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The Three Things You Need to Build a Successful Business

Mindset + Strategy + Action = Results

Plus, 6 Things You Need to Start and Grow a Successful Business

(Purpose to Results™)

I don’t know who needs to hear this message, but I see too many people wasting time, money, and energy and still not building a successful business and I want to share the tools and strategies you need to achieve the success you’re dreaming of.

Wasting Time Is Not Going to Help You Build a Successful Business

Here’s the thing, as I coach more and more people I am amazed by what people have invested in that didn’t work and how they’ve spent their time doing so many things that didn’t move the needle forward on their business. It’s either that or they say that someday they are going to start this that or the other thing.

If You Want to Build a Successful Business Stop Saying Someday

Some of you are sitting there saying someday, and if that’s the case, I want you to think about starting today. As you think about that, what thoughts are coming to you? Are they thoughts like well, no, not today, maybe tomorrow? No, I don’t have time to research that today. Well, maybe next week. I can’t start without knowing it’s going to be a success. The list may go on and on.

If you already have a business but aren’t getting clients, you may be thinking, tomorrow I’ll do a video. I’ll start being more consistent. Next week I’ll look into finding clarity around my messaging. I’ll schedule a headshot session for next month, I need to lose 5 pounds first. The list of excuses can go on and on and on.

Purpose to Results™ in a nutshell

Purpose to Results™ Method  – Mindset + Strategy + Action = Results

Mindset – Situational Mind Modeling -for clarity, confidence, and connection with purpose and impact

Strategy – Simplified Sustainable Strategy – long-term strategies embodying SEO, systems, and processes for success.

Action – The Accountability Framework – to ensure consistent execution.


Robyn Graham shares how to build a successful business in episode 136 of The Second Phase Podcast. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Robyn wearing jeans and a black tank top sitting on a white fuzzy rug with her computer on the floor next to her and she is holding a white coffee mug while smiling at the camera.

Your Thoughts Produce Your Results

Here’s a PSA, your thoughts will create your results. And with that in mind, starting or scaling a business doesn’t have to be so intimidating and challenging.

Saying someday doesn’t get you anywhere. You have to take action whether you are wanting to become an entrepreneur, start your own small business or product business, whether you want to become a coach, or you want to become a professional speaker.

Action is Necessary to Build a Successful Business

Here’s the thing, action is what will ignite your power to achieve success. You already have the power inside of you. That power comes from clarity, which gives you confidence. The very first action item on your to-do list should be to gain complete clarity on what you do, how you do it, and who you serve. Gaining clarity is important whether you are starting a business or have a business that you want to scale. 

To Build a Successful Business You Must have Complete Clarity

The first place in your business that you want to have complete clarity in is your messaging. I see it a lot. People create packages for their business but the packages don’t sell. There are three reasons they don’t sell. 

  1. The messaging around the packages and the problem they solve is not clear.
  2. Likewise, the person who needs this solution has not been clearly defined.
  3. Lastly, pricing. Either the pricing is not aligned with the ideal client or it is not aligned with the perceived value of the package. And this ties back into messaging.

You can’t price a package effectively if you do not have complete clarity on the problem you solve and who has that problem and needs your help to solve it.

Clarity is the Core of the Foundation for Your Business

So many people overlook building the foundation and jump into do-it-yourself online courses, invest in this that and the other program or tool, and they don’t work because, in order for them to work, there has to be clarity around what you want them to work for.

If you don’t have clarity, if you are questioning your message or who needs your help, or how you can best provide that help for that specific audience, nothing you do will resonate with your ideal audience.

You Need a Positive Mindset to Build a Successful Business

I’ve previously published podcast episodes on people-pleasing, procrastination, and imposter syndrome. If you haven’t already listened to them, I encourage you to do so because I think each of those episodes will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and take action. 

By listening to the episodes, I think you will also feel inspired to invest in yourself. I’m not crazy about the old adage, you have to spend money to make money, but when it comes to entrepreneurship, I hands-down believe you are better served to have another human on a similar journey in your corner. This is especially true if you are going from the security of a corporate job. Mindset can hold you back from taking action to begin, as well as cause you to freeze, just at the moment when you are about to hit go.

