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Effective marketing strategies are key for you to grow your business to the next level. Mindset has a lot to do with marketing.

If you don’t have a healthy mindset around marketing it will be difficult to create effective marketing strategies, and you may hold yourself back from the growth you want in your business.

The Client Attraction System – effective marketing strategies

Fabienne created the Client Attraction System 22 years ago to fill her private nutrition practice with clients. The system has been proven time and time again by thousands of women. Using the client attraction system, Fabienne was able to fill her practice with clients in only eight months.

In order to grow your business from six figures to multi-six figures or seven figures you have to work less and think more. Do less, better.

Entrepreneurship can be really hard and may play tricks with your mindset and belief system.

Eight strategies for transforming your business

The eight strategies may sound basic, but you don’t really know them until you’ve fully implemented them and are living them every day.

  1. Leverage your team

    • hire world-class team members that you trust
    • let them take over
  2. Leverage your systems

    • be the leader of a process-driven company where everything is documented
  3. Leverage your time

    • remove the things on your to-do list that are day-to-day operations
    • do your  unique genius work – thinking about exponential growth opportunities
  4. Leverage your intellectual properties

    • make your clients understand that you are unique and that what you have to offer will transform their lives
    • work less and think more to
    • create a systematic business model to serve more clients while working less
  5. Leverage your marketing – effective marketing strategies for entrepreneurs

    • become omnipresent in your marketplace and be on surround sound for your ideal clients
    • a divine and sacred tool if done properly
  6. Leverage your accountability

    • you build your world-class team that is not expensive so leverage them to help build your business with you and for you – it changes everything
  7. Leverage your differentiation – your unique gifts

    • notice what separates you from everyone else in your industry
    • tap into your unique brilliance
    • become an industry change agent

Additional information on differentiation. 

  1. Leverage your lifestyle

    • bring a second in command in to run your business – a part-time person
    • someone who is wired to run your business for you and with you
    • remove yourself even more from the day-to-day operations of your business – this allows you to think about how you can grow and scale your business – create another business revenue stream
    • being os more service in the world without being chained to your business


Effective marketing strategies for entrepreneurs

Your relationship with marketing is more important than your action. We want authentic marketers, who provide value and are kind, loving, generous, and transparent. If we want to grow our business, we need to show up this way. No bro-marketing.

The energy of effective marketing strategies

Be the marketer you want as someone who would sell to you. You decide the kind of marketer you want to be and the marketing strategies that work for you.  Make a list of the qualities you want to have in your marketing, i.e. valuable, kind, generous, etc.

Be who you really are and client attraction becomes easy.

Marketing is a divine tool

If you approach your marketing from the perspective that your business is valuable and is going to change lives, it is your moral responsibility to show up so that those people find you. Your marketing needs to be clear with belief in the client so that they have an emotional connection to you.

You have a responsibility to be present so people can find you. Making more money, multi-six figures or seven figures is a consequence of showing up and providing value for the people who need you. You make good money as a result of helping others. It’s not about you, it’s about the people that need your help.

Your message comes through you, not from you. You are a vessel and your job is to put into words what the client needs to be able to create transformation in their life.

Personal Brand

Remember that your personal brand is what other people think, say, and feel about you. Your marketing strategies communicate your unique characteristics as a personal brand so that your soulmate clients will see and understand that your uniqueness and unique gifts are exactly what they need. Only you can solve their problem the way you can solve the problem for them.

Robyn used the example of a magnet.

Marketing is a way to tell the world you are here for them. Your personal brand helps you differentiate yourself from everyone else who does something similar.

It isn’t about the money, the money will come as a result of serving others and providing value. When you come from that place in your heart abundance will come. Use the purpose that God has given you to attract your clients.

What are the unique qualities that you can use to serve other people? Make a list of them and adhere to them in your marketing.

Remember this about your marketing strategies

It is never about you. You’ve been called to serve and it is always about the people you are here to serve. Be omnipresent, and add so much value all over the place.

Imagine this. You pick up your phone and call God and say, am I supposed to play small? Or am I supposed to get my message out there as much as possible?

Quote: When you are interested you do what is convenient. When you are committed, you do whatever it takes. John Assaraf

Find the evidence of what’s possible and implement the strategies previously used by those who have reached success.

About Fabienne Fredrickson

For the past 20+ years, as the Founder of Boldheart (formerly the Client Attraction System), Fabienne has been and continues to be, a business mentor to tens of thousands of women business owners. Collectively, the members of The Leveraged Business Program make tens of millions each year, with a profound sense of freedom and fulfillment. Fabienne is the author of The Leverage Business.

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