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Speaking is a fabulous way to increase visibility and create demand in your business.

Start speaking to create demand in your business. When you tap into your purpose and what you are an expert in, you become the authority in your niche and people will be excited to hear your message – from the stage. Speaking increases visibility thus creating demand for your business.

Say yes before you are ready

Laurie Ann said yes before she was ready and learned many tips and strategies to become a renowned speaker. She now helps others craft their signature talk so that they can be in demand. Robyn also said yes before she was ready. She was still terrified, but she said yes and spoke to become more visible and create demand in her business through speaking.

What does it mean to be in demand?

To be in demand means you are front of mind and without question, you are who people recommend or call.

Speaking is a form of visibility. If you aren’t seen, how is anyone going to hire you?

Speak from the heart

Knowing that speaking increases visibility, it’s important to overcome the fear of speaking. To do that, speak from the heart and from the knowledge in your brain with a positive mindset. Then you’ll be able to confidently and effectively speak from any stage. Don’t expect perfection. Speak from a place of passion knowing you are an expert and that the audience needs your expertise.

Speaking is an alternative way to be visible

If you don’t want to be on social media, speaking is an alternative way to become more visible, with a larger audience. Start speaking to increase demand without having to create content for, or spend time scrolling on social media.

Get out of your own way and start speaking to create demand for your business

If you want to become a speaker because speaking increases visibility, get out of your head and into your heart. Stop thinking so much about yourself and think about how you can serve your audience. You will get better with each talk or podcast interview you do.

What’s your story?

Laurie Ann’s methodology is built around story. Discover what your story is. What is your story, your transformation? How do you help people and how did you get to this point? The more every day it is, the better because people will be able to relate to it. Your everyday life and the challenges and growth you’ve experienced become the stories you share to communicate the lesson you want your audience to take away.

Point blank tell the audience what you want them to hear or see through your story. You can have a signature story that you use over and over again, but depending on the group or audience you are speaking to, you can change the lesson you want to convey.

The more you tell the same story the more confidence you will develop and the more people will recognize you. The way you tell your story on that very day is what will resonate with the audience and take a step in the right direction.

If you want to start speaking to create demand in your business, you need to tell a story that resonates with the audience

Take your audience on a journey with you. You want the audience to feel like they are in your story. It is about the pace you tell your story, the pauses, and where you inflect – it’s not a play-by-play.

Don’t let all the details get in the way of a good story. No play-by-play. You want people to experience the story with you while you share it. Stories entertain. Following this strategy builds an emotional connection with your audience. Through your story, you can communicate your expertise.

Grab attention.

You have to give people a reason to put their phone down, to lean in and listen.

Once you capture their attention, explain why they should listen to you. Tell them why you are an authority – why they should listen.

Then teach and give value.

Next is your close and your CTA.

The goal of speaking

Now you know that speaking increases visibility and will help you create demand in your business. So what will your goals of speaking be?

As you create your talk, start with the end in mind. What do you want your audience to think, to do, or to feel differently? This is your goal. Start with your goal first. Ask yourself what needs to be in the presentation in order for this to happen. What does the audience need to learn, know, and understand?

The 3 C’s of speaking

Laurie’s 3 C’s of speaking are: be captivating, compelling, and converting.

There are three things that will hold your talk together. A story, a statistic, a case study, a metaphor, or an analogy. All of these support the tip that you are sharing with your audience.

There are over 7500 speaking opportunities a day. And each person that’s in the audience is someone who said yes to spending time with you. They are interested in the value you are going to provide.

How to find speaking engagements to become visible in the speaking arena

Is the title speaker in your bio? If you want to start speaking to create demand in your business, you need to have the title of speaker in your bio.

Have a speaking tab on your website. This will help with credibility as well as help with backlinks for SEO.

Ask yourself what organizations you are already a member of. Make a list of them as they are your warm market. Speak to the person in charge of recruiting speakers and ask about the process for booking speakers. You’ll learn a lot of information doing so. Oftentimes, people book speakers 18  months ahead of time.

Do you look like a speaker? Where can people hear you speaking – live streams, podcast interviews, etc.? These are a great way for even coordinators to see you speaking.

Ask anyone you speak for to refer you to two other opportunities.

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About Laurie Ann Murabito

Laurie Ann is an award-winning speaker, best-selling Amazon author, Business Mentor, and Speaking Strategist.

She helps entrepreneurs like you get speaking opportunities for their business — and turn every presentation into more clients, more cash, and more clout.

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