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The entrepreneurial mindset can waiver a lot. Fear often influences whether the entrepreneurial mindset is positive or negative. But you can choose how you perceive the fear and how fear influences your entrepreneurial mindset.

About Molly Dare Hillenbrand

Known for her powerhouse PR skills, Molly Dare Hillenbrand founded hillenBRAND Media in 2017. Molly promotes entrepreneurs, business owners, and media personalities through filmed social media segments, on-camera interviews, and podcast episodes of On Air with Molly Dare.

She is known for her work both in front of and behind, the camera. She has hosted and produced multiple nationwide segments for the ‘Eye On’ channel, providing viewers with insight into happenings in their city, while simultaneously giving brands exposure to viewers across the country.

Molly’s incredible work ethic has kept her at the top of her field year after year. Most recently she was featured on the cover of Formidable Woman Magazine.

Undoubtedly, Molly’s most important role in life (and biggest passion!) is being a single mom to her two talented and beautiful daughters, Carolyn and Sophie, and her three super cute and snuggly dogs.

An Example of a Great Personal Brand

Molly is a great example of what it is like to have a solid personal brand. She represents herself and her business in an authentic way. Molly doesn’t try to fit into the box of social media norms but instead represents herself genuinely to differentiate herself. Before posting anything on social media, Molly thinks to herself, is this how I want people to remember me? It’s a great way to keep your content consistent, valuable, and professional.

Surrounding yourself with the right people for strength

It is really important to surround yourself with the right people, those who are willing to tell you what you need to hear. This is especially true when we have to pivot as a result of circumstances and we find ourselves lost, overwhelmed, or unhappy. Likewise, we all need someone to help us move from a place of victim mentality and self-pity to take action on our strengths and passions.

Others often see things In you that you don’t see in yourself

When opportunities come to you that seem uncomfortable or impossible, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Molly shared her mindset shift, which is so empowering. Instead of looking at the impossible, that you don’t know how to do something, reframe the mindset to, I don’t know how to do it yet. That little three-letter word can make a world of difference in how you navigate opportunities in life and business. You can always learn new skill sets.

Remembering that you can’t have it all will help you have a positive entrepreneurial mindset

Having it all looks different at different points in our lives. It becomes about making choices, what is important for you and your life? Similarly, what matters most to you, and what are you willing to sacrifice? The reality is, you can’t have it all, all of the time. You have to prioritize and make choices.

Look at your choices as sacrifices or freedoms. The latter is going to help you have a positive mindset around your lifestyle and business. As a mom, her choices are for herself or her two daughters. She is a great example for her daughters because she shows them that no matter what happens in life, you can make the best out of it. If your life doesn’t turn out how you thought it would, you are still whole, still you, and can still have your priorities in place.

As a mom and entrepreneur, you get to choose your priorities and go all in, at the moment you are in. This is how you can avoid burnout. Remember that you can’t have it all, all of the time, but you prioritize and do your best in each moment. Note, that living this way will help you avoid guilt and shame when you can’t be fully present in other moments.

Mindset and negativity bias

Our human brains, naturally, navigate toward negatives. If we have a negative experience and we don’t flip the conversation in our minds, the negative will take over and influence every aspect of our lives. Sitting in a place of fear and negative thoughts will not lend to a positive entrepreneurial mindset.

More on navigating mindset barriers.

Being able to fear less for a positive entrepreneurial mindset

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it is taking action despite the fear. Fear can’t be avoided, but we can fear less. You can define what fear is for you, as Molly did, and not let it define you. Fear is looking at the experience from the worst-case scenario. Excitement is looking at the experience from the best-case scenario. You can make fear your friend instead of trying to become fearless. You can work to fear less and make fear your friend. Think of fear as a choice, to let it take over your life and hold you back, or use it to propel you forward.

Overcoming the fear of being in front of the camera

The impact that video has, others seeing and hearing you, is incredible. The more you start putting yourself out there, the more trust you’ll build.  Practice is the key.

Molly used the example of the videos people send her. People will send a short video of themself talking about their business and they appear uncomfortable or stiff. So, she’ll ask them to send her a video talking about their family, travel, or pets and their passion shows through, they are more expressive, lean into the camera, and smile more. It’s important to keep the momentum of the second video when talking about your business. This energy is what will resonate with your audience. Whatever sets you apart, like talking with your hands, go all in.

Robyn shared that when she talks about her passions, her excitement comes through. And what helped her was not scripting everything. When not trying to follow a script, you are more relaxed and your message comes across more. We connect as humans when we are real and share more than our business, but our lives and the behind-the-scenes.

The entrepreneurial mindset and navigating what other people think say, and feel about us

Our personal brand is what other people think, say, and feel about us. However, when online, on social media, fear of what other people think, say and feel about us can hold us back. The entrepreneurial mindset can be influenced and worsened by trolls and naysayers on social media.

Before you take a post down or stop doing something, think about these things.

  1. Be smart about with whom you share your dreams and visions. If you go to the wrong person who is not your target audience, they may not understand and will give you a lukewarm response or discourage you.
  2. Ask yourself if the naysayer or person criticizing you in your area of expertise. Do they understand the field you are in and that you should take their input seriously?
  3. Don’t let other people’s limitations be reflected in you. Often times the trolls and keyboard warriors are responding negatively because your content hit a nerve with one of their insecurities.

Negativity will kill dreams. Likewise, everyone needs to be able to take constructive criticism.

Two additional thoughts that Robyn had on this topic,

  1. Respond kindly in a way that is not defending yourself and is not open-ended to lend to bantering back and forth.
  2. If the person responding and questioning your integrity or expertise is in your area of expertise, remember that every experience you’ve had gives you an advantage. Instead of letting them shut you down, remember that your gifts, experiences, and talents are the things that are going to attract your clients to you. Be sure that these naysayers don’t instill more fear and hold you back.

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