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Julie Hale Maschhoff is a former first-grade teacher and college professor and a pro at finding peace.

Finding peace was a necessity after a show-stopping medical diagnosis.

Julie is the author of “Golden Fruit: Living the Fruit of The Spirit through the Best Times of Your Life” and “But Now I See: Finding God’s Plan for Your Life.”  Her journey is remarkable.  She’s one of my heroes and a true inspiration.

Julie has Usher’s Syndrome.  Usher’s Syndrome is a rare recessive genetic disease that causes severe hearing and visual impairment.  This diagnosis didn’t stop Julie.  After her diagnosis, she went on to achieve her doctorate degree.

Julie Hale Maschhoff interviewed on The Second Phase Podcast. Julie is featured in the bottom right hand corner of the podcast graphic, wearing a black dress, pearl necklace, classes and smiling at the camera. She shared her journey learning how to stop, look and listen to find peace through God's Plan for Her.

Finding Peace

Julie shared how she’s found peace by finding God’s purpose for her.   After retiring, she thought about what she could do, and writing was the answer.  She wrote her first book and submitted it to a publisher, and they accepted it right away.  At that point, she knew that she was on the right path, following God’s will for her and she found a sense of peace.

In this episode Julie shares inspiring insight on how we can find our purpose and follow God’s plan for our lives, as entrepreneurs and personally, and find peace.

“God sends people and situations we can learn from.” – Julie Maschhoff


Julie believes strongly that we have to laugh at ourselves.  Life is too sad and heavy to not laugh.

Starting a Business

If you want to start a business, you have to try it.   If it doesn’t work out, or if you don’t feel at peace, then you might not be on the right path.   Pivot.  Change directions.  Sit with prayer and see what door God opens for you.   Leave the door open.   Don’t close it, put yourself out there and see what other opportunities God puts in our path.

When you try something and it doesn’t work or you don’t have peace with it, that’s a sign that it isn’t meant to be.   But you have to try things.   If God wants you to do something, you will find peace when doing it.

Fruits of the Spirit

If you want peace, follow the fruits of the Spirit.  Peace and joy are things we are missing in our society today.   Julie wrote her first book because she was depressed and wanted to find joy.

The Fruits of The Spirit









We often look for peace in the wrong places.  If we don’t put in the effort or take action, we don’t find peace.

When we are depressed, find someone we can help.  Get out of your own skin and find a way of living with the people around you by serving them.

The more we display these traits in our lives the more blessings we will receive in our lives.  If people are kind and civil and exhibit human decency life can be so rewarding.

Stop, Look, and Listen

As humans we think we have all the answers but whatever the situation, we have to stop, and pray about it.  We have to stop!  Stop and ponder.  Live with patience.

After stopping, it’s time to look around.  Look around and see what’s there, what opportunities is God putting in our path?  What doors is He closing?  What doors is he opening?

We also need to listen, something we don’t do for each other enough.   Instead of listening we start thinking about what we are going to say next.  Instead, stop doing and wondering and listen.

God often uses other people to speak to us for Him.   If we aren’t taking time to listen and instead jump in to answer for someone or move on to the next topic, we will miss an opportunity to hear God’s plan for us.

God sends people and situations we can learn from.  Thus, we need to stop, look and listen.

The Angels Among Us

There are angles among us.   God uses angels to communicate his plan for us.  If you pay attention to the world around you, to the people around you, and stop to pay attention, you’ll see them.  You’ll hear them.

Be Brave

Each one of us must be brave enough to advocate for ourselves and never be afraid to follow our dreams.   We have to encourage our girls to be strong and brave.  Girls need to realize that they can take care of themselves and know that no partner is going to complete them and that they have to complete themselves.  It’s important to teach girls to advocate for themselves.  Girls need to like themselves first.

Be brave, advocate for yourself, and follow your dreams!

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