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LinkedIn is an online platform that is often underused to increase online visibility. Is your LinkedIn profile up to speed to help you stand out as an authority in your niche?  

Using LinkedIn can improve your online visibility by growing your network and building trust. Your LinkedIn profile is not a resume, but a great way to emphasize how you help your clients.

More of a search engine than a social media platform

LinkedIn, similar to Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform. And it’s not something that you have to fear. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to help you stand out online, attract soulmate clients, and grow your business. LinkedIn can be beneficial for your SEO strategy. 

LinkedIn is a tool for business growth and marketing strategy. 

Some people are using LinkedIn to grow their audience, grow their network, and get clients.

There are strategic components to building a LinkedIn Profile. But important to note is that you can, and should, show up as your true, authentic personal brand.

Building out your LinkedIn profile to become more visible can increase opportunities and expand your network, which is key for growing your business.

Don’t let fear and anxiety prevent you from improving your online visibility

LinkedIn provides an opportunity to tell your story and the story of your business. To build connection and trust. But telling stories on LinkedIn and other public platforms can be difficult for people with anxiety. 

Since May is mental health awareness month, we must mention the fear and anxiety that may be increased, or induced by entrepreneurship and the need to be present online. Instead of fearing it, embrace it as an opportunity to shine and serve other people. 

Embracing and sharing your story and journey is a key component for taking that step forward and being present and representing yourself authentically.  Stories are such an important part of building a connection with your community. 

Online visibility doesn’t have to feel intimidating 

Many people have a preconceived notion that LinkedIn is for people with five degrees and 30 years of experience, the go-to person in their space. The Adam Grants of the world, the Brene Browns of the world. But you have a powerful story as well. 

Tania shared her perspective on LinkedIn in the non-profit sector. LinkedIn is the place to access movers and shakers. People are on LinkedIn to not only grow their networks but to help out. To support others. 

Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back from online visibility

Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back from using LinkedIn to improve your online visibility. Remember, as an entrepreneur, you are the CEO of your business. So if you’re looking at LinkedIn as a place where only CEOs and executives are, pull up your seat at the table because you belong there.

When you begin building your LinkedIn profile or updating it, start from a place with clarity. When you have clarity, you will be more confident. Use LinkedIn as an opportunity to showcase who you are and what you do. Don’t be afraid to do that. 

In addition, when you have clarity and your message is clear, the right people will be attracted to you and the wrong people will self-select. And remember, if you try to talk to everyone, you’ll be talking to no one.

Update your LinkedIn profile and improve your online visibility – get found by your soulmate clients

Update your profile because it is showing up when people search online for you. Take 30 to 45 minutes to update and dust off your LinkedIn profile. 

Focus on these areas when updating your LinkedIn profile

Creator mode

Start by putting your profile in creator mode. 

Creator mode is a mode of LinkedIn that you can turn on and off, but as Tania emphasized, if you are on LinkedIn, if you are creating content, you are a creator and this mode should be turned on.

The advantage of creator mode is that you will have access to deeper analytics so that you can see what’s working, what’s not working, who’s visiting your site or your LinkedIn profile page, et cetera. In addition, you’ll get a couple of additional opportunities to really supercharge your page.

One such feature is the ability to add a clickable link on the top of your page. This will allow you to funnel people to your lead magnet or to your website to book a call with you. And that kind of turns your LinkedIn profile into a one-page website. People can find you and learn more about your business easier and faster. 

The headline

Secondly, update your headline. This is searchable on LinkedIn. However, remember, that it is best to be a resource on LinkedIn, not use your LinkedIn profile as a resume. 

LinkedIn was traditionally used to help people find a job. But for entrepreneurs and thought leaders LinkedIn is a great place to build your personal brand.

When updating your headline, get really specific on what it is that you do. 

In addition, add personality to it. Because your headline, as you move around the platform and leave comments for other people, is going to follow you. On LinkedIn, your headline is similar to a name tag. 

Your headline can be your I help statement. 

Featured Section 

The next section to update on your LinkedIn profile is the featured section. Your featured section is a space where you can add links, PDFs, and articles, or you can highlight different LinkedIn posts you’ve done. In addition, you can showcase PR opportunities such as podcast guest appearances or articles published about your or your business. 