Use the resources available to you

As women, we often think we have to bootstrap our businesses. We think that we cannot take out a loan or we can’t go into debt to start the business. Which, okay, that’s fine that’s exactly what I did, but it’s important to realize that you also need to invest in yourself and your business. You need other eyes on your business to make sure that everything is clear, that what you think is right is indeed the right next step, and someone to guide you through those moments of fear and doubt. Without someone in your corner, you will end up in a state of burnout before you’ve accomplished your goals. 

Link for episode 112: How To Grow And Scale A Business? The Key Pillars To Success You Need To Know Now, with Maureen Borzecchielo.

Accountability is Key if You Want to Build a Successful Business

It is amazing what accountability partners will do for you to keep the momentum moving forward. When you try to do things alone it does not work because you get in your own head. You think that your messaging makes sense but does it make sense to the outside world a lot of times the answer is no. Sure, you can ask family and friends for their support, but if they aren’t in the world of entrepreneurship, chances are they don’t know what you are talking about or what help you need.

You know the saying, teamwork makes the dream work? Having a support system in place with a mentor or coach is a lot like having a team. In addition, having someone to help with the tasks that are not in your wheelhouse also helps. If you are spending a lot of time doing tasks that you are not good at, you will become overwhelmed and frustrated, and worse, waste time that you could be doing things that will generate revenue in your business.

The Benefits of Hiring a Mentor to Build a Successful Business

Not only that but having someone to help you navigate all of those negative thoughts that creep in unexpectedly is a tremendous help and if you think that you would not get an ROI on investing in a Mastermind or mentor, you are mistaken.

Here’s proof. Several weeks ago I worked with a client for a 3 1/2-hour VIP day. I saved her $78,000 for the next year, which includes savings on fees that I saved her that she was paying for things that she did not need to pay for and by implementing new offerings and initiatives within her business. That is $780,000 over ten years. And the best part of this story is that her message is now on point to describe exactly what she does and who she serves so her earning potential just increased exponentially.

The key is in believing in what is possible and trusting in the process.

My client now has a key message that she can respond with when people ask her what she does and who she helps and how she does it and that, my friend, is what I call empowering. In 3 1/2 hours, she became empowered to have additional income to either invest back into her business, live off of, or do something fun.  I empowered her to work with more people while working fewer hours, and I empowered her to have the courage to put her message out into the world with clarity and confidence.

You deserve this too!

True there are entrepreneurs who reach success alone, but they are few and far between. It takes a lot more time (time not making money) while they spend a lot of money on DIY online courses that they never finish because they don’t have accountability. And, I must point out, that none of those online courses are going to work if you don’t have the foundation laid first.

The Foundation of a Successful Business

The foundation consists of clarity first and foremost. Once you have clarity, you’ll have the confidence to build your personal brand. Then you’ll begin sharing your message through your branding and differentiate yourself from all others in your area of expertise. Once people start recognizing you and your message resonates with them, they’ll see the connection with and benefits of working with you.

You Need Mindset and Strategy Action to Build a Successful Business

One of my key messages is that you have to have three things in order to launch and scale a business, mindset, strategy, and action. Mindset without strategy and action will not work. Strategy and mindset without action will not work. You must have all three!

Remember earlier that I said your thoughts create your results. They sure do and that is why mindset is the first part of the equation for success.

The Importance of Mindset to Build a Successful Business

Mindset work is more than just overcoming fear and finding courage. When I talk about the mindset it’s actually navigating all of those negative thoughts that come into your brain. Maybe the negative thoughts were stimulated by anxiety, worry, or fear of judgment, or maybe from that voice, that you’ve heard your entire life saying you’re too much, you’re not good enough, how can you do that you didn’t go to school for that? Mindset is also believing in yourself and intentional thought creation so that you can have more positive thoughts than negative ones. It isn’t something you do once. The keys to mindset work are to be consistent and never stop doing it.

Navigating Mindset

Effectively and positively navigating these voices that are holding you back and causing you to hesitate or procrastinate is key to being able to take intentional action. There are times when having an outside voice from a coach or a mentor is more important than anything else you can do.

I believe full-heartedly in all of this and the power that it can bring you in your business. This was my experience, my journey in which I was held back and I was held back because I was holding myself back. And that is why I feel so sad every time someone says to me, “I wish I’d known you before I invested in that” or “I wish I’d known you first”. Because I made all of these mistakes too and lost years of opportunity to scale my business.

