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Marissa Polselli of Wordtree, LLC interviewed on The Second Phase Podcast to share her love of words and how they empower resumes and LinkedIN Profiles. The podcast graphic has a picture of marissa in the bottom right corner just under the podcast logo.

Marissa Polselli is using a life-long love affair with words to help others create powerful resumes and LinkedIn profiles to connect with clients and future employers.

About Marissa

Marissa Polselli is a writer, coach, and speaker whose love of words began with her first library card at age six. The founder and CEO of Wordtree and creator of the HeartSmart™ Writing Method, Marissa draws on 18 years of teaching experience, 10 years guiding student journalists, five years in the corporate world, and a lifelong love affair with words to empower people to claim their voice. She specializes in developing authentic one-sheets, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles, and connecting people with the power of words in workshops, speaking engagements, and her online mini-series The Power of Women Using Their Voices.

Likewise, Marissa is passionate about the power of words to connect us to our true selves, to each other, and to something bigger.  She is passionate about using words with thoughtfulness, knowing that their power is meant to build up and create, not sow disharmony or hurt.

The First Phase

During her first phase, Marissa was a teacher.   She taught for many years and loved teaching but once the education system began to change, she realized it was time to move on.   Upon leaving the world of education she moved to the corporate world and worked as a patient advocate.   Still using her teaching skills to help others.

The Second Phase

Her life-long love affair with words has led Marissa to help others find their words.  Doing so empowers them to build a career that connects with their potential clients or employers, in a meaningful way.

Using an immersive approach to get to know her clients, Marissa connects with them to understand the language of their expertise.  This approach allows her to create resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and speeches that convey personality, excellence, and inspiration.

Marissa not only delivers excellent products for her clients but empowers them by helping them feel confident about the process.

Another passion of Marissa’s is teaching.  Teaching is both a passion and a strength for Marissa.  She believes in sharing her gift of words with others and helping them find and use words.  The poetic use of words empowers her clients for a beautiful and successful life.

Book Recommendation

The Once and Future King by T.H. White

Favorite Quote

If you have two loaves of bread, sell one, and buy Hyacinth.  – Persian Proverb

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