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Who do you believe you are? What you believe about yourself determines the decisions you make and the results you achieve.

When you believe, you succeed. Who you believe yourself to be is a factor in the amount of success you’ll have. If you don’t believe in yourself you won’t take the steps necessary to grow and become. You must know who you are if you want to succeed. As Christian business owners, Christ empowers you to do big things and to have a big impact.

Making decisions like a CEO

As small business owners, you are the CEO of your business. The more you believe in yourself, the better your decisions will be. A very significant decision you need to make is what is your best offer for your best client. Many times we as women labor over decisions, questioning the what-ifs. Therefore it’s important to learn to evaluate, to think in terms of your best client, and to make decisions without overthinking them.

Quite often, indecision is what holds you back. You have to believe in yourself, in God’s purpose for you, and in your soulmate clients, that they need you. Indecision is a decision. Don’t be double-minded. No is the default for not making a decision.

Making a decision is not a one-step process. If you make a decision but then things don’t happen fast enough, for example selling a new offer, then you change your mind. Making a decision is a two-part process. The first step is making a choice. Secondly, you must make a commitment to your choice.

Three key steps to grow a successful business:

  1. Belief in yourself, your purpose, what God can do in your life, and in your soulmate clients
  2. Making decisions, sticking to the decisions, not wavering on your decisions when you don’t sell quickly
  3. Build a foundation for your business, before relying on social media, by differentiating yourself from all others in your niche


It’s important to evaluate what the past two or three years in your business have looked like. Have you been changing what you call yourself? How many times have you changed your offer? Have you been consistent with showing up? It all goes with standing firm in your identity, who we are in God. So we don’t fall victim to the lies of the enemy. When you believe you will succeed you won’t waver. You’ll have clarity around your calling, your purpose, and your soulmate clients.

Seek guidance

Before making decisions, it’s important to go to God and ask for His guidance. We often don’t want to wait. But you can go to Scripture and seek God’s guidance. In addition, the Holy Spirit will guide you. Tap into your intuition, which is the Holy Spirit guiding you. Pray first. Be patient. Listen. Seek Scripture. If you are confused and unsure about what God is telling you, ask Him to clarify, to help you focus on what He wants for you. He won’t lead you astray. Maybe ask Him, Lord, have you already told me what to do and I’m just not hearing it?

When you believe, you succeed. God won’t let you down, you are precious to Him and He has plans for you. If you believe this about Him, you can believe in yourself.

Judy reminded us of the story of Gideon, The Sign of the Fleece, in Judges 6:36-40.

If you overthink, you’ll be indecisive. Being indecisive will lead to overthinking. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Decision-making process

There are three key reasons entrepreneurs don’t succeed. One of them is their belief in themselves, their purpose, what God can do through them, and their soulmate clients. Beliefs influence thoughts. Thoughts influence feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions influence choices and behaviors. Choices and behaviors influence outcomes and results. It all starts with belief.

  1. Always think, this will work. There are many ways that I can do this, but I know it will work.
  2. Don’t approach things as let’s try it. Approach it by going all in.
  3. It can be as hard or as easy as you decide it is.
  4. Don’t have a plan B. If you are stuck, this may be why.

Evaluate your decisions by mapping them out. Pen to paper is very powerful. Create a strategy for making decisions. But, don’t stop there, stay committed to the decisions. Your brain knows so much. Take what’s in it and put it on paper so that you can capture and visualize it.

When you believe, you succeed. You must believe in who you are and whose you are (a child of God), and you will be more confident in the decisions you make. In addition, your belief in your purpose and your soulmates is important for ultimate growth and success.

About Judy Weber

Judy works exclusively with high-achieving Christian women, teaching them timeless business strategies – from a decidedly Biblical perspective – so they can step into their CEO role with confidence, calm & certainty. She helps clients scale business in a way that honors Christ and fulfills their God-given purpose. Judy is a previous guest on The Robyn Graham Show.

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When you believe you succeed

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