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Julia Armet is a community leader who believes in high touch, and high tech and shares her innovative business practices for virtual entrepreneurship by leading a community of powerful, passionate, and purposeful service professionals. Her organization is The Higher Playbook.

She is a former matchmaker who is energized by service and community and is going to inspire you to follow your values, visions, and passions to live a life of fulfillment.

At a young age, Julia decided she wanted to help people and make a lot of money.   She first found this opportunity in the hospitality industry and then transitioned to matchmaking.   Her curiosity and love of community drove her to succeed in this role.

Julia Armet interviewed on The Second Phase Podcast. Julia, pictured near the ocean in a pink sundress smiling in the bottom left hand corner of the podcast graphic, is owner of The Higher Playbook. She is a business coach helping people thrive in the virtual business world.

Higher Playbook for Virtual Business

It started with the curiosity of what is possible.  Julie believes in creating a higher standard of leadership.   The way to create a higher standard of leadership is to tap into the possibilities that exist when they are in alignment with their purpose and values and play out their dreams by their own rules.

Mastering the Virtual Business World

Anyone can find success virtually if they show up and share.

Higher Standard of Leadership

Julia believes every human is a leader.  Energy leadership is all about knowing how to lead yourself so that you can lead others.

Spiritual Stress

When you are feeling a spiritual disconnect and not feeling fulfilled, you are in a state of spiritual stress.


Julia describes leadership as the ability to pull from the power within and exercise ownership of who you are and what you do. After working with a leadership coach, Julia decided she want to work with others on leadership and went back to school.  This is when she started to recognize values and spiritual stress.  Regardless of where you are, when you start to look at the purpose, a purpose journal, you can identify when you feel most purposeful. Which ultimately aligns with your values.

Julia likes to say how we do anything is how we do everything.   Your values are what regulate how you do things every day and this is the high playbook that she speaks of.  Your values can lead you and you can lead your values into creating the life of your dreams.

The Number One Question or Struggle That the Higher Playbook Helps Resolve

When Julia thinks about problems, she also thinks about possibilities.  One question is how am I going to be able to create my next move?  When people come to Julia, they are often times asking how, but the real question is who.  When we discover who we are, the how is answered.


Being consistent is how we build the know, like, and trust factor.   Trust is important for others to believe in us, but we also must trust ourselves.  Self-trust starts with honoring intuition and knowingness.  To trust knowingness is empowering.

High Touch High Tech in the Virtual Business World

How do we maintain the high touch concept when working primarily online? The key is showing up and sharing and it all starts with your belief system.   And, you must believe that anything is possible on the world wide web.

Start with a vision and then trust the great idea.  Strategy comes next.   Think about what a virtual business would look like. If connectivity is important, then you must show up and infuse love languages into your business.  Think about quality connections instead of the number of connections.

Mastering the tech available such as Zoom, email marketing, etc., and then playing them out purposefully. To help navigate the online space and tech, you can hire a virtual assistant.


Your brand is going to grow, evolve and change with you.  The key is to always let your values lead you.  Aligning your values is what will sustain you long-term.   Consistently being who you are and embracing authenticity will allow you to bring your gifts into any part of your journey.

Virtual Tools for Evergreen Content

Zoom allows us to create recordings that can be repurposed on YouTube, Vlogs, etc.   Your email list is something you own and allows you to initiate a conversation with your ideal audience at any time.   Think of it as a constant point of contact with the potential to convert your audience to clients.  The important thing is to always show up and share yourself.

Creating evergreen content and repurposing it can help alleviate stress in your virtual business.

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