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Podcasting is the latest and greatest for growing an audience.   It is always an honor when I am invited to be a guest.  On October 14th, 2019 I was on “Social Media for Mompreneurs” and interviewed by Allison Scholes, The Boss Lady in Sweetpants.   

We talked about My Personal Branding Formula

Allison and I talked all about personal branding, visual storytelling, my personal branding formula and so much more.  We could have talked all day, but eventually, she cut me off and we said goodbye.

What is the personal branding formula?  I also call it my brand equation.  But the jest of it is V +V +P = PB.

The Equation Breakdown

V = Values

V = Vision

P = Passions

PB = Personal Brand

When you combine the three, you have your personal brand, and how you can infuse your personality into your business.  You can also identify your niche using the personal branding formula.

If you have any questions about building a personal brand I encourage you to listen to this episode.   I promise you will find a plethora of information that will inspire you to take your business to the next level by creating a personal brand.


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