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Building a Sustainable Brand and Community to Promote Sustainability in Fashion and Life-style industries for a Healthy Environment and Better Future

Introduction of Fox-Holt – Sustainable Brand and Community

Dale and Katy met when they were thrown into Texas at the same time in the same building.  Their kids connected and while their kids played together, Dale and Katy bonded over money spent over the holidays and their passion for sustainability in fashion, the longevity of products, and the desire to purchase ethical products.

Fashion is a slow movement and so Dale and Katy adopted that flow as they dove into meeting and processing their designers and artisans and ethical trade.

Katy and Dale realized quickly how much they needed to learn. Sustainability covers such a huge range, and different levels mean different things to different people and how it affects an overall community. As the two realized this, it changed their trajectory as they wanted to build a community, not just a store.

Robyn Graham Interviewed Dale Volpe and Katy Rowley of Fox-Holt on The Second Phase Podcast to talk about building a sustainable brand while following their passion for sustainability. Pictured in the bottom left hand corner are Dale and Katy. Dale is wearing a black dress and leaning her head on Katy's shoulder while Katy is wearing a green dress.

Building the Foundation of Fox-Holt

Dale and Katy took the time to build a strong foundation.  They didn’t rush into the business they built a foundation first for long-term success.

The foundation of the Fox-Holt brand is built on what it means to be sustainable. From there they built relationships with vendors and customers.


In the fashion industry, there are several types of sustainability. Recycling, upcycling, and so on.

Dale and Katy knew they wanted to have a vintage section. Dale knew James Veloria so they partnered with him right away.

Recycled products using recycled materials.

They have 9 stamps of sustainability that determined how they selected products.  Every product must fall under at least two sustainability stamps.

Sustainability is doing the best you can to make as little footprint on the world as possible. To make the best difference possible. The small things that you can do to make a big impact on the world.


Taking something and creating something new from it.

The Nine Stamps of Sustainability

The sustainability stamps of Fox-Holt include being organic, eco-friendly, vegan, made in the USA, Fairtrade, hand-made/artisan, recycled, and/or giving back.

Naming the Business

Volpe means fox and Dale has always had an affinity with foxes because of the meaning of her name. Katy’s surname is Rowley and means, wooded in or fox’s den. Another word for that is Holt.  They are working to protect their planet as a fox defends his den, so it blends beautifully.

Selecting Vendors

The key is to build sustainable relationships. As they researched vendors from around the world, they selected vendors who believed in their mission, were like-minded, and were willing to partner with them.

Fox-Holt is a marketplace. They don’t hold inventory. This method cuts out the middleman and shipping and prevents waste from items that aren’t sold.

They are female founder collective members.

Brands now contact Fox-Holt instead of Dale and Katy having to research them. They are always moving in a direction that is ethically sound and that they love.

One of their first vendors and a favorite, is St. Roche, out of LA.  And a second favorite is Bastet Noir, from Macedonia.

How Can You Be More Mindful and Practice Sustainability?

Think about who made the product. Why is it so cheap, did a child make it, or is someone who is only making $0.50 a day?

When you spend more money on a purchase, it changes your perspective.  It becomes something you’ll still have in ten years.

Reuse what you have in your closet and add to it instead of throwing away the old stuff. Add creative fun to your existing wardrobe.

It comes down to educating yourself. Declutter, have less stuff and lean towards simplifying.

Buy things that will last and can be passed down to future generations.

Make small changes and don’t worry about being perfect. Remember every little bit helps.

Spend time learning what you are buying and who you are buying it from. It’s awakening and changes the way you shop altogether.

About Dale and Kat

Dale Volpe

As a vegan and a motivated, artistic force, Dale Volpe aims to represent and serve the sustainably-minded shopper; those who seek quality pieces but also seek to nurture the planet. She believes strongly in educating consumers specifically about how “fashion” choices affect the environment and the future of our children. Volpe worked for Calvin Klein post-college (approximately 100 years ago), before becoming the National Merchandise Manager for a licensee of Ralph Lauren. She went on to Moschino as a Showroom Account Executive and found her first real calling when she began styling private clients for years following that.

After moving to Texas and starting a family, Volpe found a space lacking in the mindful market: a need for well-crafted products founded on the principles of living beautifully, while properly caring for the planet and its inhabitants. This is where she joined forces with co-founder and fellow new Texan, Katy Rowley, a consumer and fashion expert who loves spreadsheets and has an unmatched eye for detail. She co-founded FOX HOLT in 2019 with Rowley, and began to foster a community of like-minded, creative designers and artists who are passionate about change and lasting impact.

Katy Rowley

Katy Rowley wanted to create a place to make shopping mindfully easy and simple; to develop a space where a sustainable consumer, or an accidental one, could buy pieces that help create change, while still living beautifully. A London native, Rowley worked as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) executive, before landing her dream job at, where she was the Head of CRM. This is where she honed her love of fashion, e-commerce, and developed an in-depth understanding of the luxury customer experience.

Like Volpe, a move and motherhood brought her to be more thoughtful about the brands she supported. The fashion and lifestyle professionals responded to the demand for well-crafted, luxurious products, made ethically and sustainably, and launched a successful marketplace to house different designers, specialists, and artists, who adhere to their principles. Mothers first, she and Volpe wanted to help educate about the benefits of sustainable fashion, to inspire ethical purchasing, and leave a better world for their children. The fashion industry mavens share a deeply-rooted belief that purchases directly impact the future, the future of their loved ones, and beyond. FOX HOLT supports the people who are creating with the future in mind.

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