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Being complacent has no role if you want to grow a successful business.

Don’t be complacent if you want to start and grow a successful business.

1 Thessalonians 5:6 So be on your guard, not asleep like the others. Stay alert and be clear-headed.

It’s challenging to be in the online space and not let distractions pull you in several directions, most leading nowhere and causing confusion.

When you are confused, your community will be confused. Confused people don’t buy.

How can you focus on being clear-headed? What action can you take to alleviate distractions and be focused on employing your God-given gifts to grow a successful business?

Be courageous and grow a successful business.

First, be courageous. Where does courage come from? From God. From believing in the power of the gifts He’s given you and that He has a purpose for you. Fear and doubt stimulated by what you see and consume online will result in a lack of action. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but it is your decision to take action despite fear.

We know that mindset plus strategy plus action equals results. Courage is a mindset, and you can navigate your mindset so that you can take intentional action by following the strategies you’ve developed for your business.

Be bold to grow a successful business.

Second, be bold. How can you be bold when you are scared and confused, overwhelmed and frustrated, and tired and weary? Tap into the courage that He alone builds up in you. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 reminds us to be on our guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.

In addition, in Joshua 10:25 we are reminded, “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous.

To be bold we must cast aside distractions and fear. Fear may always exist, but courage will help you take action despite the presence of fear. Take bold action to tell the world you are here to serve them in the way Christ has called you to serve using the incredible gifts He’s instilled in you.

Build a unique personal brand with a positive mindset, implement effective strategies, and take intentional action and you can grow a successful business.

Your beliefs and thoughts will determine whether you can grow a successful business.

Third, catch the negative thoughts that arise from fear – doubts, and insecurities. Paul reminds us in Romans 12:2 not to conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing, and perfect will.

Science is just now catching up to scripture when it comes to understanding the mind. Ref. Switch on Your Brain. Your mind is intricate and miraculously made. It’s powerful. In addition, you can change the neuropathways in your brain to redirect your thoughts to be more positive.  When you do so, you will take more effective action and achieve the outcomes you want to achieve.

The mindset work you do upfront will help you implement strategies for growth. It will also enable you to take more effective intentional action to produce the results you want in your business.

Being complacent will prevent you from growing a successful business.

When you lack action, you are complacent. If you aren’t doing mindset work to navigate fear and doubt and other negative thoughts, you are being complacent. When you don’t take the initiative to create strategies in your business that will help you reach your goals, you are being complacent. And if you aren’t taking intentional action guided by the strategies you developed, you are being complacent.

Complacency is a form of denying your calling and God’s purpose for you. It’s an act of ignoring the incredible gifts He’s given you and is calling you to use.

Don’t be complacent in daily life.

There are many things going on in our world today that are confusing and ultimately, wrong. If you’ve watched any news program in the past year, you are aware of the lack of morals and ethics in government, schools, churches, and various communities.

People who speak out in truth for Christ are being punished, attacked, and ridiculed. As a result, the majority of us are afraid to speak our truth as Christians.

This has been weighing on me for some time. I fear for my children and the lack of values and morals that they are potentially faced with every day. We as Christian parents need to start standing up for what’s right, for what scripture teaches us, or what will our children have left?

Don’t be complacent, stay aligned with your values and speak your truth.

My comments are not coming from a place of judgment. I stand by the fact that God is the ultimate judge, and it is not my place to judge individuals and their personal decisions. However, it is my job to speak God’s truth when he calls me to speak it.

And yes, this does influence my and your ability to grow a successful business. Why?

Because if you are not in a place of faith and belief in what God is calling you for and to do, you will be confused, not clear-headed, and you will succumb to falsities coming at you from the world.

For example, the new age woo-woo messaging we are inundated with. If you rely on astrology, on manifestation without Christ, or on another person instead of the Holy Spirit, you may see temporary growth, but it will not be sustainable.

In addition, you will not have peace.

When you do not have peace, you have confusion.

With confusion you have doubt.

Likewise, doubt leads to procrastination.

Furthermore, procrastination leads to more frustration, overwhelm, and inaction. Inaction never produces outcomes.

If you have felt any of these feelings, stop doing the same things that aren’t working. Start praying. And listening. Acquire the help you need spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Being complacent influences your business

When you are feeling down and frustrated about the world around you, you will not be able to focus on the tasks at hand.