Trying to Build a Successful Business Alone Takes Longer and Costs More

I thought, didn’t believe, that I could do it on my own.  The people that I needed and that had lived the life that I wanted were not the people I had surrounded myself with. I had to learn the hard way and it caused significant delays in growth, personally and professionally. This is why I offer a free discovery call. I can’t stand to think of women giving up or not reaching their goals because they don’t know where to begin or how to build a foundation and strategy for their business.

The 6 Things You Need to Build a Successful Business

I am on a mission to help more women build successful foundations so that they can be independent and live freely, the way they want to live by doing the work they love and have been called to do.

Once you have achieved a state of clarity and have the base foundation for your business the next step is to build a website. You will not gain credibility or look professional if you try to run a business off of Facebook. Not to mention, Facebook and other social media platforms could disappear tomorrow. Then where would you be? Nowhere to be found, that’s for sure.


A website will become the core or backbone of your business. It is the place people will find you and learn about you and the work you do. Your copy will have your clear message and keywords and key phrases so that Google can share you with people searching for the solution you offer.


Having a blog on your website is important for Google to see that you are consistently providing value to your audience. There is a science behind blogging and when you launch your website it is best to have at least three blog posts on the website. This will help Google see that you are providing value.

Content Strategy

Next, is a content strategy. What content are you going to create and where are you going to publish the content? If you have a blog, I suggest you start with the blog post and then repurpose that long-form content into multiple short-form posts.

This is where having clarity on who your ideal client is comes into play. You want to post where they are hanging out.

Email Marketing

Having an email marketing strategy is next on the list, even before social media. Why? Because like your website, you own your email marketing list and you can send an email any time you want with any content you want. You have the ability to reach a large audience by creating an email marketing strategy.


Processes are also important. As you build your business, document every process so that in the event you can’t work tomorrow, or for a week, someone can step in for you and take over.


One such process is sales. When you build a strong personal brand you can sell without selling. You will use social media and email marketing to build relationships with your audience and they will organically convert to clients.


Strategies are another must when launching a business. Just like an email marketing strategy, a PR strategy is important. What platforms are you going to use to reach a larger audience than yours alone? Podcasts or traditional media?

All of these things can be accomplished for free with the exception of hiring someone to build your website. Do you have to hire someone to build your website, no, of course not. But are there benefits to having it done professionally, yes?

Do you see how if you have complete clarity everything else will fall into place? In just 3 to 6 months you can launch a business and be ready to accept clients and experience a return on investment.

In a nutshell, to build a successful business you need:
  1. Clarity
  2. Personal Brand
  3. Branding
  4. Website
  5. Strategies – email marketing, PR, social media, etc.
  6. Processes – sales, onboarding, offboarding, etc.

Setting Goals is Important if You want to Build a Successful Business

We are very quickly approaching the fourth quarter of 2021 so my question to you is what goal did you set for 2021? What did you say you were going to do by the end of the year? Was it launching a business, scaling your business, reach six figures? What was that goal and where are you in terms of achieving it? As Stacy Tuschl reminded you in episode 135, it is too easy to accept that you didn’t meet a goal. But the reality is, it is not acceptable because you are a high achiever and you are worthy of achieving those goals! 

You’ve got one more quarter in 2021. Are you going to take action and implement mindset work, create a strategy, and continue to take intentional action toward meeting your goals? It is not too late in the year! In fact, it is the perfect time to take intentional action so that you can begin 2022 off on the right foot.

Are you ready to become the authority in your area of expertise?

It breaks my heart when I see women struggling to reach their goals or staying in a place of unhappiness because they don’t know where to begin or refuse to invest in themselves. The journey to success can be long and lonely, or it can be filled with like-minded women who help you move the needle forward on your business.

Remember, your time is valuable and your time is money. If you are spending time not making money, you are losing money.

Mindset can change everything. Your thoughts create your results. Many of my clients didn’t realize they had mindset blocks. Heck, I didn’t realize how much mindset stuff I had going on until I started working with a coach. If you think your mind is in tip-top shape but you haven’t taken action to start a business or your existing business isn’t growing, it’s time to look at your mindset.

You Already Have What it Takes to Build a Successful Business

The power, the gifts, and the calling are all inside of you right now. When you sit in a place of lack, or inaction, you are not only doing yourself a disservice, but you are doing a disservice to your ideal client, those people that are just waiting for you to come in and help them. They are waiting for you because you are the one that they will connect with emotionally and therefore be inspired by to do the work.

With that my friend, I leave you to journal about the first step you will take in your journey to building and scaling your business.

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