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Are you ready to thrive and help create the domino effect of good in the world?

A known fact is that women thrive in community. When they have the support and love they need, when they feel empowered, they create change and empower others.

Being a speaker is possible. It may take overcoming fear, and nervousness may prevail, but it is possible to get on the stage and share your story. In addition, speaking on topics you are passionate about helps ease anxiety, fear, and stress around speaking.

Raimonda emphasized how challenging it is to become an entrepreneur on your own. A key to success is building a community around you. A community of like-minded individuals.

Creating a safe space because women thrive in community

Raimonda saw a need that women had. They needed a safe place to share and ask questions. In addition, they needed resources. Building her community to inspire and help others began with a free event. From there, she created a membership.

Women empowering women

In her 20s Raimonda went through a traumatic experience and as a result, lost her voice. But gathering women in a community helped her realize that she wasn’t alone. Many women go through myriad challenges and when they come together they can not only support each other but overcome.

Having a safe space to share your story builds confidence and strength while inspiring others to do the same.

Stories are connectors

When we share our stories, it enables us to connect more freely. Robyn emphasized that any time we share our stories, we provide an opportunity to empower other people. People often don’t see their journey as a story that can influence others. When we share our stories, we create a domino effect of good by helping others see the impact that telling their stories can have.

Raimonda shared that stories are at the cornerstone of everything she does because sharing stories allows others to know they aren’t alone. Shame and fear hold people back from sharing their stories or journeys. As a result, they stay stuck. But once a story is told and someone resonates with it, a new opportunity for inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment is brought to the surface.

“It’s so much more than sharing a story. Sharing a story can change lives.” ~ Raimonda

The power of story

Everything you go through has a purpose and when you begin to share your story, the purpose becomes visible.  As a result of sharing your story, you begin to change lives.

Raimonda’s book is titled Women Thrive: Inspiring True Stories of Women Overcoming Adversity.

Listen to episode 206 in which Moira Ni Ghallachoir shares how to share your story and leverage public speaking for financial freedom.

Building a unique personal brand helps other women thrive in community

Your personal brand is what other people think, say, and feel about you. Robyn complimented Raimonda on building a strong personal brand that truly shows she is a woman who is impact-driven and wants to make a difference in the lives of other women and empower them.

Practical tips for building a personal brand to help women thrive in your community

Visual presence

Have professional branding photography. Your image is important for how people will connect with you, see you, recognize you, and begin to trust you. As you create photography for your online presence, visualize yourself as the next level of yourself. It will help you feel more confident.

Step into who you want to become

Believe it inside of yourself, but also demonstrate it through your visual content. This helps you further your voice.

Speak of your purpose and passion

Become the voice behind your business and share your passions and mission. If you hire a social media manager, ensure that they are using your voice, not their own. Share your purpose and why you are doing what you are doing.

Remember, you are your best PR agent.

Present to the world who you want to become.

Make a decision about your personal branding

Indecision is a decision. You get to decide how you build your personal brand. Robyn shared how one of her coaches told her to make decisions that the next level Robyn would make. No matter what amount of money you are making today, start thinking of yourself as the next level, the level you want to go to next. Make decisions from this place. Your confidence will begin to build because you will already see yourself as achieving.

Raimonda emphasized that brand is a long-term strategy. Be willing to go on the journey to create it.

In addition, your journey and the experiences you’ve had become an integral part of your personal branding efforts. Differentiating yourself is how you build relationships and become memorable, recognizable, and sharable, and build trust, which determines buying practices.

You don’t want to appeal to everyone. It’s important for people to self-select. You want to resonate with your soulmate clients, not everyone.

The importance of community in marketing your business

The costs of marketing are on the rise because attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. The solution is loyalty. How do you build loyalty? By creating a brand that has a purpose, mission, and a sense of community for people to be part of.

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About Raimonda Jankunaite

Raimonda helps women become confident and empowered to stand in their truth and share their stories confidently with the world so they can make a positive impact in the lives of others and stop hiding in their truth. I believe that everyone has a story, and that story has the power to change people’s lives if only we have the courage to share it. So my focus is to help women become confident speakers, experts, and authors.

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