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When you stay healthy, you are more productive and your personal brand achieves more success and life overall is better.


Are you wondering how to stay healthy, especially during the holiday season?

Staying Healthy as an entrepreneur, especially when you are a mom, can be challenging!  But Abbie shares five health hacks you can implement, even though you are busy, that will help you be more successful and feel more energized.

It’s time to wring out the towel and get ready to start 2021 on the run.

About Abbie Stasior

Abbie comes from a long line of physicians.   It had always been assumed that Abbie would follow suit and become a physician.  But, deep down, Abbie knew that medical school wasn’t where her heart was.

Abbie is passionate about helping people strive for a higher level of success and live authentic and abundant lives.  She is also passionate about helping people mitigate their risk of developing chronic health conditions in natural ways: optimizing nutrition, engaging in physical activity, and managing stress.

When applying to medical school, Abbie started to explore how to stay healthy and teach others to stay healthy.

She is now a health coach and entrepreneur working to help others through her business, Be About Being Better.

Abbie’s motto is “What is easy is sustainable and what is sustainable will mitigate one’s risk for developing chronic conditions.”

Robyn Graham interviewed Abbie Stasier on the Second Phase Podcast. Abbie shared her 5 health hacks to implement to stay healthy. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Abbie on the bottom right hand corner wearing a light pink turtleneck and glasses. She has long red hair and is holding the corner of her glasses with her right hand.

If You Are Wondering How to Stay Healthy, Learn These 5 Health Hacks that Every Entrepreneur Should Implement

  • A Morning and Evening Routine

    1. You need your time to ensure your mindset is in the best place it can be so that you can tackle the day at the best level possible.
    2. Morning Routine
      • Enables you to feel how you want to feel when you walk into your first event of the day.
      • Be intentional about what those things are that will make you feel that way.
      • Exercise, meditate, journal, or listen to a podcast.
      • The order of the activities you choose makes a difference as well.
    3. Evening Routine
      • What do I need to do in the evening to set myself up for success the next day?
      • Unplug from devices, journal, meditate, or whatever activity helps you relax.
      • Prepare what you’ll need to start the next day off on the right foot, pack lunches, lay out clothes, etc.
  • Rest is Success

    1. Prioritize Sleep
    2. Watch Dr. Mathew Walkers’ Ted Talk on Sleep. “Sleep is Your Superpower”.
    3. If you are sleep deprived for even one hour, your immune system is significantly compromised.
    4. Loss of sleep impacts:
      • Mood
      • Digestion
      • Hunger hormones
    5. Sleep helps keep a level head when we are around so many temptations, especially around the holiday.
  • Cycle Syncing

    1. If you still have a menstrual cycle, this is very important.
    2. The book, “In the Flow” by Alisa Vitti
    3. Energy levels vary depending on the time of the month.
    4. When you align your activities with your cycle you will feel better.
    5. Eat, exercise, and structure activities based on your cycle.


  •  Have the Treats (how to stay healthy and have the goodies too)

    1. Don’t be restrictive
    2. When restrictive, it drains energy
    3. Being restrictive causes over-indulging
    4. Be intentional about when you have treats and how much you have
    5. Three Rules – only break one throughout the day or maybe one and a half on a holiday.
      • Hit all of your nutrition goals by eating clean
      • Exercise
      • No alcohol
      • The book, Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy
      •  Nutrition
        1. 50% of the plate should be fruits and vegetables, 25% carbs and 25% protein
        2. For the holidays, go with 30% of each instead of the 50/25/25
        3. Drink a lot of water
          • Water decreases bloating.
          • When you feel thirsty, you are 2% dehydrated.
          • 15% dehydration is fatal.
          • Water helps with energy and keeps your skin looking great too.
  • Movement

    1. From a muscle physiology standpoint, there isn’t a difference between 20/30 minutes and 45/60 minutes for the average person doing the average workout.
    2. From a muscle physiology standpoint, there isn’t a difference between 20/30 minutes and 45/60 minutes for the average person doing the average workout.

Mini-Coaching Session

Question 1

When do you feel you should implement Facebook and Instagram ads instead of using organic growth?
Things to consider:

Organic growth brings in a warmer audience.

Cost – Ads can be costly.

Time – Ads are time-consuming.

Ads are complicated if doing them correctly.

Return on Investment

Question 2

How do you build an Instagram Account for Business?

Profile photo – should be a picture of you, not a logo.  Your logo is not your brand.

Bio – have your name and a description of what you do, i.e. Abbie – Health Coach

I help statement

  • Identify who your audience is, what their problem is, and how you are going to make them the hero of their story or life.
  • Link to your website or a Linktree Link.
  • Within the first 9 to 12 squares of your feed, you need to have at least one or two images of yourself so that you can be recognizable.
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