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Good CTAs are part of the sales process.

If you aren’t currently using CTAs in your content, it’s time to start. Using CTAs will help you prepare your community to make the decision to buy from you.

Many people hate sales

During a coaching session this week my client told me she hates sales. This is not uncommon, especially for women in service niches who are basically selling their knowledge, wisdom, and gifts.

Many people would rather stub their pinky toe than sell.

Others love sales. It feels natural and easy to them, like my former coach, Kim. She makes it seem so easy. Have you met those people? The ones who could sell a fence to someone who doesn’t even have a yard.

The difference? Confidence in their offer, drive to succeed, willingness to be vulnerable, positive mindset, and trust that they are the go-to in their niche. The belief that they have something someone else needs.

In addition, courage, confidence, and clarity.

But the reasons many get hung up on sales, are:

  1. Childhood money wounds.You read that right. They come from a place of lack instead of a place of abundance based on past experiences – that are no longer true today.
  2. Lack of clarity and belief in themselves, their offer, and their pricing.You must believe in your offer and your pricing in addition to your calling and your abilities. They all come together to create a sale.

If you don’t like sales, you may have been avoiding CTAs like my client was doing.

Here’s a simple way to start selling with grace.

Create a list of CTAs (calls to action).

Below are some examples you can use to ease your way into selling – think of them as nurturing your community and preparing them to make the decision to buy.

And remember sales is service. If you aren’t selling and letting people know how you can help them, they won’t get the help they need – that only you can offer. If your offer is transformative, think of selling as the best possible thing you can do to help change lives for the better.

Examples of CTAs:

  • Download this free eBook to learn more about “XYZ”.
  • Follow me on LinkedIn for more fabulous tips and strategies.
  • Subscribe to the podcast for incredible resources and strategies that will transform your life and business.
  • Hit reply and share your thoughts on “XYZ”.
  • DM “YES” and I’ll send you the details (or access to a free eBook).
  • Want transformation now? Schedule a free consultation today.
  • Want more resources like this? Click here.
  • Want results like “so and so”, click here.
  • Are you ready for transformation like “so and so”, let’s chat.
  • Ready for change? Let’s chat!
  • Hit reply and tell me your biggest challenge.
  • Hit reply and let’s get to know each other.
  • Put a 😍 in the comments and I’ll DM you the link to the free eBook.
  • Read the full blog post here.
  • Ready to take action, schedule a free consult today.

Let your community know what they’ll get and what step you want them to take.

Don’t assume they know what you want them to do or what the benefit is if they do it.

Keep in mind that your CTAs will be different on your website than your email newsletters and social media content.

For example, on a website sales page, you want to be consistent throughout the page. You want to give one action so as not to overwhelm the reader.

When using CTAs less is more

Too many options create confusion and result in no action.

In addition, you want to be clear and concise. If you get too creative you may cause confusion. Confusion never converts.

Most importantly, know your audience and create CTAs that will resonate with them and encourage them to click.

If your offer is transformative, think of selling as the best possible thing you can do to help change lives for the better. Your CTAs should reflect that.

Obviously, CTAs aren’t actually selling, but they are nurturing and educating your community. They are preparing your community to buy from you. But the official sale comes when you interact with people individually and they have a clear understanding of how you will help them.

CTAs are good practice and a great way to build your confidence as you build your community which will ultimately convert to paying clients.

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