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“Your intuition already follows your values system you just might not realize it yet.  By understanding what is driving you, it allows you to remain curious through the process and explore all those silly, little, weird, crazy ideas.”   ~ Deanna Frances

Deanna Frances is pictured on The Second Phase Podcast Graphic on the bottom right hand corner under the logo wearing a straw hat and a blue and white striped sweater and Robyn Graham is on the left side of the graphic wearing jeans and a black tee shirt that says woman up.

Leaning into your core values will influence the impact you have and how successful you are.

First Phase

Deanna was in the corporate insurance industry for 12 years and then became a 1099 consultant.  Deciding she didn’t want to be tired of one revenue stream or one company, she decided to really explore curiosity.  From here she started two small businesses, a corporate health coach and a plant-based chef).

During the last couple of years that she was in the insurance industry Deanna set out to dive into creativity, and learn from like-minded women who were exploring their curiosity and taking action.  This led her to begin her podcast, Lean Into Curiosity Podcast.

Second Phase

After a year of podcasting, Deanna has learned and taken imperfect messy action to create a business around discovering values and applying them to both her personal life and business.

Every business has a set of core values and those values came from a person, a leader within the organization.


Deanna believes your intuition is following your values. It isn’t until you hone in on the feelings of those values that you identify what’s holding you back, what’s making you not feel good about a certain area of your life, but you first have to determine what’s important, why it’s important and how you can apply it to your life.

Start with applying values to little decisions in your life.   This will filter into the major, life-changing decisions you have to make.

As you change, reevaluate your values and what’s driving you to make decisions.

Aligning with your values will help you avoid losing opportunities. In addition, your unique purpose starts with your values.

Identifying Your Values

Listen to Episode 2 of the Lean Into Curiosity Podcast.

Choose from the list of 200 words that represent core values.  Follow your intuition and circle 20 to 30 words.  From there, identify the overlap between the words.   This will permit you to narrow your choice down to 3 to 5 words.

Applying Your Core Values in Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurship life lends to more balance.  Being able to structure your work life around your family life and the times you are most creative and most effective.

“You can’t effectively serve people if you are not first in alignment with your core values.” – Robyn Graham

Your core values will help you align with the people you work with and the projects you work on.  You want to attract clients who appreciate and respect your core values.  This will help you have effective client relationships.   It’s important to convey your core values to attract clients that align with you.

When you attract clients that align with your values, you’ll have more balance, feel more productive, and have more success with each client.


Achieving balance is when one area of your life is not overshadowing another.   It is empowering to understand what balance is to you specifically.

Book Recommendations 

You’re Not Lost by Maxi McCoy

Adventures for the Soul by Sara Kaiser


Start following your intuition and recognizing your values when making small decisions and let this guide you to how often following your intuition works out for the positive or the negative.  Take note and adjust accordingly.

This takes work and tracking the outcomes will empower you to make bigger decisions using your intuition.

As of February 2023, Deanna is no longer at Lean Into Curiosity but her podcast is still available on Spotify.

To learn more about your host, Robyn Graham, click HERE.


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