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How to use EFT Tapping for anxiety and other mental health challenges.


What is EFT tapping?

We don’t know exactly how tapping works. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) was developed by an electrical engineer named Gary Craig.

Dr. Katie shared a story about a woman named Mary who was afraid of water. Her psychiatrist knew about Chinese medicine and the meridians. He told Mary to tap under her eye and her fear went away.

Gary Craig learned of psychiatrists doing this and saw these as electrical circuits.

The meridians or EFT tapping points are:
  • Top of the head
  • Above the nose at the edge of the eyebrow
  • Between the eye and the hairline – to the side of the face
  • Under the eye
  • Beneath the nose
  • Under the lips
  • On the collar bone
  • 4 inches under your arm

If you tap each of these you hit 98% of your meridians.

Gary took this process of EFT tapping to the Veterans Administration Hospital and they saw significant results with veterans who had PTSD.

EFT tapping is very popular in other parts of the world, especially the U.K.

Because people were confused when Dr. Katie would say she could do tapping, she came up with the acronym Waffles.

Dr. Katie’s Waffles that EFT tapping helps alleviate or eliminate
  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Lethargy
  • Exhaustion
  • Stress

Her upcoming book will have stories about her clients who have had waffles and how EFT tapping helped them.

Robyn asked if there are specific places to tap for each struggle people have. Dr. Katie said that it isn’t so much where the waffle is, but where the waffle is stored. When you are struggling with a waffle you can ask where it manifests in the body.

For example, a tension headache, stomach ache, racing heart, or pain.

To watch the video of Dr. Katie doing a tapping session with Robyn, click here.

Robyn Graham interviewed Dr. Katie Nall on The Robyn Graham Show. Dr. Katie answered questions about EFT tapping and how it can be used for anxiety. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Robyn on the right hand side wearing a sea foam green v-neck dress with ruffles. She is wearing a tan felt Lack of Color hat and smiling at the camera. To the left of the graphic is the show logo and a photo of Katie Nall in a circle above a navy block with her name in it.


Dr. Katie asked Robyn how anxious she felt between 1 and 10. Robyn said 3.

Then Dr. Katie asked Robyn if this were a true statement, “right here right now I feel safe”. Robyn said yes.

Another true statement is right here, right now, I accept the way I feel. It is important for the true statements to be true for the person doing the tapping, not Dr. Katie, or the person guiding the tapping session.

Dr. Katie then showed Robyn how to tap. Watch the full episode and tapping session.

After the tapping session, Robyn no longer felt the anxiety in her belly.

The Hula Hoop of Emotions

In our lives at our core, we are either happy or unhappy. We can’t be one or the other all the time. Things change in our lives. Dr. Katie realizes we have a core family, say happy. But then at times, negative feelings come into play. Dr. Katie used a hula hoop as an example. The negative emotions will shrink the hula hoop. Our job is to increase our parasympathetic nervous system to stretch out the hula hoop so that we won’t feel negative emotions. As we widen the hula hoop, we feel the negative emotions less.

EFT tapping for entrepreneurs

Dr. Katie has a mastermind in which she teaches EFT tapping to help people have an abundance mindset. She helps her clients work on moving forward in life and business depending on what they want to work on.

Episode 130 with Nicole Laino – How to become limitless as an entrepreneur. 

About Dr. Katie Nall

Dr. Katie is a mathematician. She was in her mid-50s when she went back to school to get a Ph.D. While working as a professor she decided to help students who didn’t have Katie’s enthusiasm for math. After speaking to students, she discovered that either someone told them that they were not good at math, or, someone told them that math was hard. Many of the students had been traumatized by their math experience.

Dr. Katie began doing research on how to help students overcome fear and anxiety about math. She discovered a 10-day Tapping summit with Nick Ortner and registered for it. She listened to all 10 days of the summit and learned that tapping is a form of energy psychology that is meant to help people overcome issues. No one in the summit talked about tests or math anxiety, so she taught herself how to do tapping and began teaching her students tapping. And her students began seeing results. At that point, Dr. Katie became certified in tapping.

Dr. Katie, at 69 years of age is busier now than she ever has been.

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