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Do you want to start a podcast? There are many benefits of podcasting and it can be simple to start a podcast of your own.

Are you ready to start a podcast? There are strategies you need to start a podcast that can simplify the process without causing overwhelm.  When you start a podcast, you can enjoy the many benefits of podcasting, like gaining visibility faster.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about starting a podcast, remember that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called. Therefore, if you feel called to start a podcast, now is the time. God will provide the information and knowledge that you need. It might feel scary, but you won’t regret it.

Storytelling is one of the benefits of podcasting

Your story is important and will influence others in a positive way. Telling your story will build an emotional connection with others. God used storytelling in the Bible. We connect with our faith through Biblical stories. No one can take your stories away from you – how you got into business, something God did in your life, or even a basic story.

There are 2 ways that story is valuable, especially through podcasting

One of the most intimate forms of communication is podcasting. When people listen to you, they feel an intimate connection. It’s your voice to their ears.

Storytelling through podcasting invokes empathy. We understand the other person and we’re in it with them.

In addition, storytelling builds connection.

When people buy from us, it is an emotional connection. Building this intimate connection through podcasting increases brand awareness, but most importantly you build trust which inspires them to buy from you.

Some strategies you need to start a podcast with simplicity

The first step is to set a goal for your podcast. Decide on your goal for starting a podcast. Is the podcast your ministry or are you doing it to generate leads for your business?

Then it’s time to dig deep and create. You need to create the following:

  • Market research
  • Title and name of your podcast
  • Graphic – eye-catching and unique – recognizable and memorable
  • Trailer Episode – clear and concise
  • The first three episodes to launch with – so people can binge the episodes right away
  • Intro and outro
  • Decide on your music

Start with clarity around what your message is going to be and the end result you want your listeners to receive.

One way to learn what people want is to do market research. Be sure you serve your listeners well. This also helps you gain the voice of the customer.

Remember, it isn’t about you. It’s about how you serve and help others. Get out of the way and let God shine through you and work through you.

Then there’s the tech strategies you need to start a podcast

A few things to know about when you want to begin a podcast are. Simple is best.

  • AirPods or headphones
  • Mic (ATR2100)
  • Editing tool
  • Computer
  • Recording platform
  • Hosting site – Libsyn
  • Editing – Garage Band, Audacity, or Descript
  • Record on Zoom, Riverside, or others

Benefits of starting a podcast

Gain visibility through podcasting

There are more than 5 million podcasts and 620 million blogs. So from a visibility perspective, there is no comparison. And of the 5 million podcasts, a significant number of them aren’t live. The podcast market is not yet crowded. If you feel the calling to start a podcast, now is the time.

Podcasting is also a great opportunity for SEO. Audio words on a podcast are searchable so you increase your visibility dramatically.

Podcasting and mental health

Another benefit of podcasting and sharing your story, you are improving your mental health. Your mental health and well-being can be improved when you share your story. And at the same time, you are supporting and helping others.

God’s hand is always in our story. As a podcast host, we get to bring more glory to God. It’s very humbling to have the gift to do that.

About Wren Robbins

Since 2016, Wren has planned, produced, and promoted hundreds of episodes interviewing online influencers, business owners, authors, and speakers. As a former schoolteacher, she uses her God-given skills of teaching in a thorough and strategic way so that you can use your podcast to make money in your business.

She loves helping business owners launch their podcasts with a strategy for business growth with creative and easy-to-follow coaching.

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