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Many people need to become more confident, do you? Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence result in overthinking, poor decision-making, and a lack of positive action which produces minimal results.

According to statistics, most people need help to become more confident.

Statistics related to confidence

Eighty-five percent of people lack self-esteem, men, and women. If you lack self-esteem, you will likely have lower self-worth and less confidence.

Some additional statistics related to confidence are:

  • 85% of women do not believe they are attractive.
  • 62% of women do not believe they are intelligent.
  • 50% of women do not think they are liked by others.
  • 2/3 of women aren’t confident in their ability to do their job.

These stats aren’t exclusive to women, men struggle with confidence too. In fact, 55% don’t think they are liked and 60% don’t believe they can do their job.

Lucy added the stats about when people apply for jobs. When men are 60% ready, they will go apply for jobs. But women won’t apply for a job unless they are 100% sure they meet every requirement the job description specifies. This also applies to entrepreneurship. Lucy emphasized that being ready is a decision.

Resource for statistics

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Men Apply For A Job When They Meet Only 60% of The Qualifications, But Women Apply Only If They Meet 100% of Them. Here’s Why.

Perfectionism doesn’t lead to confidence, it often delays progress. The key to reaching goals and achieving success is to take action before you feel ready, even if things aren’t perfect.

Is overthinking holding you back?

How can you simplify your mind to take more action?

Women spend a great amount of time thinking about how we are overthinking. What is going on that we are overthinking? It is a downward spiral that doesn’t lead to desirable results.

Awareness is the key. Be aware of the results you want and the actions you need to take to achieve them. In addition, what thoughts do you need to think to take the necessary actions that will lead to your desired results?

You can reverse engineer your results to create the thoughts and actions that you need to take to achieve these results.

Confidence does not equate to arrogance

You do not have to be a certain way to be confident. People, like Lucy, can be quiet and calm and still have confidence. You don’t have to appear arrogant because you have confidence. And having confidence does not mean you are arrogant.

Knowing what you stand for and what you want for your life is key to realizing you are not bragging when you are living your truth. If you are talking about an accomplishment, you are not bragging or being arrogant if it is the truth.

It’s not bragging if it’s the truth. 

Confidence is healthy. It is our belief in our own abilities. Arrogance is an unhealthy attitude. 

Your thoughts produce your results

If you are thinking negative thoughts, you will have negative results. If you have a desire, what action steps can you take to achieve them? The more action you take, the more progress you will make, and therefore you will build momentum to take more action.  We can become more confident when we start achieving results. 

3 Step process to become more confident

Keep things simple! When things are not simple, they become scattered. Scattered action is not effective action. 

Make a decision

Being confident is a decision. It is a muscle you develop. Confidence is a skill you can learn. Life is made up of decisions like when you want to begin, and when you want to start. Decisions and intentions will determine your complete experience.

Women often say I am not ______ enough. The key to overcoming this thought is to make an unshakable decision about what you are going to do.

Indecision is a decision. And indecision will keep you scattered and unfocused and not progressing.

Know your next steps

Visualize where you want to go. Don’t look at the end goal. Break down the goal into chunks that are more manageable and achievable and not so overwhelming.

Take action

Success loves speed. Indecision does not lend to speed.

If you have a desire and vision for your life and business, and you take action, you will move forward. Instead of getting overwhelmed by looking at the big picture, focus on one intentional step at a time.

Listen to episode 135 with Stacy Tuschl and learn how to set and accomplish goals.


If you struggling with indecision, get out a pen and paper, write out the negative thoughts, and change them to positive thoughts. Do this on repeat and ultimately, you will change your thoughts and begin to take more positive intentional actions instead of staying stuck in indecision.

Pen-to-paper is therapeutic and is essential to our well-being.

Often times when you don’t reach goals, it is because you aren’t having fun. Lucy used the example of having a podcast and how fun it is and it fuels our minds. Having fun lends fuel to your own life.

The decisions you make in your business should be fun. If you aren’t having fun in your business, it is time to reflect and ask yourself if you are on the right path, or address how you can make what you are doing more fun.

Being confident

When you are confident, you believe in your abilities to do the work and achieve your goals. If you are confident you will do challenging things and do them well. You will take action because you know you are worthy.

Exercise your confidence every day, and build the muscles of confidence daily. And when your confidence is crushed, you pick yourself up and start exercising those muscles again.

Thoughts of being a nobody, a lack of confidence, can be turned around to become an asset. Turn hindrances to assets.

Change negative thoughts and look at obstacles as opportunities.

About Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu is a life and confidence coach helping women kiss overwhelm bye, cultivate rockstar confidence, see clarity, reach new goals, and live a joyful fulfilling life. She is an unshakable optimist, wife, mother, easy-going entrepreneur, women empowerment workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, author, and inspires as the host of her weekly podcast The Ludy Liu Show.

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