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Have You Been Contemplating Using a Facebook Group to Grow Your Business?

Here Are All the Details You Need to Know to Start a Facebook Group and Monetize It!


About Brooke

Brook Jefferson is a lifestyle and family photographer and organic growth strategist.  She is also a mom and wife, who has built a successful photography business and is an expert on how to start a Facebook Group and monetize it.

Why Should We Start a Facebook Group

Build a community

Be seen as an expert and authority in your niche

Create revenue-generating programs – training or challenges

Facebook rewards you for having a Facebook Group

Robyn Graham interviewed Brooke Jefferson on The Second Phase Podcast and Brooke shared how to start a facebook group and monetize it. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Brooke in the bottom left had corner of the podcast graphic. Brooke is holding her camera and smiling.

How to Start and Grow a Facebook Group

Run a virtual event

5-Day challenge

Offer workshop

Have a paid offer at the end of any workshop or challenge.

Quick growth opportunity when you offer free training.

Once you put out great content, people will share your group and tell others they should be part of it.

Name your group so that when people are searching, the keywords they are searching will be found in your title.

Once your engagement increases, Facebook will start pushing out your group to other similar groups.

Have a great photo on your group to attract people.

Provide a detailed description so that people become intrigued about the group and content.

Questions to Ask When Setting Up a Facebook Group

When you set up a group, you have the option to set up three questions. Use the questions to get to know your audience, monetize your email list, and for getting content ideas.

Suggested questions include:

How did you find my group?

What challenges do you have in your business?

What number one struggle do you have in your business?

Email address to add to your email newsletter.

How to Monetize a Facebook Group

People are more likely to buy from you within the first 5 minutes that they get to know you.

Through virtual events, you can find your super fans and they’ll buy from you.

Build the know, love, and trust factor and then offer a paid-for program after a workshop.

Be Intentional About What You Want Your Group to Be

When creating a Facebook group, you must be intentional about it. Why are you creating a group? What value will you provide? How will you monetize the group?

As you start building the group, be strategic with your content and try to monetize it early. Prepare your audience that you will be offering both paid-for and free content.

The more intentional you can be about the purpose of the group, the more success you are going to have.

Pop-Up Facebook Group

You can create a group for challenges or short-term projects. The nice thing is to help others grow, share knowledge and get to know your audience while monetizing it.  Once you’ve created the group and offered value, people will want the group to stay around as a place for others to learn.

Keys to Success for a Facebook Group

Building community

Getting your audience to trust you

Being seen as an expert while building relationships

Live video training

Set it up to run by itself but your audience knows that you are still in charge

Content Creation

Rinse and Repeat.  What worked, and what didn’t work.  Ask yourself what your audience really seemed to like.  Do surveys and ask your group what it is they want to learn and what they feel will be valuable.

Listen more and find what your group really wants.

Ask engagement questions that people will definitely respond to.

Then create more content around the answers and additional problems that arise from the responses.

Engagement is how a group grows so it’s important to ask engagement questions.  Keep the engagement questions about the topics your group focus is.

Educational content. Educate but don’t give everything away, use the educational content for your paid offers.

Inspirational content.  KITA posts shake up the emotion and get more engagement and conversation flowing within the group.

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