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It isn’t just a DIY source. Pinterest is a search engine and a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website.

Using Pinterest for business is an excellent and time-saving way to get more clients and more sales!

How to start using Pinterest for business

Step one is to create a business account. Then you must decide who it is you want to serve. You need to have a very specific niche that you are targeting. To begin, do a keyword search on Pinterest. Search for a key phrase that your ideal client might be searching for. Pinterest will then begin filling in the rest of the phrase and then you can use that longtail keyword in your posts.

Rachel used the example of intermittent fasting. You don’t have to use the exact phrase; you can include the words within a sentence or phrase.

The key phrase needs to be very specific.

Robyn emphasized how the practice of using longtail keywords is going to help with blogging and SEO as well.



When using Pinterest for business create Pinterest boards and pins

Pinterest boards

It is important to use longtail keywords as Pinterest board titles. Pinterest has metrics that are used for pulling content. It will pull content based on the board titles first so the board title should be niche specific.

Pinterest pins

Marketing is testing. Test different types of pins for blog posts to discover what your audience is responding to. Rachel recommended using the Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer when selecting titles. Use this tool for testing the emotional marketing value of the title.

Use this to create the title on a sales page, opt-in page, or email and your pins.

There are multiple types of pins you can create. Static pins, which you can easily create and duplicate in Canva, test color combinations, and test animated pins too and see what your audience responds to.

It is best to have a bold color on the post and bold text to stop the scroll.

What are idea pins?

Pinterest is a search engine. In the past, it was a platform used to take traffic off Pinterest and to your website. They created communities that were like Facebook groups, but then got rid of them. Now they have idea pins which are like Instagram stories. Rachel isn’t sure if it is going to stay or not.

You can repurpose Instagram stories for idea pins. The downside to idea pins is that people can’t click on them to go to your website. However, the views on idea pins are much higher so they will help boost engagement with followers. The key is to provide value and have a call to action like “here are a few tips, go to this easy URL to see the last two tips”.

Are there specific types of businesses that have better luck on Pinterest?

Rachel said not necessarily. She has worked with people in all industries. The key is to use the right long-tail key phrases.

Should we use Tailwind when using Pinterest for business?

For the simplicity of scheduling posts, Rachel says it is worth having it. You can also collaborate with other pinners.


Should we be scheduling repins? Follow what Pinterest says best practices are and right now it is that you do not want to pin the same pin to the same board every day. Don’t share the same pin repeatedly because it isn’t a good user experience. If you are going to repin, spread it out. Use the same content but use different formats and pin them to different boards. If using the same pin, spread them out on different boards and space them out once a month.

Collaboration pins

Tailwind communities have your ideal client in them. You can share pins with the communities. If you upload a pin, you have to share someone else’s pins.

Go to communities on Tailwind and search the communities that your ideal clients are in.

Your blogs must be optimized when using Pinterest for business

The goal with Pinterest is to grow our email list, not to get immediate sales. You do not want to send your Pinterest audience straight to an opt-in. The goal is to provide value in blogs so that you can build a relationship with the pinner and then get them to sign up to your email with the call to action in the blog.

Robyn had an ah-ha moment with this strategy.

Key calls to action within the Pin

People need a reason to click through to read the post. Give them a juicy reason to click through. Rachel recommends having a call to action a few times within the post, in the beginning, in the middle, and at the end because people need repetition to remind and encourage them to click through.

What are rich pins?

Rich pins are when the little Pinterest P shows up on your website. These pins aren’t going to make or break your business.

Bonus tips for using Pinterest for business

Using Pinterest for business will take about 30 to 60 to 90 days to see growth. But remember, the lifetime of a pin is 1,600 times longer than an Instagram or Facebook post. It will take a little bit of time to build traction, but you have a lot more bang for your time buck.

Repurpose content for Pins.

Do not put the YouTube link on Pinterest. Only send pinners to your website because if they go to YouTube or social media they will get lost and forget why you sent them.

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