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You have a choice to embrace an abundance mindset or sit in a place of scarcity and potentially sabotage your life and business.

Meaningful Conversations without Judgment

Before diving into a conversation on how we can all have an abundance mindset, Christy and I had a conversation about having meaningful conversations without judgment. I had reservations about the subject of manifestation and the fact that it doesn’t align with my faith. As a Christian, I believe that our gifts, talents, blessings, and everything come from God and the action we take in response to His calling for us.

The key to being able to have meaningful conversations is to get curious instead of letting animosity build and anger ensue.

Christy added that we always have an opportunity to bridge the gap between two people who have a difference of opinion or beliefs, and that bridge is always love and light. It is possible to have conversations without someone being upset as long as both people are in alignment with our values. Connect to what you have control of, the thoughts we think, the things we say, the emotions we feel, and the actions we take, we all have our own consciousness. Likewise, it is equally important to remember that what the other person is expressing is not about us. We can settle into what do I think about it, and get curious about ourselves, and share it with the other person if they are open to it. Really intelligent conversations can ensue when both people are open to it.

Robyn Graham interviewed Christy Whitman. Christy shared how to have an abundance mindset. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Christy on a bright blue backdrop.

The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance Mindset

If you look at this from the human perspective, everything is a spectrum. There is always a polar opposite and a spectrum of in-between.

On one side of our perspective as humans are the perspective of lack. Lack is also referred to as scarcity or insufficiency. What comes out of that is drama, chaos, and suffering. And what comes out of that is the emotions of worry, fear, and doubt.

On the other side are abundance,  oneness, togetherness, and well-being. Love, freedom, and connection. All of the feelings feel good.

You can identify your perspective based on being by the emotions you are feeling. If you are feeling anger or feeling worried, or doubt, you are in the perspective of lack. Energy creates momentum, so you will continue to feel that way because of that undercurrent of negative energy. Then we get worried or afraid.

The only way to move into joy is to change your thoughts to abundance. As children of God, we are all loved equally. What changes, in our perspective?

If we are saying I’m not good enough, that is how we are going to feel.

Free will, anxiety, fear, and worry can be minimized with an abundance mindset.

Robyn emphasized how we have free will and can choose how we live our lives. With a positive mindset vs. a negative mindset. When we live in a space of fear and anxiety, we can’t find joy.

Anxiety, like depression, is a disease state. If you control the thoughts and the energy, you don’t have to experience the overwhelming sense of fear and doubt. Underneath the fear and worry, is the perspective of lack.

If you are feeling fulfilled, safe, and provided for, and believe God has your back, you become more creative. The energy of fear and worry isn’t holding you back. If emotions and feelings are suppressed, that negative energy will come out in illness in the body.

Fear always comes from lack, not an abundance mindset.

When the mind starts to present negative thoughts (mindset barriers) it is because of fear which always comes from the perspective of lack. Christy shared the example of her mind telling her that her success wasn’t going to last. But success is an energy, it is a state of being, and you can’t use it all up. If you are breathing, if you are living, you can still create, which means you can always create success. Changing the thought from success running out to no, I can make as much success as I want. When you shift the mind, you shift the emotions. When you have an abundance mindset, you feel positive and joyful.

We can only think for ourselves. The words we say are creative. If we say we can’t do something, or we should or shouldn’t do something, we are beating ourselves up for something that we can’t change.

Science has proven that everything is energy. That means the cells in our body take in energy, which means we take in energy from the environment, and from other people.

Creating an abundance mindset is an inside-out way of life.

The very life that is breathing you is the energy that you can choose to feel empowerment and flow in your business.

It’s not just the hard work and action, you take action with the fullness of your being, confidence, faith, and abundance in what you are doing. Some people work against themselves because they expect things to go wrong.

If you get yourself, your thoughts, your expectations in alignment with what you want and why you want it, and how you want to feel, you can feel success or well-being. When you create action from this place, you can have a totally different experience.

Thoughts are creative. Your thoughts either attract things to you or repel things from you.

Any time we feel limited in some way, or stuck and can’t get out, or experience a problem and can’t find a solution, we are in lack. We need to pay attention to the thoughts and stop those thoughts and change them to something positive. Say things that counteract the old negative thoughts.

Abundance is not about money, it is about our own thoughts and feelings and whether or not we feel fulfilled. If we are looking for others to fulfill us, it will never happen. It comes from the inside out. Words start our creative process. Our words start to influence our thoughts. Learn more through Christy’s free program, Watch Your Words.

About Christy Whitman

Christy is a transformational leader, celebrity coach, and Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having it All, Taming Your Alpha Bitch, international bestseller Quantum Success, and The Desire Factor.

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