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When you start a podcast, you open the door for more opportunities to serve your audience and attract more soulmate clients.

Start a podcast to alleviate distractions, grow your audience, and convert more people to paying clients for an increase in earning potential and success.

Your calling becomes your life’s work. You were created and you have a direction for your life that God is trying to get you to follow but you don’t pursue the thing that you were created to do because you are distracted. And this is part of the reason people seek fulfillment from other things because you aren’t following God’s calling for your life.

Stefanie is passionate about using a podcast for a 1-to-many marketing strategy so that they can grow in way fewer hours in a week.

Clarity around your purpose for clear messaging

Robyn emphasized that clarity is important so that we can create messaging that is clear to our audience. We never want to confuse our audience because confused people do not buy.

Do you need to be on social media to build your business or should you start a podcast?

Stefanie and Robyn agree that it doesn’t make sense to build a business on platforms you do not own. Social media is best used for building relationships and trust and bringing people into your community, but it is not the best decision to try to build your business on it.

How can we step away from the chaos of social media to fulfill our God-led calling and build a meaningful business? Start a podcast.

When you listen to all of the influencers on social media telling you that you need to be there to build your business and you start to post content on all of the platforms, what happens? Does it work for you? Often times you spend hours on social media, but are you actually building trust? A like doesn’t equate to trust. You have only 2 to 3 seconds of the person’s attention and they are scrolling to numb out. Most of the time there is no conversion from a quick post interaction.

Another meaningful question to ask yourself is: What is the shelf life of a social media post? Unless you show up every single day multiple times a day you are dead to the platform.

The no social media test

After realizing how unhealthy social media was for her life and feeling a calling from God to step away from it, Stefanie decided to do a test. She went off of social media for 30 days. Her goal was to prove whether or not being on social media was a necessity for growth.

Stefanie said no more and God blessed her with so much more once she was off of social media. She no longer uses Instagram, they share podcast episodes, but that is it.

Robyn has experienced the same. And it is so freeing to not be dependent on social media. Satan uses social media to distract you and pull you away from what God is calling you to do.

Stefanie’s favorite equation: is trust equals impact and income.

Should you start a podcast? Is podcasting for you?

Time is more important than money and it should produce ROI. If you are on social media, is it giving you an ROI? Is it converting into dollar bills?

Podcasting is how Stefanie grew an audience. Think of an upside-down triangle, it’s the reverse funnel. The podcast increases the size of your following. If you really love social media and can have boundaries with social media, stick with it, but follow along with this philosophy.

Podcasting has SEO power. It works for you when you have keywords and key phrases. And creating a podcast reaches so many more people than a social media post.

Stefanie has a 1 to 2 percent conversion rate in recurring listeners. Pinterest marketing is 1-to-many marketing for your podcast.

If you start a podcast, who will listen to it?

Robyn believes that podcasting is about building relationships and trust with your listeners. You get to show your knowledge and share it by teaching. All of this builds trust.

Why does it matter who is listening to your podcast? If you remember that you are here to serve God and let him work through you, you will blow the minds of your listeners and they will be eager to subscribe and join your email list, etc.

Trust the process that it is okay not to put an identity on every single person that listens to your show. The important thing is that you are showing up and serving. After you’ve been podcasting, you will filter out the people that aren’t for you.

Trust the 1-to-many marketing plan.

If you have a Facebook Group or community, that is where you will learn the identity of your listeners. This is the place you deepen the relationships. The people that join your community are the people who are invested in learning from you. This is much more powerful than likes on Instagram.

Remove yourself from yourself. and get to the place of I am serving to give. I don’t know the outcome, but I am willing to let go of vanity metrics and serve. You can’t give too much away and show up to serve without it being blessed.

Robyn emphasized the need to be patient to let yourself grow and your podcast grow. God’s timing is perfect and limitless.

Podcast growth expectations

Ask yourself, how long have I been doing things that aren’t working? For example, if social media hasn’t been converting, get rid of it.

Stefanie suggested having one long-form content and 1 promo. Like Robyn, Stefanie uses the podcast as long-form content and Pinterest as her promotion platform.

Until you get clear on the one thing you do, the one person you serve, and the one problem you solve, You don’t start the clock evaluating your success until you have complete clarity. Finding clarity is the very first thing you must do.

Understand that your journey is different than other podcasters. You cannot compare your journey to someone else’s. God knows when you are ready to yield the floodgates.

The metric you look for is growth. If you grow by one download each month, you are growing. Look for a 1% conversion rate from those who listen consistently. You should have 1 to 2 sales come in each month from the podcast, this is growth.

The expectation is that you will show up and serve for 12 to 24 months before you look up. Don’t get distracted, and don’t give up. It is around the 18-month mark that there is a massive explosion in growth.

Dedicate your time and energy to one place where you are going to spend your time and share your value.

How to monetize your podcast

The episode with Anne Claussen on monetizing your podcast. 

  • Sponsorship
  • Advertising

Both give you pennies on the download and are not worth it until you get past 1, 2, or 3 million downloads.

  • Coaching

You can monetize from episode 1 if you offer coaching sessions and tell your listeners about them. Even if you coach only 5 people you will get to know more about your audience and what they want and expect from you and the show.

  • E-course

You have to refine your own process before you put it into an E-course. E-courses get you between 80 and 90% profit margin. With 100 occurring listeners, you can make $500 to $1000 per month and that goes up as the number of recurring listeners goes up.

If you want to start a podcast, take Stef’s 1-hour free course or join her Podcast Pro University.

How to start a podcast

Sit quietly today and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Partner with God, have fun, and share your knowledge.

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Stefanie Gass is a CEO, wife, boy mom, coffee lover, and #pjsallday enthusiast! Stef helps women get clear on their niche, start a podcast, and grow a successful online business, God’s way.

She is the host of a top .5% globally ranked podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs, The Stefanie Gass Show.

Stef believes it’s possible to partner with God to create impact and income without sacrificing or buying into the social media hustle.

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