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As a Christian business coach, you are my priority and I will help you grow your business with simplicity, ease, and grace - without social media.

Robyn Graham is a personal branding strategist, business coach, and mindset coach. In this image Robyn is wearing a white sweater that says coffee beach repeat and distressed jeans. She is sitting on the floor with confetti all around her.

Let’s grow your business together!

If you're ready for clarity and simplicity you're in the right place!

I’m not your typical business coach.

My program is first and foremost grounded on my Christian faith. I’m a business growth strategist and coach who’s creative and tech-savvy. As such, I will help you simplify the business-building process using strategy and effective action, systems and processes, and SEO (simplified) so that you don’t have to be on social media.

Are you an impact-driven Christian entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to grow your business your way, without feeling chained to social media?

You’re in the right place.

I’m Dr. Robyn Graham, a business growth strategist and coach, host of The Robyn Graham Show, and author of You, Me, and Anxiety.

My passion is helping small business owners and entrepreneurs have a meaningful impact while making money.

Together we can create a ripple effect of good in the world.

I’m a teacher at heart who is a passionate, impact-driven woman, wife, mom of three, and dog lover. In addition, I’m a Christian business coach who’s unapologetically grounded in faith. My faith and values are part of every aspect of my life, including my business. Scripture is what keeps me from overthinking so that I can make better decisions and help more entrepreneurs like you.

Pharmacist to business growth strategist and coach.

My Doctorate in Pharmacy helped me hone my inherent strategic thinking skills and research abilities.

I’m always curious and always learning.

While working closely with so many facets of healthcare including mental health, I gained a deep understanding of how the mind works. This, along with my own life-long journey with anxiety helped me see how fear keeps many people, especially women, from stepping into their true purpose.

Hence I am passionate about combining mindset, strategy, and action when working with my clients.

Working in the corporate atmosphere also taught me lasting marketing skills. In addition, over the years I learned a lot about systems, tools, and processes for simplifying business.


Another stepping stone to becoming a business growth strategist and Christian business coach

When I left my medical career, I took a giant leap of faith and turned my passion for photography into a business.

I quickly realized that in order to be successful I needed a strong personal brand with clear messaging and direction to genuinely connect with my soulmate clients. Researching became an everyday activity. I read everything I could get my hands on about SEO, marketing, and brand building. In addition, I took certification courses, and through strategic intentional action, I was able to achieve success.

But there was a downside to all the research. I spent too much time looking at other photographers online. Similar to my client, Naomi, I experienced imposter syndrome which led to fear and doubt. Spending time wondering if I was good enough or if anyone would hire me resulted in the delayed growth of my business. Fortunately, diving into mindset work changed my perspective and I was able to take big action to build a personal brand and market my business to stand out as an expert headshot and branding photographer. What followed was a six-figure photography business in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Another Realization

After years of working with my branding photography clients, I felt called to another career change. I enjoyed what I was doing, but I wasn’t quite fulfilled. I wanted to have a bigger impact. During this time, I also recognized that many of my clients didn’t know how to build a solid foundation for their businesses. As a result, I added coaching to my menu of options to work with me. I became more fulfilled and was having a more meaningful impact by helping clients implement business growth strategies. They not only had success faster but also created the opportunity for sustainable earning potential.

For example, my client, Nancy, went from being a small-scale home stager with minimal revenue to being ranked as one of the top two home stagers on Google. Her business has soared and she is now the go-to home stager in her local area.

And now, I am here, as a business growth strategist and Christian business coach to help you grow your business.

A Strategic Thinker, Creative, And Empath All Rolled Into A Business Coach

My left and right brains meet where strategic thinking and creative vision come together to make marketing simple for your personal brand and business. Every step of my life journey has informed how I’ve built my career as a Christian business coach to serve you.

All the marketing and research experience, listening to clients, and understanding where they are and what they need, have helped me design The Purpose to Results™ Method, which is focused on mindset, strategy, and action to produce results faster.

Uniquely combined with my innate creativity and intuitive and empathetic nature I have been led to this distinct place where I’m able to help my clients build their own brands and businesses with the confidence to follow their God-led calling.

I’m also an Enneagram 2. I love to serve!

The Personal Side Of Life As A Christian Business Coach

I live with my family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and secondly in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, where we spend time on the golf course and the water. Family is at the center of my life, and the joy and strength I find there infuse my work with meaning and purpose.

This joy and purpose also lead me out into my community where I serve on the board of directors for Face to Face Germantown.

I love being involved in my community and helping to build people up through service and positive relationships.

You don’t have to grow your business alone.
I’m here to help you. As your business coach, I’ll teach you and guide you every step of the way, while holding you accountable for intentional effective action.

Bio for Robyn Graham

Dr. Robyn Graham is the founder and owner of Robyn Graham, LLC, and the creator of the Purpose to Results™ Method. With an emphasis on mindset, strategy, and action, she helps entrepreneurs leverage their God-given gifts to grow businesses for a lifetime of limitless earning potential and have a meaningful impact without being chained to social media.

Robyn is a marketing and lead generation strategist, host of the globally acclaimed podcast – The Robyn Graham Show, and the best-selling author of You, Me, and AnxietyTake Action Over Anxiety to Enjoy Being You, in which she shares her life-long journey with anxiety to help others navigate anxiety to live a joyful, peaceful, purposeful life.

When not working, you’ll find Robyn spending time with her husband, John, three children, and two dogs, most likely doing an outdoor activity, traveling, or enjoying great food. She is also on the board of directors for Face to Face Germantown.

If you want to learn more, tune into episode 100 of The Robyn Graham in which my three children interview. 

A yellow banner showing Level C and certified brand strategist, a certification Robyn Graham received from the great Marty Neumeier.
Robyn Graham is a certified brand specialist through the Level C certification program with Marty Neumeier and Andy Starr. On the graphic is an orange banner with the words Level C and Cerified Brand Specialist

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