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Our shop offers unique blank inside all occasion note cards, fine art photographic prints, and journals.  Our shop was created with gift-giving in mind.  Whether it is a special occasion, a milestone birthday or anniversary, a teacher, or just a playful happy gift we have something that you and your friends and loved ones will enjoy and appreciate.

Blank-Inside All Occasion Note Cards

blank inside all occassion note cards in the Etsy Shop THESECONDPhase

The Art of Note writing is not lost! With these fine art photography note cards, letter writing becomes a pleasure. They are printed on high quality recycled, durable paper. We have left the inside blank so that you can personalize your message, your way.

Perfect for:
Mother’s Day
Thank you notes,
Sympathy notes, thinking of you, and so much more!'

Get creative! Mix and match cards per package.

Packaging may vary, but each package comes gift ready with 6 original cards by award-winning photographer Robyn Graham.

Folded note cards are 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches (portrait) or 5.5inches x 4.25 inches (landscape)

Pricing: $15.00 per package of 6 beautiful cards

Shipping $6.00

Fine Art Photography Prints

limited edition fine art photographic prints available in our Etshy Shop


Limited edition prints.   Each print is signed and numbered by award-winning photographer Robyn Graham. Great for gifts. Perfect for any decor. Some prints are framed and can be shipped immediately. Please inquire by email. Price is dependent on the size of the frame needed and type of glass. Museum glass is available. Matte size is larger than print size. Fine art prints are printed on Hahnemuhle paper and custom matted. Print sizes are not limited to the sizes posted in the shop.  We will accept custom orders for additional sizes. Shipping rates vary.



journal with 100 pages lined and unlined alternating with photograph of peony on the front and back with a scripture verse on the first page with firm cover and spiral bound

Journaling is one activity that can help you change the outlook of your life, motivate you, inspire you and help you grow emotionally and spiritually.   It helps with setting intentions and having a positive mindset.    Our journals are created with the goal of helping you move through each day with peace, grace, gratitude, and focus. The journal covers are photographs created by award-winning photographer Robyn Graham.  The inside page has a scripture verse or inspirational quote.  The pages are lined alternating with a blank page for sketching or doodling while you do your journaling, devotions, or take notes while reading. We encourage you to use the journals daily and list at least one thing each day that you are grateful for.  Spend thoughtful and/or prayerful time focusing on the blessings you have as well as your needs and goals.  Set your daily or weekly intentions and then document how they come to fruition through your efforts and hard work. Most importantly, use the journals for self-discovery, confidence building and growing in love for yourself.  If we don't love and care for ourselves we can't love and care for others. Journals are 6in x 9in with 100 pages, firm covers and spiral bound $21.50 Free Shipping


Images created by Robyn Graham have been printed on soft organic cotton and sewn with love into baby blankets. Additional fabric options available upon request. Blankets are available in two sizes: Wrap blankets - approximately 2.5ft by 3.5ft $37.50 Carry-Around Lovies - 10in x 10in  $22.50 Shipping is $6.00 Visit Our Shop

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