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Patricia is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and video creation expert.   She presently has three areas of focus within her entrepreneurial journey:

  • Custom client videos
  • Show Runner for “Life on the Line” television show
  • Coach entrepreneurs on video creation

Patricia Kelikani interviewed on The Second Phase Podcast to teach how to use video to create a lucrative business. On the podcast graphic Patricia is featured on the bottom right hand corner under the logo wearing an orange sleeveless blouse with her long dark hair down and looking at the camera and smiling

First Phase

Patricia wanted to be a news reporter like Lois Lane, but after doing competitive internships she was told that she looked too young, her hair was too long, and her voice was too high.  As a result, she took a job in PR for a non-profit.   Her role quickly changed to creating videos instead of writing and photography.

She received a crash course on video creation so that she could embark on a project.   From there she learned how to create and edit videos.  She traveled the world and did assignments creating documentary films.  Patricia observed the increase in revenue that flowed as the documentaries were released for the organizations she worked for.

The non-profit she worked for was Loma Linda University Health in Southern California.

Throughout her career, she has earned 7 Emmy Awards.

The Second Phase

Patricia is living her second phase by teaching others how to create lucrative videos.   She shared so many valuable tips on how to create videos that will not only increase your online presence but also generate revenue.

Keys to Creating Great Videos Using the MAP Method (Messaging, Artistry, and Promotion)

  • Messaging
    • Set a goal
      • Are you trying to grow your email list?
      • Do you want people to schedule a discovery call?
      • Create a how-to video.
      • Think about the emotions you want your viewers to feel.
  • Artistry

    • Filming
      • Lighting
        • Ring light
        • Indirect Sunlight from the window
      •  Audio
      • Stabilization
      •  Composition
        • Want your eyes on the 2/3 line of the frame – not too low in the frame
        • Fill the frame with negative space around but not dominating
      •  Motion
        • Get your establishing shot and show a wide view of where you are
        • Create a medium shot
        • Take close-up shots
        • Have diversity in the shots
        • Put the phone on slow-motion mode and tuck your elbows into your ribs to steady the phone and slide it horizontally or vertically
          • This technique is great for a website banner
      • Editing
      • Music – evokes emotions
  •  Promotion

      • Optimize using keywords
      • Listen to Episode 37 of the podcast for ways to label the videos on your website, the same as for pictures.

Length of Videos – Best Practices

  • Have a hook at the very beginning
    • Want to capture attention within the 1st 5 to 8 seconds
    • Start with a smile and greet the audience
      • Use a fact or statistic
      • Share a transformation and tease your audience – irony
      • Open with how you can make the audience’s life better or easier
  • YouTube loves videos that are 15 to 20 minutes
    • Social media platforms want you to keep viewers on their platform
    • The longer you keep them on your video the more likely they are to push out your content
    • Have a Call to Action (CTA) at the end of each video

Video Editing Tools

  • iPhone
    • iMovie
    • Videorama ($)
  • Android
    • Kinemaster
  • Mac Computers
    • iMovie
    • Final Cut Pro ($)
  • PC’s
    • Filmora ($)

Evoking Emotions with Video

  • B-Roll – Video footage of you doing something while you are talking over it. It’s the magic of editing.   You aren’t live, you are talking, and the video is playing without your face being present the entire video.
  • This is used for creating emotion.
  • Music is another way to evoke emotion in the viewers.

The Power of Video for Branding

  • The viewer feels emotionally connected with you.
  • Aberdeen Research reported that businesses that use video grow revenue 49% faster
  • HubSpot found that 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy
  • Forbes said that the average user spends 88% more time on a website that has video – when more time is spent on a website, search engines are alerted, and they will drive more traffic to the website
  • Evergreen video is like your twin selling for your time
    • Multi-Vision Digital recently reported that the average life span of video is 4 years
    • The average life span of a Facebook post is 3 hours and 7 minutes

Learn more about and connect with Patricia

Patricia Kelikani is an Emmy Award winner who has helped companies double and even triple their revenue with video.  She has 15 years of experience traveling the world as a documentary filmmaker, creating story-driven promo videos to help companies make more money, and producing a national television series.

Known for her fun and simple teaching techniques, she’s now helping entrepreneurs create lucrative videos for high impact, and more money, and reminding clients that not having a CTA after a video is like meeting the man of your dreams and not giving him your phone number!

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