Showcase what you are proud of. 

About Section 

The third section to review and update is your about section. Do not copy and paste your resume in the about section. It is best for the about section to read as a story – a founder story. 

In the about section include why you do what you do, what you went through to now be the guide that you are for other people and the problem that you solve for others. Start with the problem that you solve so that people immediately know whether they want to keep reading. 


Don’t be afraid to ask people for recommendations. Recommendations help build trust because other people have written them and the recommendation is their opinion of you. 

Social proof can go a long way to encourage people to want to work with you. 

How much time do you need to invest in LinkedIn? 

Tania has a philosophy about being “lazy” on LinkedIn. Not really being lazy, of course. 

Tania believes that you can show up once a week on LinkedIn. Add it to your calendar so that you are consistent. 

Why does showing up once a week on LinkedIn work? 

  1. Number of users. There are over 800 million people actively using LinkedIn. There are over a billion people using Instagram. 
  2. Less than 5% of active LinkedIn users post content. They are lurking and simply checking out what’s going on. It’s possible they’re reposting content from other users, but mostly they are consuming. 
  3. You have a powerful opportunity to show up since so few people are posting. If you show up once a week and share valuable content, you’ll shine. In addition, you will get engagement weeks after you published a post. 

Be consistent with your presence on LinkedIn. And, dwell for a time after you post. Your posts will do better when you have engagement on others’ content prior to posting and after posting. Leave approximately 10 comments on the posts of people in your industry, thought leaders, and current and past clients, etc. 

An additional form of engagement is sending audio messages. Audio messages are a good way to build trust. 

Tania referenced Atomic Habits by James Clear. In the book, James shares that a small habit can create a ripple effect of impact. 

If you engage with people, build community, and show up with your own content at least once per week you will gain a presence on LinkedIn. 

Robyn emphasized that she likes the concept of creating content once a week for LinkedIn. Especially in comparison to the need to create content daily for Instagram. Robyn likes to use Instagram to build relationships but believes that SEO, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, are much more powerful tools when we’re talking about building a foundation for long-term success.

Networking for improved online visibility

Tania compared LinkedIn to a really easy but 24-7, 365 networking event or conference or trade show. You can pop in and out anytime you want. Likewise, she thinks of leaving a thoughtful comment on someone else’s post as raising your hand after a breakout session and saying something really powerful because everyone in that breakout session is gonna see that and maybe come up to you afterward and say, that was really great. And you start building a relationship. 

The more that you share about your clients, the more that you can amplify yourself and other people. Similarly, when you share stories about your partnerships and collaborations that you’re doing with people, your audience is going to grow exponentially.

LinkedIn is an organically powerful way to continue to meet new people that are like the ones you already work with. 

And remember, LinkedIn is not a platform to be afraid of. It’s an opportunity for growth and connection and a way to build trust. 

What about video content?

If you want to post videos when using LinkedIn, be sure to upload them natively. Don’t use a link to YouTube or Vimeo because external links on LinkedIn will hurt your reach from an algorithm perspective.

However, Tania mentioned that she hasn’t seen videos do extraordinarily well on LinkedIn compared to on other platforms. Test a couple videos, and see how your audience reacts.

Where should you put links to shared content when posting on LinkedIn? 

It is best to put an external link in the comment section of your post as opposed to in the actual post. The LinkedIn algorithm isn’t fond of external links in posts. However, it’s best to do what works for you and what your LinkedIn community seems to like and appreciate. 

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About Tania Bhattacharyya

Tania is on a mission to encourage people to consider LinkedIn for brand and business growth. She helps people start to see themselves as someone ‘worthy’ of sharing their thought leadership + expertise! Tania is passionate it about educating on how content helps you stand out as you stand up for your mission on LinkedIn. And, the joys of building community on LinkedIn.

Tania is a LinkedIn expert who formerly worked in the mental health non-profit sector. She teaches social impact entrepreneurs how to build trust and community through brand storytelling on LinkedIn.

Connect with Tania and learn more about her: 

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