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Are You Stuck Saying Someday I’ll Start a Business? Or, Someday I’ll Do That? Maybe I’m Not Ready Yet? Someday is Now! You Just Need to Know How to Set Goals Effectively.


About Stacy Tuschl

Stacy is known as “the” small business expert. She started her business at the age of 18. Stacy grew up in a family that ran a multi-generational small business. Stacy began by teaching dance lessons in her backyard 19 years ago and now has two performing arts studios in Milwaukee as well as her online coaching business, teaching others how to grow and scale their small businesses. She is also the author of “The Implementation Code”, which you can download for free on her website (link below).

Robyn Graham interviewed Stacy Tuschl on The Second Phase Podcast. Stacy shared how to set goals that you can accomplish without reaching burnout. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Stacy wearing a white sleeveless floral blouse, smiling and looking at the camera while leaning against a wooden fence.

The Most Common Obstacles and Resistance

The biggest obstacle Stacy sees with her coaching clients is that they continue to say, “I’m getting ready” or “I’m not ready yet”. So they stay in this phase of overconsuming and under-implementing. Stacy said the cause of this is that we spend so much time saying we aren’t good enough, I’m not strong enough, I’m not experienced enough, etc. We have all of these things that have caused us to be our own worst critics and we’ve trained ourselves to think we can’t do this.

Ask yourself, who are you not to do this? Why not try and see? We learn so much from doing. You can research all you want but until you take action and implement you won’t learn or go forward.


Robyn emphasized that if you are continuing to say someday, you are letting fear hold you back and the only way to move past fear is to take action.

How to Set Goals to Launch Yourself out of The “Someday” Mindset


You have to see what’s possible in your space, in your world. Research on YouTube, social media, and blogs. Start by learning, but don’t stay learning for too long. Once you have some knowledge, you start doing it. In the beginning, it may be 80% learning and 20% doing and then you quickly reverse that to 80% doing and 20% learning. Once you start doing it, you will go so much farther faster.

The next step is getting really clear on what you do want and what you don’t want. Once you have the data, you can decide what business models you want, what you can see yourself doing, and what the end goal is. Dream big, but realize that you aren’t going to get to the dream goal overnight. Recognize what you want but take the action to accomplish it.


Robyn reminded us that it is mindset plus strategy plus action.

Take the next best step, see the big picture, not get overwhelmed, and take action to get them. Ask yourself what you are doing to get your business going.

Reverse engineer from your goals to the action you need to take to get there.

How to Set Goals Effectively – Annual vs. 90-Day Goals

If you scale break your goals from annual to a quarter, the goals become more reasonable and you don’t get stuck in a place of procrastination or life getting the way.

90-day goals help with productivity. You know that you only have 90 days to accomplish the goal so you take action right away. Using a 90-day goal strategy with an overarching annual goal helps you take more effective action and prevents burnout.

Break out the goals which will help you stay grounded and focused.

90-Day goal Plan

We all love to win. Winning is a desire of most high-achievers. This is why it is important to set goals that you can hit. Stretch them a little bit, but you want to set goals that you can hit. You don’t want to get into a mindset of it’s OK if you don’t reach your goals because they were really big goals.

Think about gradually doing things and creating a trajectory versus thinking all or nothing.

Look at the year and set a goal for a massive win. From the annual goals, pick three goals. Ask yourself what you are going to do in the first 90 days to get moving toward those goals.

Annually choose 3 goals.

Quarterly choose 3 big goals.

Monthly choose 3 things you are going to accomplish.

Daily choose 3 things you are going to get done.

If you chunk your goals into 3 things, you can accomplish them. Decide on the top 3, and decide on one priority at a time. Get very clear on the one thing you can do this week that will move the needle forward in your business or career.

Our thoughts create our actions which create our habits. If we begin to look at these steps as habits we will start accomplishing them.

How to Set Goals Using the Brain Dump Method

When we are overwhelmed, our brain can’t do everything we want it to do. This procedure goes hand in hand with setting goals. The brain is not meant to store, it is meant to process. This is why writing notes is so important. We remember more than the average person because we have triggers to remember. Write down everything and get it out of your head and then organize the mess.

Think about what is a to-do now, what is a to-do next, and what is not right now, that can go in a parking lot of ideas. For example, writing a book does not go next to get a loaf of bread on the to-do list.  Really organize your list so that you can look at three things and when those three things are complete you can pull things from the to-do next list when those three things are finished, you can go to the idea parking lot and pull another to-do.

This system can keep you from getting overwhelmed when you have a million things that you want or need to accomplish.

You can brain-dump your positive and negative thoughts. Initiating this practice will you see the priorities.

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