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When you complicate the business growth process and spend too much time on social media, you won’t get results.

The real reason you aren’t getting results is that you have complicated the business growth process by listening to and investing in too many coaches, programs, and courses and are now confused. Confusion breeds confusion which decreases confidence. Social media is killing your business because it is a distraction and lends to more confusion and doubt, which leads to procrastination. Instead of social media, use the power of SEO.

Success Without Social Webinar Recap 

  1. The real reason you aren’t getting results
  2. Why social media is killing your business and how to turn it around ASAP
  3. Key long-term strategies that most business owners ignore – but will get you a lifetime of limitless earning potential.


You feel like you’re spinning in circles while trying to grow your business. It may be the result of investing in multiple coaches, programs, and courses only to achieve minimal results – to not reach your goals.

I hear this frustration all the time!

And none of that is necessary. Yes, growing a successful business can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to feel impossible.

That’s why I created my Purpose to Results™ – Success Without Social – the only proven one-stop business growth program without social media.

I’ve spent the past 22+ years growing businesses of my own. I’ve done all the research, hired the coaches, taken the courses, and what I’ve discovered is that simplicity wins every time, and you don’t have to do it all to get the results you want. This is why I became a Christian Business Coach who helps Christian small business owners who are impact-driven and service-based. The world needs you and I want to help your soulmate clients find you.

And most importantly, you can grow your business without social media.

The real reason you aren’t getting results – you’re complicating it 

  • You’re complicating things.
    • Have you seen something online, bought it, tried it, and then waited for the results that were promised but they never came?
    • That’s just one of the problems with consuming too much content, grasping for straws, and trying to do what the “experts” say to do, to buy what they say to buy.
  • Nothing is one size fits all.
    • Your business is customized to you, and you should have a customized approach to growing it.
  • Consuming causes confusion.
    • Confusion reduces confidence.
    • A lack of confidence stimulates a lack of belief in what’s possible for you, your business, and your clients.
    • The more you consume and invest in what doesn’t work, the less you believe in yourself, your purpose, and your soulmate clients.

The reason you aren’t getting results – Belief

  • Your beliefs influence your thoughts.
  • Your thoughts influence your emotions and feelings.
  • Your emotions and feelings influence your choices and behaviors – the decisions you make and the actions you take.
  • From the top down, your beliefs influence your outcomes. This is true whether you’re a $50K or a $1M business.
  • If you’ve been trying to do everything you read when consuming content, you will feel like you’re spinning in circles – in a race against time.


What everyone else is doing isn’t necessarily right for you and your business.

  • Another reason online courses are complicating your business – there is no accountability. All too often people invest in them, start them, and don’t finish them or can’t figure out how to strategically apply them to their business.
  • No customization. No accountability.


If you want to get results, you must discern

The key to discerning what’s right for your business is intimately getting to know your soulmate clients.

What are their pain points?

They are desperately seeking a solution for something – what is it that only you can provide in the way you can provide it?

You must differentiate yourself

  • Why are you unique?
  • Why should people hire you?
  • What is your why – people want to know why more than how.
  • But how is still very important – people need to understand that how you do what you do works and the reasons why it works.
  • Instead of spending time-consuming and doing what other people are telling you to do –
    • start with differentiating yourself and getting super clear on the pain points of your soulmate clients.
    • What they need you to help them with and
    • WHY they buy.

The real reason you aren’t getting results – Blending In

If you do and say what everyone else does and says – you will blend in – no one will see you as the expert they need. You do not need to be a million-dollar business or influencer to create and implement a visibility strategy.

  • These exercises are at the core of the Purpose to Results™ Success Without Social Business Growth Program.

The real reason you aren’t getting results – Social Media is killing your business 

Why social media is killing your business and how to turn it around ASAP.

  • Social media is time-consuming.
  • Social media influences your beliefs about yourself and the actions you take.
  • Social media costs time, energy, and money.
  • It results in comparison, it results in imposter syndrome, it results in procrastination.
  • Even if you go on social for personal use – downtime scrolling – you are influencing your neuropathways.
  • And worse – you will still see suggested content – so business content.

Time and energy are currency.

  • If social media is decreasing your level of positive energy and resulting in time being wasted scrolling in an attempt to learn what you should do next in your business – you are losing money.
  • Social media is risky.
  • You don’t own the platforms.
  • They can crash and burn, and you can lose all your followers and the content you’ve worked hard to create.
  • Stop focusing on content for social media and create evergreen content for your own platforms.
  • Social content may be prone to bias, especially when it comes to tech and tools. You don’t need multiple systems and tools – when you invest in multiple systems and tools, you overcomplicate your business.
  • Instead, implement systems and processes to simplify and automate your business which helps with customer service, client retention, and referrals.

Instead of relying on social media – use the power of SEO and get ranked on Google

  • Create evergreen content on your website via a blog and persuasive copy.
  • When you focus your efforts on your website and lean on it as part of the foundation of your business – you can be found anywhere at any time and are not dependent on an algorithm that is designed to support paid advertisers.
  • I teach and simplify SEO strategies, copywriting, and blogging in the Purpose to Results™ Success without Social Business Growth Program.

Facts about using social media versus Google

  • What you may not realize is that people go to social media to gather information. They go to Google when they are ready to buy – when they are ready to invest in a solution.
  • In addition, people are more likely to purchase from someone who is ranked by Google – people are 92% more likely to click on and buy from the top-ranked sites.
  • You want to be found on Google to become visible as an expert and to demonstrate your authority in your niche.
  • When ranked on Google, people automatically trust you more.


Key long-term strategies that most business owners ignore – but will get you a lifetime of limitless earning potential.

Social media does not equate to digital marketing.

Content marketing – evergreen is best because of the power of SEO

Social content has a short lifespan (reference Meg Casebolt) 

  • TikTok 5 minutes,
  • Facebook 5 hours,
  • IG 24 to 48 hours (1/2 in first 18 hours),
  • LI 30 hours,
  • YouTube 20 days,
  • Pinterest 4 months
  • Blog 1.9 years

If you want results, don’t overlook the power of SEO

  • Many people overlook the power of SEO, but it is how the most successful businesses have grown to the level of success they’ve achieved.
  • Email marketing. Relationship building. Grow your community and keep them on your platform – You can reach them any time to stay front-of-mind. This increases your referral opportunities as well as helps with client retention.
  • Pinterest marketing. Pinterest is not a DIY site. It is a search engine and a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website.
  • In addition, PR and speaking are incredible ways to increase visibility and grow your authority.
  • Podcasting – either your own or guesting – enduring content – showcases your authority.

I teach and emphasize these strategies in the Sucess Without Social Mastermind Business Growth Program so that you can take advantage of the power of SEO strategies and get ranked on Google without having to be on social media.

The Success Without Social Mastermind is the group coaching program of The Purpose to Results™. Learn more about and apply for the Success Without Social Mastermind. Application deadline is October 5th, 2023.

Schedule a call to learn the best strategies to grow your business without social media.

This is the opportunity to stop spinning in circles and to stop investing in multiple coaches, programs, and courses without results.

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