What we see in the world around us can be so disturbing that we begin to worry and feel anxious.

Here’s an example. I have two sons and a daughter. My sons are now adults, one in grad school and the other with college graduation in sight. I have confidence in their abilities to make sound decisions and I find comfort in knowing that they know to lean on the Holy Spirit for guidance.

My daughter, however, is only in high school and is faced with more cultural discourse than my sons were at her age. I look at the incredible women of history who fought for our rights as women and yet I fear for her rights as a young woman. And I fear for her safety.

Most importantly, I wonder where the voices of women’s rights activists are when humans born as men, who have not experienced the emotional and physical challenges of girlhood and womanhood, are being recognized as women leaders.

Is this sound?

God created us and designed us as women for a purpose. We are different than men, not only physically, but emotionally, and mentally. There is power and benefit in each one of the unique characteristics and qualities we have as women. No man can understand what it is like to be a woman just like no woman can understand exactly what it is like to be a man.

God created us in the image of Christ, so why aren’t more churches and Christians speaking this truth? There is a lack of faith and a lack of Christ in our society and the result is confusion and chaos.

But more importantly, I am saddened and frustrated by men and boys transitioning to women and girls playing women’s sports and being awarded awards and celebrated as women.

Not political – this is about speaking up for women and girls

First, they haven’t been women long enough to accomplish what natural women have accomplished. And we have some incredibly amazing women who have accomplished a lot during their lifetimes and represent what we as women strive to be, and what we want our daughters to be.

Second, our talented female athletes are being discredited and put in unfair situations. The physicality is not comparable. Why should a woman’s hard work and talent be discounted by someone who naturally has more muscle mass, strength, size, etc.? I stand with Riley Gaines Barker on this one.

Third, why are parents’ rights being stripped away by the government, schools, and communities when it comes to guiding their children and helping them get the mental, emotional, and physical care they need?

Fourth, shame on the companies not using natural-born, talented, strong, and inspiring women to promote their products. There is a plethora of women working diligently to serve and support others, paving the way for our youth to live incredible lives. What is the plan here? To create more confusion in the minds of our youth? We aren’t lacking in beautiful, talented young women to do these commercials.

Fifth, we all need to be in prayer. We live in a society that has put God in the backseat, has alleviated living by lifelong values, left morality and ethics at the curb, and is stripping away the rights of parents, women, and Christians. This has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. It’s not a political statement. This is a spiritual crisis. The good news is that God has the final say over anything Satan puts in the world. That gives us hope, especially in the season of Easter.

Wanting the best for the next generation

I have never considered myself a women’s liber. Male bashing is not my cup of tea. But I do not like that no one is speaking up for the future rights of our daughters and how they are going to be represented in the world.

This quote sums up why I am speaking up for the girls and young women coming up behind me, especially my daughter.

“Raise a daughter that people are a bit scared of. Teach her to be fierce and independent. Teach her not to care what people think. Raise her to be a little warrior who is going to change the world and make a difference.” – The Barefoot Truther

In addition to that quote I add, raise your daughter to trust, love, and welcome the one true king, Jesus Christ, into her life as her savior and guiding light.

Don’t let your rights slip away.

Our rights as parents, Christians, and women are being stripped away piece by piece. If this isn’t making you anxious or worried yet, the wave of anxiety and worry will arrive sooner than later.

This chaos and confusion will ultimately have an impact on not only your ability to grow a successful business but also potentially your rights when it comes to who you hire, how you raise your children, whether you are discriminated against as a Christian or business owner, etc. Not to mention, when you are worried and anxious, you will not be clear-headed and focused.

It’s time for all of us to stop being complacent, to stop letting fear hold us back, and start standing up, taking up space, and growing businesses that create an impact and a ripple effect of good in the world. If nothing else, for the young women coming up behind us.

I want to emphasize two scripture verses to help you navigate the insanity of the world we are living in. The verses will help you find peace in knowing you don’t have to be anxious or worried. Christ took that from you.

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

1 Peter 5:6-7

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

And I pray over you that God will calm your heart and quiet your mind so that you hear His amazing calling for you and His guidance on your mindset, and the strategy and action needed to grow a successful business.

In addition to the strategies above, download my checklist on how to build a successful business and start implementing effective strategies today.

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