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Using creativity to rediscover yourself, get unstuck from mental blocks, heal from trauma or mental health disorders, or become more fulfilled, is powerful and life-changing.

About Alex Cappe

Alex Cappe is a creativity coach, musical keynote speaker, and the founder of Creative Self Revolution in Los Angeles. As a creativepreneur, she has amassed over 50,000 social media followers, 250,000 plays, and over 1 million YouTube views. In her business, she utilizes unique creativity coaching processes to enhance personal and professional development. Through her work, speaking, and music, Alex is on a mission to provide inspiration worldwide, give people powerful tools involving creativity and mindset, and empower everyone to live a life they truly love.

After reaching her dream, Alex received a devastating blow. The record label she signed with closed. She lost everything she had recorded. This experience triggered undealt with trauma to resurface and left her feeling very dark. After deciding to put herself back together and feel whole again and not look for self-worth in other things she moved back to Ohio to her hometown.

During this time, Alex leaned into her creativity in a new way, it helped her heal, and she rediscovered her self-worth. She decided she really wanted to sing, but she also wanted to help other women discover how to use creativity.

How to use creativity to rediscover yourself

Whether you feel lost because you went through a divorce, your children have grown and moved out, or have experienced any other life-changing situation, you can use creativity to rediscover yourself. Creativity is a way to tap into the place you were when you were younger.

Alex believes everyone is creative. Either you are using it and are connected to it, or you are disconnected from it. You had creativity when you were young, but it has been pushed down as you aged or went through life. Creativity is part of the mental conversation because staying connected with it allows you to process things and you have the tools to deal with the. When you lose that, you lose the ability to deal with mental health.

Using creativity to get unstuck as an entrepreneur

When feeling stuck as an entrepreneur, you can tap into your creativity to get re-motivated to do the tasks you have to do. You can also be more authentic in your self-expression. When you use your creativity, you are full of light and your personality shines through and you attract the right people.

How do we lose our gift of creativity?

Creativity goes beyond art. It can be used in business and help you stay on the cutting edge. As kids, we have no reservations about sharing our creativity. Unfortunately, in the US, arts programs are often the first to be cut, this decreases resources for creative exploration. And in their teen years, people become more self-conscious about what others will think about them. Whereas when young, we are proud to show all that we create.

As a coach, Alex gives people permission to tap into creativity and create things again without the expectation to be perfect. Perfectionism stops so many things and prevents creative exploration.

Alex believes that if people are expressing themselves and tapping into creativity they will feel better. They will be more relaxed, more excited, and better at expressing themselves and what you need, which in turn helps with relationships. It also helps you with work, has a business, wants to raise or charge for your services.

Steps to take to use creativity to get unstuck

The first step is to decide that you are open to trying it.


One of the simplest ways to get into creativity is writing expression. The Artist’s Way, writing morning pages, and doing a brain dump, is a great place to start. This is a stream of conscious writing. You can set a timer and write for a certain amount of time. Once you get into the habit of doing this, you discover things about yourself and you feel better because you are getting things out.

We often internalize our fears. When we can’t see them, we can’t do anything about them. If we can get them out onto paper, whether that is writing, a song, or drawing, suddenly those fears and worries are out of your head and when they hit the air, they lose their power.

This is an exercise that is not meant to be edited or judged. It is not meant to be perfect, but to help you get things out of your head.

Journaling opens your mind to new things and new light.

Robyn emphasized that creativity can help you accept vulnerability and self-expression and self-appreciation.


A similar exercise to writing is drawing. Draw doodles or something that makes you happy. Start with index cards, a pack of 365, and then you can go back through and see what you were grateful for or what made you happy that day.

Gratitude list

Creating a gratitude list is also a great thing to do. Part of mental health is being connected with what we are grateful for and what we love.

Get to a place where you feel good

Throughout the day, it is very important to feel good. Exercises such as dancing, and throwing paint at a canvas, can help you feel positive and good.

The most important thing is to try different things and see what inspires and helps you now. See what you connect with now, at this moment.

Reconnecting with your body can help you regain your self-worth.


Spending time in the kitchen cooking, pairing the food with wine, and exploring spices is also a creative exercise.

Custom Music by Alex

Alex is now creating custom songs for people and occasions. She tells people’s stories through her music.

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