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Email marketing should be part of your overall brand marketing strategy if you want to grow your business with simplicity, ease, and grace – without social media. It works hand in hand with SEO (search engine optimization).

You need to grow your email list if you want to grow your business without having to be on social media. Especially if you want to achieve long-term success and security within your business.

The 5 reasons you need to increase the size of your email list to increase opportunities:

1. Nurture your community and build trust

Build trust by sharing stories about:

  • The personal side of you.
  • Your professional journey and how it has helped you build your expertise.
  • The reasons your clients hired you.
  • Your clients’ results.
  • And even client testimonials.

2. Grow your email list to drive traffic to your website

  • One of the reasons you need to grow your email list is to help drive traffic to your website using email marketing, you build on your SEO strategy.
  • The more traffic you send to your website, the more Google will see that you are providing value.
  • More organic traffic to your website will result in higher Google rankings and where you show up in search results.
  • Send your email list to your blog to read more details about the subjects you write about in your emails.

3. Demonstrate your expertise and authority

  • Share meaningful content in your emails to show you are an authority in your niche.
  • Provide value so that your community sees that you care about them and want to help them.
  • Share your experiences to demonstrate you understand their pain points, which will in turn help build trust.
  • Give advice and share tips.
  • Differentiate yourself and your offerings to help them understand why they should hire you – why you’re the best person for the best results that they need and want.
  • Market masterclasses and webinars via email marketing and ultimately sell your products and services to your email list.

4. Alleviate anxiety over social media

  • Email marketing has no algorithm.
  • You have a constant point of contact with your community.
  • There is no censorship of your email content.
  • When you grow your email list, you create a community and forum that you own and you don’t have to worry about someone hacking it or losing all of your followers.
  • More eyes on your content – when you share valuable and meaningful content your community will open your emails – you’ll have more eyes on your content (only about 2% of your social media followers see your content).

5. Become memorable and stay front of mind

  • Even if your email list doesn’t buy from you today, they may have a conversation tomorrow and the person they speak to may need what you offer – referrals are great revenue generators.
  • The need to grow your email list is relevant if you want to stay front of mind. Your community may not be ready to buy today, but as you nurture them and prove yourself as the expert you are, they will eventually hire you.
  • As you grow your email list, you open doors for opportunities such as collaborations.

Are you an action-taker and ready to grow your business for limitless earning potential?

Do you feel tired and frustrated from creating content on social media only to achieve minimal results?

Have you felt like you were doing “everything” in your business but not attracting your soulmate clients?

As a Christian business coach for Christian entrepreneurs and small business owners, I’ve heard it all. Most of my clients come to me because they have a great idea and big dreams to bring that idea to fruition but working in their business on their own hasn’t produced the results or revenue they want.

My mission is to help you grow your business with simplicity, ease, and grace. SEO and email marketing are two key strategies that I incorporate into my Purpose to Results™ program.

During my 6-month coaching program, we cover these strategies and much much more.

But if you just need clarity around your SEO or email marketing strategy to jumpstart soulmate client attraction, I offer a 1-hour strategy transformation call with one week of Voxer support so that you’re accountable for implementing the recommendations and changes. You aren’t left with questions or a lack of action, I’m available to you for a week after the call.

Sometimes, it’s a super simple shift that gets extreme results.

Are you ready for that shift?

Book your strategy call today.


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