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Who is your ideal client? How can you attract your ideal client? How do you know who she/he is? These are just a few questions in regard to defining an ideal client.

Knowing your ideal client (soulmate client) will help you make an impact and feel fulfilled at the same time. It will also help you build and scale your business for long-term success. 

An ideal client can be defined in several different ways and they include characteristics about you and the ideal client. Let’s break it down.

Why is it important to know who your ideal client is?

Having complete clarity around who you help is key to your personal branding efforts. You must know who to direct your message to and create your messaging for the purpose of resonating with the people you want to hire you. Those that you know you can help and will be fulfilled when working with.

When you know who your ideal client is, the people who hire you will be more like soulmate clients. Their values will be similar to yours. You will feel confident that you can serve them and solve a problem for them. Likewise, you will enjoy working with them and will feel fulfilled.

As a result, you will feel less stressed, less frustrated, and more motivated when working with them.

In the same way, when your client’s values are similar to yours and they are your soulmate client, they will trust you, be satisfied with the work you do for them, feel supported, and will be more likely to give you a positive testimonial and become a referral source for you. Likewise, they will be less likely to become frustrated during the time you work together.

What happens if you don’t attract your ideal client (soulmate client)?

Let’s hope you never have to discover this personally. But when you are not aligned with your clients, and your clients are not your ideal clients, several things can happen.

Everything could go okay, be satisfactory, but not great.

However, the non-ideal client may not be as invested in results as you are. They may not take the recommended action, or they may not believe in the value and may want a refund, or not want to pay your full fee.

When you are not aligned with your client, inevitably, the results will not be what they would be if you were working with your ideal client.

You may be frustrated as well, and now that the relationship is strained, you may lose the referral source or the opportunity for a testimonial.

What happens if you aren’t writing copy and creating content that resonates with your ideal audience?

For starters, all of the above. But even worse, your copy and content may be creating confusion.

Confused people do not buy. Therefore, it is very important to define your ideal client before investing time, money, and energy into writing copy or creating content. This is why having clarity around your purpose, your why, who you serve, how you serve them, and what your offer is is so critically important.

Not speaking directly to your ideal audience to attract your soulmate clients is detrimental to the success of your business. This is one reason that many entrepreneurs fail. When you try to speak to everyone, you are speaking to no one. If you speak directly to the people you want to attract and work with, you will have a much greater opportunity for success.

Questions to ask that will help you identify and attract your ideal audience

  1. Who do I know I can help based on my experiences and knowledge?
  2. What are the buying habits of the people who need my service?
  3. Who has asked if they can pick my brain and wants to tap into my expertise?
  4. What niche do my soulmate clients fall into?
  5. Who understands the value I provide and is ready to invest in my service or product?
  6. Which of my past or current clients are most aligned with my values?
  7. Who did I feel most fulfilled when working with them, and who do I truly want to help?
  8. What are the goals of my ideal clients?
  9. Of my current or past clients, who left raving reviews or positive feedback to demonstrate that I helped them and that they are my soulmate clients.
  10. Who is behind me on a similar, or the same, journey that I can guide, teach, support, encourage, and/or coach?

You may think of more questions that have been helpful in discovering who your ideal clients are, but the questions above are a good starting point for having clarity around who you want to attract.

Clarity and consistency are key when attracting your ideal audience

When you have complete clarity around who you serve and how you can help them, your messaging and copy will resonate with them and build an emotional connection with them. It is important to note, however, that building the know love and trust factor takes time. And this is where consistency in your content is key. Keep your message consistent, and be present consistently. When your ideal audience knows that you are going to show up for them and provide value that helps them, they are going to be more likely to become your client.

Patience is key. As you provide value, remember that people may try to do everything themselves before hiring you. But as soon as they realize that they can’t do it alone, you will be front of mind if you have been consistent and built the know love and trust factor with them.

Mindset and attracting your soulmate client

At times your brain is going to be fussy and tell you things like no one wants to receive emails from you, no one needs your help, or so and so is already doing what you do so there is no need for you.

This is where mindset work comes into play. I encourage you to take action despite those negative thoughts, If you do not create content, and share how you are unique and can help your ideal clients, you will be doing a disservice to them.

Your thoughts are going to control your results. If you are thinking negative thoughts you are going to be afraid to show up, you will not take action to promote your services, and the result will be that your ideal audience will not find you.

Journal around who you have already helped, how you have helped them, why they need you above all others who do similar work, and how your experiences have given you the expertise and ability to be the one to help them. As you make these lists, your brain will start to believe how amazing you are and how worthy you are of attracting your soulmate clients.

If you’ve been consuming my content for a while and are ready to explore coaching together, book a complimentary consult today. We’ll dive into what is holding you back, and identify the struggles you are experiencing. We can also decide if we are a good fit for working together. It will be time well spent. My free consults are transformative.

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