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One, or the other, or both?   In this case, the one and the other are strategy and mindset.  Both are needed to build a successful business.  You can’t change your mindset overnight or without some work, but if you follow this method, you’ll be able to leverage journaling for strategy and mindset.

When we talk about creating a personal brand or building a business, we often go straight to strategy.  But, when we focus solely on strategy, it can take quite a while to get clients and reach the monetary goals as quickly as we’d like.

Why?  Because if we don’t have the right mindset or are wondering if we made the right decision or are worrying about the what-ifs, we aren’t going to be successful.

About Kim

Kim Trathen is a former strategist and marketing executive.  She had quite the journey to discovering the value of mindset and how impactful it is on producing positive results in life and business.

Kim is an international business and marketing coach that helps female entrepreneurs grow profitable businesses they love. She launched her own business while working in corporate and raising her 3 crazy boys and 2 huskies alongside one amazing husband.

Kim loves helping other women scale their businesses using strategy and mindset. She believes that getting clients online doesn’t have to be difficult and loves sharing the strategies that help women make a consistent income.

One way Kim works with her clients is to teach them how to journal for success.


Kim Trathen interviewed on the second phase podcast to talk about journaling for strategy and mindset. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Kim on the bottom left hand corner. She is wearing her long blond hair down, wearing red lipstick and smiling at the camera wearing a white sweater.

The Power of Mindset

When Kim launched her business, she was worried about money and bad things happening that she wouldn’t be able to make enough money to support herself and her family.   All of these negative concerns and worries started to come to fruition.

It was after a serious illness, that Kim realized she had to change her mindset.

Mindset carries power for reaching your goals.

Spending energy on fears and what-ifs and worrying causes bad things to happen.   Worrying is like praying for bad things to happen.   Our thoughts are incredibly powerful.  They are there to either propel us forward or hold us back.


Manifesting (not the new age level of manifestation) is putting your mind to something, and because you put your mind to it, you took the actions to make it happen.

To have a successful business, you need equal parts strategy and mindset.

Without a positive mindset, you can do all the strategic actions, but not see positive results, and vice versa.  You can have a positive mindset, but without action, nothing will happen.

Clear intentions are key. You can document your intentions through journaling for strategy and mindset to work collectively for the success of your business or life.

Using the Purpose to Results™ Method to build a successful business. 

A Process that Emphasizes Journaling for Strategy and Mindset

C – Circumstance

T – Thoughts

F – Feeling

A – Actions

R – Results


The circumstance is what is truly going on around you.  It can be proven in a court of law.


Thoughts create a feeling.


Feelings are what drive your actions.


Actions give you the results you have.


Results are the outcome of actions.

It is important to distinguish between a circumstance and a thought.   A circumstance is provable in a court of law.

Think of this example.  A friend says, “I am fat!”   That is not provable in a court of law.  The number on the scale is a fact, but saying you are fat is not.   The circumstance is the number on the scale.

Action can be action, reaction, or inaction.

When we don’t approach situations looking at circumstances, we will feel stuck and out of control.  How do we change this?  We have to get rid of the unintentional thoughts that hold us back.

Create a new intentional thought to replace the negative, unintentional thoughts.

Consciously doing the work daily and taking the action.  Do a brain dump in your journal.  Then, go through everything and highlight the circumstance and the thought and then pick three and model them in the C.T.F.A.R. model.   This action will help create new intentional thoughts.

This method of journaling for strategy and mindset produces positive results fast.

An example is:

I can’t afford this and shifting that to how can I afford this?  This gets the mind thinking in a more creative and resourceful way.  Another way to change the thought is, I’m open to finding ways to invest in my business.  This is a more productive thought.  This equates to determination and resourcefulness.   But you have to have belief in the thought.

Where there is a will, there is a way.  It isn’t one size fits all, but if you change your thoughts and believe in them, you can accomplish whatever you desire.

Consciously Do the Work to Experience the Power of Journaling to Change your Mindset

If you start slipping back into the negative unintentional thoughts, you come back to the new intentional thoughts and physically force yourself to focus on the new thoughts.

Doing this daily practice is like cleaning out your brain in the morning and now you have a strategy for reaching your goals.   It is like exercise for your brain the way you exercise your body.

Journaling doesn’t do as much good when you are journaling out of reaction and anxiety, depression, and other emotions that have already built up.   Small incremental action will make a difference.   Be intentional.  Make a conscious effort.  And you will become laser-focused on reaching the goals.

Goals often feel like dreams because we don’t know how to make them become a reality.   This journaling practice will help.

Take the action you need to get the results you want!

Your history is a circumstance.   You can’t change that.   What is in the past is in the past, but you do get to choose your thoughts about the future.

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