our viewfinder are, we don’t think we’re good enough.

Comparison Must Stop

This game of comparison must stop.

It is not healthy.

I’m Guilty Too

I’m just as guilty as you are.

You know that feeling when you see something on social media or an email pops into your inbox, and you get a knot in your stomach because it looks like “she” is doing so much more and having such great success that you begin to focus on what she is doing instead of what you should be doing?

Words start swirling around in your head like why should I try, I’ll never be able to do that.  I’ll never be able to achieve that.  Where would I even begin to do that?  I don’t know how. All the negative thoughts can bury our confidence and ability to take action.

That Comparison Feeling

I’ve had that feeling so many times!

And it wasn’t until recently that I could actually look at social media and think “good for her”!  She’s killing it and it’s cool to watch instead of thinking “shoot, I better do this, or I better do that, or I’ll never be good enough”.

Or, worse, feeling like a total failure because I wasn’t doing whatever it was and was too afraid to do it.

It’s time we all realize that we each have a unique path we are meant to travel, and that path is going to lead us to a destination of success if we simply stay focused on what we can control and not on what others are doing.

I know you’ve heard me say it before, but it warrants being said again…we each have unique gifts that are meant to serve specific people.

This is all predetermined.   It’s up to us to take the action needed to use our gifts, apply our talents and serve the people that we are meant to serve.

The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence.

In fact, if you look through the façade of the fence, it is often times brown and burnt from the sun and a lack of water.

No one is having 7 figure launches the first time they try to launch a product or service.   No one has done everything right the first time.  It took messy action for them to get where they are.

How to Approach Comparison

The next time you start to compare yourself to someone else do this:

Think about the blessings you have in your life.

Thank God for the unique skill set he has given you.

Redirect your thoughts toward an action item you can take and accomplish today that will move your business or life forward.

Ask yourself what you can learn from the person you are comparing yourself to.  Use them as inspiration instead of comparison and a measure of worth.

Pray for wisdom and grace.  Wisdom to identify your strengths and gifts and how to best use them and grace to take messy action and accept mistakes and failures as lessons learned.   Your action doesn’t have to be beautiful and perfect.  Master it later but take the first steps actively believing in your value.  Because you have so much value to put into the world!

A mistake is a lesson learned.   Embrace that philosophy or you’ll never accomplish your goals or make your dreams come true.

The Thief of Joy

Theodore Roosevelt said, “comparison is the thief of joy.”

There is a lot of truth to that statement.   When we spend our time comparing ourselves to others, we forget to look at the gifts we have, the value we offer, and the great things we do.

These comparisons result in anxiety.

So let’s agree to set the comparisons aside and move forward with confidence that our messy actions will ultimately get us where God has planned for us to go to find the people we are meant to serve.

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