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Do you ever stand in your closet and think, or say, I have nothing to wear?  I do, all the time!  And it really isn’t about not having anything to wear because there are plenty of clothes, it’s about what is going to make me feel good and be on brand.  Jeanne Rhim recently joined me for a conversation to share fashion styling tips for dressing with confidence for success.

Jeanne Rihm of Fashion Jeanne interviewed on The Second Phase Podcast to share how our fashion should be on brand and on trend. Jeanne is featured on the bottom right hand corner of the podcast graphic wearing a chambray shirt and white sweater.

About Jeanne

Jeanne Rihm is a personal fashion stylist who specializes in styling men, women, speakers, executives, and entrepreneurs. What she is most passionate about is creating a look for each of her clients that represent, who they are, and how they want to be perceived in their industry, so that they always feel confident and empowered.  Jeanne’s 25 years of industry experience is rooted in the fashion capital of NYC collaborating with major designers and retail stores.

She has also worked with Speakers Who Dare, and for TEDx Lincoln Square as their official stylist for all of their speakers.

Understanding the Body and Fashion

When working for Ralph Lauren, Jeanne realized that she had a gift that she could understand women, their body and how to dress it and what would look amazing on their figure whether they were petite, tall, size two or size 22. At that point she decided to start Fashion Jeanne.

Jeanne believes that through fashion you can feel confident and show your true essence, part of creating a recognizable personal brand.  Feeling confident in how you look helps you own the space you are in, whether presenting, networking or working.   The more confident we feel and appear, the more people will trust us as an authority in our niche.

Your Fashion is Part of Your Brand

When creating a brand, it’s not only what you’re selling, it’s how you look. How you dress is your calling card.  Each niche and industry are different.  It’s really important that you dress according to what’s expected and how you want to be perceived.  When it comes to representing your brand and differentiating yourself, fashion is not only the wardrobe, but the accessories and your overall look.  It can really help you connect with your audience.

Read more about personal branding here.

Empowering Confidence

Having a sense of fashion that makes you feel confident is empowering. It’s important to find the right cuts and silhouettes for your body type.  It isn’t about your size, it’s about the choices you make when purchasing.

New Fashion Perspective Post Breast Cancer

Having breast cancer changed Jeanne’s perspective on life and her business.   She didn’t want to live with any regrets, so she decided to really focus on her business and serving people in business to help them look great and feel confident in all of their business activities.

Styling Tips

Weight doesn’t matter.  The way the clothes fit is what’s important.

There are three facts to consider about the body when selecting fashion items:

  1. Shape
  2. Proportion
  3. Deviation

Each factor will influence the style and size of clothing you should choose.

In addition, there are closet basics.  Once you have accumulated the closet essentials, or basics, you can mix and match items to create additional outfits.  Jeanne has a closet essential guide that can be downloaded from her website.

Staple Fashion Tips

The first tip is to think about layering.  You want thin, soft layers so as not to add bulk, especially on camera.

Open necklines and v-neck tops elongate the neck for a slimming look.

Camisoles or lightweight blouses with little cap sleeves are great for layering.

Hoop earrings in a size appropriate for your industry.

Blazers and stretch sweater blazers or denim jackets are great for layering.

Comfortable but structured items for more flattering fits.

Nothing clingy.

Anything bulky will add weight to your figure, especially on camera.

A flat necklace, nothing too large to take away from you.

Classic trouser pant or crop trouser pant for warmer weather.

Neutral colors.

Keep it classic, on-trend, and modern but classic so that you can wear it for a couple of years.

Colors will shift with seasons.

Blouses and tops that drape away from the body but are not boxy.

Tops should hit between your hip bone and your pubic bone.

No matter the style, your fashion will look better if you have a good bra that has been sized.

Spanx – underwear lines are not cool!

Dress on Brand and on Trend

The most important thing is to dress on brand to appeal to your ideal audience.

Keep your wardrobe up to date and have the fashion essentials to mix and match.

More tips for creating a personal brand. 

Learn More and Connect with Jeanne

Jeanne’s online style course.

Download Jeanne’s Style and Body Guide.


Closet Essentials Guide

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