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Do You Want to Become Limitless in Life and Business? Mindset is Key to Success!


About Nicole Laino

Nicole Laino is a business and mindset coach. She began as an actor in New York, and accidentally found her way into one of the biggest banks on Wall Street. Nicole considers herself a type-A hippy, a blend of analytical but creative.

She climbed the corporate ladder until she was diagnosed with clinical depression and realized her mind and body were telling her to make a change in her career. At that time she moved to California and went back to acting. This journey led her to entrepreneurship, creating a software program, and coaching her clients. She realized she was a great coach and that is where she focuses her time and energy today.

Robyn Graham interviewed Nicole Laino on The Second Phase Podcast. Nicole shared how to become limitless as an entrepreneur. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Nicole with a closed mouth smile and long straight blond hair wearing a black blouse with her right hand resting just under her throat on her chest.

What Limits Us As Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the game of you versus you. There are often things we want and need to do but can’t bring ourselves to do them or can’t do them effectively. Two common internal dialogues that hold us back as entrepreneurs are “I am not able to be consistent” and “I can’t charge what I’m worth”. These are just a couple of examples of internal problems that influence our external results.

When having trouble writing content or raising prices, it isn’t the algorithm or the wrong niche. Ask yourself how you can move past these thoughts. The micro view.

It’s Impossible to Become Limitless if You Are Stuck – The 4 Stuck Strategies

You can be stuck at zero dollars or a million dollars. If you aren’t moving to the next level, you are stuck. Every time you are stuck, you can link it back to one or more of these four Ps. The four Ps apply to everything.

People Pleasing


Playing Small


You Won’t Become Limitless If You Are Stuck People-Pleasing

Female entrepreneurs tend to struggle more with playing small and people-pleasing.

Perfectionism is another way of trying to control. You can’t be the boss of the outer world if you aren’t the boss of the inner world.

People-pleasing is associated with fear. Instead of putting yourself in front of others, your internal voice says, please her, please them. It is not healthy for your business to please others all of. Pay attention and recognize when you are doing this. Then, you will be able to stop pleasing others, take intentional action, move forward, and get unstuck.

In addition, people-pleasing will lead to a lack of confidence.

Nicole often hears clients say that they wish they could get clients without selling. The clients go on to say that they just want to serve. The cause of these thoughts is a lack of belief in the ability to attract new people. Negative thoughts do not lead to a fulfilling life. They won’t allow growth.

Likewise, for maximum potential, you must put yourself out into the world to connect with others and build relationships. Don’t fall into a comfort zone where you are giving in to fear. Fear will hold you back.

Playing small is the most common thing Nicole sees holding her clients back. When you say that you just want to do the work and don’t want to sell, fear is holding you back. You are afraid of someone saying no.

You Can’t Become Limitless When You Are Playing Small

Robyn used the example of Instagram and people saying they don’t like social media; they don’t have time. Fear of failure or not being perfect often holds people back.  Do you avoid publishing content because of fear of being judged? This is common. You must remember that likes do not determine your worth.

Likewise, the playing small mindset holds you in procrastination.

And, perfectionism is fear holding you back.

Trauma Influences the Ability to Become Limitless

Not everyone has big trauma. Sometimes the little traumas have a lasting effect too. For example, if you feel unliked, or if you were made fun of as a kid, then the likes on Instagram can really influence how worthy you feel. In addition, if you experienced trauma as a youth, you may not feel safe putting yourself out into the world because of the fear of being rejected.

We play small when we are afraid that people will dislike us. Similarly, when we don’t trust people, we want to hide and stay safe to avoid the emotions of fear and disappointment.

When you feel stuck, ask yourself what you don’t want to do and what you don’t want to feel. Tie these back to where the feelings or fears came from.

When you can resolve these feelings and emotions you can move forward.

Techniques That Can Help You Become Limitless

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and RT (The Rapid Relief Technique)

These techniques are based on energy, which runs through the meridians in the body. Acupuncture is another way to work with the energy meridians. If something isn’t working right in your body, energy is stuck someplace. To remove the block, you put the acupuncture needle in, tap it, and the block is removed, energy can flow again, and you are happy and healthy.

Tapping uses the same meridian points, but you are tapping outside your body; above your eyebrows, around your eyes, under your nose, your chin, your collar bone, your rib cage, and the top of your head. As you tap, you talk about the problems you are experiencing, and as you tap, the energy will become unblocked. As energy is unblocked you release the emotions. Emotions get trapped inside of us and that is how you end up with pain. When you release the emotions, it’s like finding closure.

Forgiveness can only take place if you let go of the emotions. This is how you move forward from your past. Your emotions are the glue that holds the belief in you.

Emotional Intelligence is Important For Becoming Limitless

Instead of asking what you need to do, ask who you are being.

Are you being controlling, are you trying to get it right, are you sacrificing getting it done for being perfect?

The first step is to have a real vision of where you want to go so that you have something to measure. Notice where you are doing things because the word should come into play.

Likewise, what visions do you have for yourself in the future? Who do you see, who is she? Who is that person? Then back up and ask yourself what you need to do to get to that point, to accomplish that vision. If you feel you are in a whirlwind, you need to stop and evaluate.

Masculine and Feminine Energy

Masculine and feminine energy need to come together. Type A and hippy personalities need to come together to blend masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is the cycle of doing. So, when you are in a frenzy of activity, but nothing is getting done and you aren’t moving in the right direction, recognize you are in a place of masculine energy.

You might think you are the problem, and that you aren’t going to get what you want. Instead, recognize the solution. Lean into the feminine energy, the creative intuitive side, which will resolve the emotional connections that are holding you back.

When in a cycle of doing, take a step back and realize it isn’t about doing more, it’s about being strategic. Let go of all of these things, and look at what aligns with your goals and who you want to be at the end of the year. Stop and ask what is essential to achieving those goals. Don’t look at it from a place of checking boxes. Instead, what feels good and what is the business you want?

Leaning back and envisioning what is essential to get something done is really hard to do. However, it is essential for success.

In addition, you have to let go of the need to be liked. You really have to separate what is happening on social media and what you want, what your goals are, and what your audience wants.

If You Want to Become Limitless, Mindset is Key

Like recognizing masculine and feminine energy, mindset is critical to achieving the results you want to achieve. Robyn likes to say that our thoughts create our results.

Nicole used the example of a machine. You are the operator of the machine. If you aren’t operating it, it won’t be able to do all of the things it is meant to do. Similarly, doing mindset work is critical if you want to stop playing small and move away from procrastination and people-pleasing.

Therefore, a positive mindset is what will improve every aspect of your life. A positive mindset will result in positive changes in your relationships and your business.

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