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Life can transform when you heal your inner child and have gratitude – find your path of oneness.


When we recognize our inner child and the experiences we’ve had on our life’s journey as having been done for us, we can heal, find a path of oneness, and transform our lives.

The past and the experiences we’ve had on our life journey lead us right to where we are meant to be today. If you have been feeling less than or stuck, or that you are on the wrong track, remember, God has a plan for you, and everything you have and will experience, good and bad, are part of his grand plan for you.

About Ellen Feldman

Ellen Feldman is an attorney, psychotherapist, and author of The Path to Oneness. Her path hasn’t been linear, she started in medical school and quickly realized that it wasn’t right for her. She became a lawyer and then changed paths again. This time, she became a psychotherapist through the guidance God was giving her. Her work as a psychotherapist and spiritual author has empowered her to help others transform and begin to see that they are exactly where they are meant to be.

Today Ellen sees her difficult journey filled with loss and pain, with gratitude. Her father was narcissistic and quite abusive. At 19 years of age, her father ended their relationship. One year later, her mother passed away from cancer. She felt completely alone in the world as she experienced such deep loss.

Robyn Graham interviewed Ellen Feldman on The Robyn Graham Show. Ellen shared how to discover a path of oneness by healing your inner child and having gratitude. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Robyn in a sea foam green dress that is v-neck, sleeveless and has ruffles around the top, the podcast name with a microphone connected to the w of show. There is a circle with a photo of Ellen wearing a light blue dress with her left hand over her heart, she is standing in a field of yellow flowers. She has dark hair and is smiling at the camera.


The unrecognized deep-rooted seeds of childhood

In her 20’s, Ellen felt like she’d transcended her past. But what she didn’t appreciate were the seeds planted and deeply rooted within her that told her she was unlovable. Although her adult brain told a different story, deep inside her she felt unlovable and this fact informed everything about her journey.

Discovering what your inner child is telling you

When Ellen works with her clients she listens to them and overserves patterns in their choices and experiences. The patterns that emerge in our lives are the gold of therapy. They are actually our greatest gifts. Themes of abandonment, perfectionism, and low self-esteem, she hones in and the next question is to discover where this feeling of abandonment began. The patterns always have roots in our childhood.

It is important to address the challenges we experience in life. Ellen focuses her work on addressing the challenges and not seeing them as problems. What we have are opportunities to learn. to learn to love ourselves more and experience greater self-acceptance.

So what exactly is inner child work?

There is no standardization of what inner child work is. But for Ellen, it means bypassing the cognitive thinking frontal lobe of our brain and tapping into our subconscious. She calls it our heart, but you could call it the hindbrain or primitive brain. This is where the pain of childhood rests.

The point of inner child work is not to make you believe that your childhood was bad. Even if you had a joy-filled, loving childhood, we all emerge from childhood with pain, things we need to work on.

It is important to look at experiences with gratitude instead of a victim mentality. We can take our experiences and use them to serve others. Our experiences can be seen as opportunities.

It is important to recognize the victim mentality versus the opportunity mentality. Pain and suffering versus gratitude and opportunity.

A Path of Oneness – A channeled book

Ellen has a very rich relationship with God and has gone through several spiritual awakenings and receives messages from God. Most recently she heard the message that it was time to write a book about oneness. Oneness means we are all tied together and tied to God. When she sat down to write the book, it just flowed from her through divine intervention.

One of the main messages in the book is to shift the story from a victim story to a gratitude story. Instead of saying look what happened to me, think look what happened for me.

Ellen specified that she works with people who have suffered profound trauma. She believes that even if you have experienced unthinkable trauma you have the ability to step out of the story of what was done to you, and into what was done for you. Our most painful experiences are our greatest opportunities for growth for rising up in this life. This is the basis of everything Ellen does as a therapist.

It is about you, not them

It is necessary to step away from letting any type of therapy be about the person who wronged us. Instead, make it about us. We need to come from a place of empathy and understanding. The opportunity to shift the view of the experience is our own, it really has nothing to do with the other person.

The way Ellen does inner child work makes the session all about the patient, not the person instigating the pain. This allows us to become agents of healing through God’s guidance and assistance. We are the reparative parents as we help that inner child.

God puts people in your life when you need them

Robyn told the story of how Ellen helped her navigate a challenge related to her book.

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Final inspiration

Inside of you dwells a child. If you close your eyes and put your hand over your heart and speak love to your inner child you can transform your life. You have God’s light inside of you.

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