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The Enneagram helps us choose to respond to life rather than react to life.


It wasn’t until Liza Jean found Jesus and the Enneagram that she was able to move past shame and all of the trauma she’s experienced throughout her life.  Now, she has created a successful personal brand to empower women to walk through life with purpose, breaking free from fear and shame, rebuilding a life filled with self-support, setting boundaries, and cultivating healthier relationships through the framework of the Enneagram.

Robyn Graham interviewed Liza Jean on The Second Phase Podcast. Liza shared information on the enneagram. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Liza Jean leaning on her left forearm and elbow on a sofa. She has long brown hair and is smiling at the camera.

Surviving Abuse

After being sexually abused as a child, Liza Jean decided to share her story to help other women not only survive abuse but thrive on the other side.

Her transformation came after she became very ill, Jesus had given her a second chance to change her life. She found a church and was given an opportunity to attend a retreat where she met an angel.

Liza Jean started her healing journey after meeting God, and an angel.  She then had permission to look at her life and the life God was calling her to lead.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a personality assessment but instead of looking at your behaviors, it looks at your motivations.  It allows us to see our strengths and our weaknesses.

Liza Jean used the Enneagram to climb out of the dark place one brave moment at a time.   As she went through this journey, she found her calling to help others.

When one person shares a hard story, it opens the door for others to share their pain, shame, and journeys.

The Enneagram is a guide map to show you who you are. It shows you why you think, feels, and behave the way you do through your internal motivations that others do not see.

The Enneagram Helps You See the World

The focus of the Enneagram is on why you do what you do through your motivations and how you see the world.  When you use the Enneagram, you start to see your patterns and behaviors.  It allows you to understand why you react and how you can change the way you react.  It shows your strengths and weaknesses.

There are 9 types of Enneagrams.  It is very complex.  Each type goes very deep.

Nine Types

There are different stages of the 9 types of the Enneagram.

Unhealthy patterns



Excess mode – when going through the trauma

Where you are on your journey will determine the results of your test.   Different results will arise, for example when stressed your results will be different because you aren’t feeling as confident.

The Enneagram is set up so that there is the main dominant type and then there is a stress path and a growth path.

You can take on characteristics of each path, your stress or growth paths as well as your wing numbers.

Discovering your Enneagram type isn’t the destination.  It is just the beginning of learning about yourself.

Discovering the Best Version of Yourself

The Enneagram isn’t only great for the healing process but also for discovering the best version of yourself.  It helps to take a look at the strengths that you have and those things that maybe you aren’t great at.

When you start looking at your strengths and weaknesses, you can start delegating the tasks that you aren’t great at, and then you can focus on what you do well.

The Enneagram Type Two

The Type twos are all about relationships and making connections with other people.  If you are in an unhealthy state, you might be seeking relationships that aren’t in alignment with your core values.   This is referred to as a scarcity mindset.

Giving people inspiration and empowering them to change their lives.  But we can’t change their lives for them, they have to do it for them.  The Enneagram twos have a magical gift to see what others need.  But they often struggle with seeing their own needs.  They often forget about their own personal needs.   If they lean into wing 3, twos become workaholics who like to control everything and if they lean into wing 1, they fall into perfectionism and want to do all the things and make them all right.   This can delay us from putting things out into the world.

People can lean into both wings, and in different seasons they may lean more into one than the other or some twos don’t lean into their wings.

You can lean into the Enneagram to break free from the habitual patterns that are holding you captive in your life.  It’s a way of choosing to respond to life rather than reacting to life.  The Enneagram really allows us to step into our own potential.

We cannot type other people or judge people and type them.   Every individual needs to type themselves. It’s a tool to discover who God is calling you to be, and who you are meant to be.

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