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Want to take your business to the next level? Then hiring a virtual assistant is the next step. Hiring a virtual assistant can save you from frustration and burnout as you grow your business.

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is the next step to achieving better results, making more money, and having a bigger impact. The key to hiring a virtual assistant is trust. Trusting that you can hand responsibilities off to someone else and that the tasks will be accomplished.

Note that when you are stuck in the minutia of your business, you lose time to focus on activities that allow you to make money and have an impact.

When is it time to hire a VA?

There are a couple of ways you can recognize the need to hire a VA.

  1. Ask yourself if you have time in your day that you can go out for coffee, go for a walk, etc. Look at your time day to day. If you have no time to step away or have downtime, it is time to hire help.
  2. The financial aspect. Making six figures is very achievable, but can you go to the next income level? If your income has plateaued, then something is missing and it’s time to hire help.

Tasks that you may be doing that you should consider hiring a virtual assistant to do

  1. Ask yourself what you love to do versus what you do not love to do. For example, do you like to do social media?
  2. What are you spending time on that you don’t enjoy?
  3. Do you love writing copy for your blog posts? If yes, continue to do it, but if not, hire it out.
  4. Be completely honest with what you do on a daily and weekly basis and categorize the items and hire out the items you don’t like to do.

When you do the things you love, they will take you less time. However, if you don’t like to do them, it is better to hire them out so that you can save time. In addition, if you don’t enjoy doing something, you may procrastinate and hold yourself and your business back.

Virtual assistants have many talents and expertise. Some can even help with strategies in your business. Two minds are better than one.

When hiring a virtual assistant you give others opportunities

Hiring a VA is like creating a ripple effect of good in the world. You are giving someone else the opportunity to make money and have the freedom of working from home, which ultimately impacts their family too. And you get to enjoy your life more too because you’ll have more time and freedom.

Don’t let mindset and limiting beliefs hold you back from hiring a VA

Robyn emphasized that some people hold themselves back because they think they can only make so much money or get so many clients. As a result, they don’t make more money and are stuck doing all of the things in their business. With a positive mindset and removing those limiting beliefs, you can move into the next level of business and hire the help that you need to avoid burnout.

It’s really great to have another set of eyes on your business.

Even the Bible says there is strength in numbers.

Virtual Assistants don’t rely solely on you for their salary

Your business model, your time, and the level of demand within your business will determine your need to hire a virtual assistant. But if money is a concern, know that a VA isn’t going to be solely dependent on you for their income. Therefore, hiring a virtual assistant is more cost-effective and may not cost as much as you think it will cost. Most virtual assistants charge $25 to $30 per hour for very basic admin tasks. For more strategic tasks, the average hourly rate is $30 to $40 per hour.

If you start earlier than you think, you can start building the relationship and then add on additional tasks. But even with a few extra hours a week, your business will grow.

 What should you look for when hiring a virtual assistant?

You need to find someone who really connects with you. It is best to get on a call and meet them before hiring them. You don’t necessarily have to interview them as much as meet them and see if you connect and feel aligned. Follow your intuition.

Helen has a virtual assistant boot camp and a Facebook Group in which she has over 200 VAs ready to take on work. She vets the VAs so that you can feel more confident about the VA.

Book recommendation – Emyth Revisit by Michael Gerber

Episode 204 with Kaci Ackerman

Together we can change lives and change the trajectory of their children’s lives.

About Helen Peterson

Helen Peterson is a work-from-home mom in Bend, Oregon who has established herself in the online business industry as a Virtual Assistant and Lunch Strategy Specialist. She helps her clients with launch strategies and successfully creates and sells online courses. Helen also coaches other women in starting their own virtual assistant businesses. Her passion stems from guiding women into living the life they’ve always dreamt of. Lives with no financial boundaries and the flexibility to live and travel the way they want to.

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