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There’s always an opportunity if you are willing to step into it. But you have to stop playing small if you want to take advantage of the opportunity and grow beyond six figures.

It’s time to stop playing small if you want to grow beyond six figures. Here are four steps you can take to grow beyond six figures this year – with simplicity.

The Expert in You Method

Step 1 – Redesign your revenue model

Most people do not have a good revenue model. Use a top-down approach. Go after your highest offer first, the thing you want to be known for. Instead of upselling from a lower ticket program, down sell from the higher ticket offer to lower ticket offers only if they cannot afford the highest ticket offer.

Create one core offer that you become known for. Position yourself as an expert and authority for that offer and what you do inside the offer. Doing so will put you in a premium category.

Step 2 – Revamp your marketing

What worked before you redesigned your offer won’t work now. Marketing strategies that work for getting to 6-figure revenue are different than marketing strategies that get you to multi-six figures and beyond. Everything has to elevate. Your brand and your target audience have to elevate. That is if you want the simpler road.

Clients need different avenues for finding you. For example, a CEO isn’t going to come to you through a funnel. Understand how your clients buy, how they are attracted to something, and how you can reach them. Like Robyn, Ann teaches multiple ways to market your business. Scalable speaking is one option for reaching higher-end, premium clients.

Keep in mind, your marketing strategy shouldn’t be about the “what” but about the details and the how in the “what” that will ultimately convert your audience to clients.

Consider this. If you have one marketing channel like a Facebook group and it gets shut down, you lose your source for clients. It is key to have multiple marketing strategies if you want to achieve business success. You do not have to be on social media to grow a successful business and achieve high revenue.

Stop playing small to avoid the 6-figure trap

Six figures are barely enough to grow. That amount is less of a business and more of an income but doesn’t leave you with money to invest in your business. Six-figures is a start, it’s just scratching the service.

If you’re only thinking six figures, you’re thinking too small. 

Step 3 – Restructure your sales process


You’re marketing should be bringing you people that are 80 to 90% sold. Then you quality them even further.


The conversation should be as easy as having coffee with a friend. It’s an opportunity to get to know them and ensure you are the right fit to work together.


How do you onboard your clients, take the payment, etc? Your payment method is important because you can remain cash poor if you don’t take a large percentage as a down payment and only take smaller amounts monthly. Ann teaches two methods. First, get more paid in full clients and put all of that money in your bank account. Second, take a lot more money on the front in and then offer a payment plan. Know how to manage your money right and the paid-in-full method is the best.

Step 4 – Rev up your revenue and grow beyond six figures

How can you scale once you’ve created more revenue? Look for ways to build your business that aren’t dependent on you. It’s limitless on what you can accomplish.

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