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Are you a woman who wants it all? Start by avoiding the Superhuman Paradox – it’s holding you back.

Beate is the author of Happy Woman Happy World in which she shares what she has uncovered about women in the workplace. Her phrases the superhuman paradox and ego rhythm describe what happens when women aren’t content and strive to be more than they are called to be. Beate shared that quite often, women are actually hurting each other versus them being hurt by men. Comparison and competition bring them down.

Robyn emphasized that competition is necessary in the marketplace for people to strive to be better. In addition, if you are confident in yourself and your business, you will choose to differentiate yourself to be recognized as the go-to for your soulmate clients. There is enough work to go around and there is no reason to cut others down to try to build yourself up.

When we compare ourselves, we then think we have to do more to be better than others. This is where Beate’s concept of ego rhythm comes into play.

Superhuman paradox

The concept of superhuman paradox is that we want to be what someone else is. And you think that you come up short in comparison. But the reality is, that we all have unique gifts and talents. Women specifically have a tendency to feel like they are complete failures because they don’t equate to everyone around them.

Ego rhythm was created to help women understand that there are waves and seasons for life. As individuals, we have our own rhythms as our lives move through seasons – for example, the way parenting shifts as our children grow. Therefore, we need to focus on the rhythm of each season. In total there are 9 ego rhythms from motherhood, to tragedy, to love and you get to figure out where you are right now and make that rhythm the main focus.

Robyn emphasized that the ego rhythm is similar to contentment. The more content we are instead of comparing our lives with others the more we will enjoy it more.

Discontent is often stimulated by social media. Despite the fact that most people are only showing highlight reels of their life and business, we get sucked into comparing ourselves with them. Another reason to grow your business without social media.

The internet trap of social media

Internet marketing is the biggest contributing factor to the superhuman paradox.

Instead of looking outward, look inward at what makes you unique and the gifts and talents God has given you and you’ve been called to use. When you are constantly searching outside, consuming content, you are constantly seeing what you don’t have instead of focusing on what you do have. This is the real reason aren’t getting results.

Social media makes you want things without a plan. The best way to build a business is to create the plan and foundation first.

Be clear on the consequences of the path and business model you choose because it will impact your quality of life.

Stop creating unnecessary complexity. You can simplify your business and reduce complexity.

Instead of always being in masculine energy, striving to be more by doing more, recognize that there is a place for femininity, softer energy, heart-centered energy, and consciousness.

Differentiation and marketing strategy

The more confident you are in your purpose and the strategy you have in place to build your business, the easier it will be to differentiate yourself, create a unique personal brand, and develop and implement an effective marketing strategy. In addition, the more confident you are, the less likely you are to fall victim to the superhuman paradox.

If you are struggling to identify your purpose or create a strategy for pursuing your purpose and turning it into a business, hire a coach or mentor to guide you. Others, like Beate and Robyn, have their own unique gifts to be able to help you see what you aren’t currently seeing. God created you with purpose and your purpose will lead you to abundance.

Happiness is a choice – don’t let the superhuman paradox keep you from it

You must choose happiness and take action to achieve it. It isn’t given to you. No one and nothing can make you happy. Nor can you make anyone else happy. It is a decision. And you must take consistent action for the rest of your life. It is soul-driven. It’s also important to note that there is a correlation between happiness and productivity.

In addition, you can’t find happiness when you are constantly chasing what others are doing or trying to be like them.

You are unique and your journey is unique

Your purpose may shift as you go through your life’s journey. God has created you with a purpose, but you will go through many experiences before you settle into what truly lights you up. Remember, opportunities almost never show up as opportunities. Many times they are obstacles before they are opportunities. Opportunities come from resolving challenges.

About Beate Chelette, the founder of the superhuman paradox, ego rhythm, and the woman’s code

Beate is the Growth Architect and Founder of The Women’s Code. She is passionate about helping visionaries and leaders to grow their authority and scale their impact.

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