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Starting a side gig is a smart way to enter entrepreneurship.

elena ciccitelli is a side gig queen. in her podcast side gig central she educates others on starting side gig and how to make it successful

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, consider starting a side gig until you have the resources and a solid foundation for your business.

About Elena

Elena Ciccotelli is the host of Side Gig Central and is the queen of side gigs!  Her goal is to share all she knows about starting a side gig.

She’s a dream-chasing Jersey girl with an insatiable appetite for the creative process.  Elena is a writer, podcaster,  pizza connoisseur, and productivity enthusiast.   And, she’s the master of side gigs and helps others find their side gig and thrive while doing their 9-5 and 5-9.

Elena bootstrapped and scaled a personal training business to six figures and then went into corporate sales.  Her podcast, Side Gig Central, is her official second phase.

No Fear

Elena is not afraid of trying and failing.  She has taken the initiative to start multiple businesses.  Relationship building is one of her tools for success and she strongly encourages entrepreneurs and those in a side gig to create and develop relationships.  Relationships are the way to referral sources and growth, especially if you are a sweat equity business.

Podcasting has filled the creative void her corporate sales role isn’t fulfilling.   She is monetizing her podcast through sponsorships, which she has proven are available for any size business with any number of followers.

Elena has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, and NBC Philadelphia.   Her entrepreneurial mindset and passion for side gigs have launched her into the second phase.  She firmly believes the side gig and freelance economy are exploding.

Her Favorite Things 

She is a tea drinker who loves dogs and has to stop and pet everyone that walks by.

Listen to our conversation and learn more about how Elena has created a personal brand, is building relationships, and educating others on building a successful side gig business.

Elena’s book recommendations include:

About Face by Dan Hill and The Ultimate Guide to the Side Hustle by Elana Varon


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