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When you feel lost, confused, or even empty, lean into faith to find purpose.

So many things in life can distract us but if we lean into faith to find purpose, God will show us what He has created us for. He will carry us through each season of the journey.

Do you put God in a box?

Susan shared her philosophy that people often walk the path right in front of them, for example, do what their parents did, go to college, join the family business, etc. It’s often because they don’t see another path. She thinks the path is already inside us, and maybe we are supposed to begin that path, that journey so that other people can follow us.

Throughout the seasons, Susan feels like she has learned and simplified her life.

The seasons and experiences along her path are what drove her to a deeper connection with God. She’s developed rhythms and practices to connect to him, not connect with him through someone else. Our walk of faith is important, but what is more important is our connection with Him. He wants a relationship with us, but not through someone or something else. Sometimes it’s walking through a tough season that brings us closer to a deeper connection with God. Intentionally create a space to connect with your creator, God. He will remind you whose you are and who you are.

The outflow of that connection will help you put your hand in all the things he’s calling you to do.

Building a relationship with God versus going through the motions

God wants us to have a relationship with Him. Yes, there are rules, but what He really wants is not fear, but faith and relationship. Without the relationship, we can’t have true communion and communication with him.

She is awakening, a seasonal journal series to you lean into faith to find your purpose.

Susan is a multi-passionate woman. She’s an abstract artist, a mom, and a podcaster. She found that where the fruit came from in her life was outside of the church. It made her want to share the light of Christ outside the church. God is so big that people experience Him everywhere and in unique ways.

Creating her personal brand as an artist was a struggle. She was so used to everything being pointed at God that she was afraid of drawing attention to herself instead of toward God.

Susan emphasized that God is the one who made and designed you. Even if it doesn’t make sense, because of what you see around you, He’s got a purpose for you. It may not be what you think it is supposed to be, but He has a purpose for you.

Get still and lean into faith to find purpose.

Psalm 46:10 – He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

It takes sitting quietly and being still to hear God. Get still and connect with God and let Him remind you of who you are and that he created you. He will strengthen your passions too. His voice will be so much louder, and you’ll understand that He put all these passions inside of you.

It is not a religious duty, but an intentional practice used to survive life on earth.

Realize, that having a personal brand and a successful business is not what you are being in competition with God. It is you fulfilling His purpose for you and falling the passions He put inside you. It isn’t selfish, it brings glory to God.

Nature tells a story of being who God created us to be

Susan gave an example of how nature reflects how God delights in us following His purpose for us. The sunflower doesn’t feel awkward because it is taller than the daisy. No, it stands tall and reflects God’s creation.

When we work to fulfill our purpose, God is cheering us on. We are not in competition with Him, or with anyone else because we all have a unique purpose.


Robyn is passionate about starting a business without social media because comparison often holds people back. Once you build a solid foundation for your business, then feel free to be on social media to build relationships. Remember, you don’t own social media platforms, therefore all the content and followers could disappear.

When you build a solid foundation, your content is housed on a platform you own, your website. And your email list is important for nurturing your community to further build trust.

If you have distractions from social media, you forget that God created you to be unique and there is no comparison between you and others. Instead of going to social media for reassurance, believe that God has called you for a purpose and has given you the unique gifts you need to fulfill it. Even better, believe He is cheering you on.

Getting still allows us to hear God and follow His calling instead of taking on what we see online.

As you lean into faith to find your purpose, live intentionally and in alignment with your values

Instead, live intentionally and stand strong in your purpose. When not living intentionally, stress is increased, and you will start to see it manifest in your body via illness.

Aligning with your values and adhering to them helps avoid doing things that aren’t part of your overall purpose.

She is Awakening Seasonal Journal

This journal series is about growing up into who you are.

Journaling is the process of writing. When you write, you change or strengthen the neuropathways in your brain.

When it comes to writing and journaling, God will guide you. It can be cleansing and help remove negative thoughts and sit enveloped in His truth. It is a form of prayer and meditation.

Susan’s journal has a framework, but you can make it something of your own.

Throughout Susan’s podcast and content, she follows a seasonal flow like how our lives flow in and out of seasons. Each season is 13 weeks. You can use the journal to walk through each season to grow and lean into your faith to find your purpose.

Robyn emphasized that when we come from a place of service, our efforts are blessed, and additional revenue sources can be created.

She is Awakening Seasonal Journal

About Susan Beth Morris

Susan has always been a deep feeler and one of the reasons she clings to these rhythms and practices that she shares is to start connecting to God and his peace and strength. Knowing that without Him she is a mess! Susan likes to remind others that they were God’s ideas and are here in this moment of time for a reason.

She’s been married to her husband Ron for 35 years and they have 5 children with only the youngest still living at home. They have been in full-time Ministry for most of those 35 years serving on local church staff as well as church planting and pastoring for the last 25 years. In the last decade, their church gathering has shifted from a weekend focus to building community and sharing the life and love of Christ in our church’s everyday lives. For Susan, the ministry has been starting the SHE IS Podcast 6 years ago as well as sharing her art and message to women through workshops, events, and courses.

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