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Are you ready to start a business? Or, have you been working on your business but feel stuck, overwhelmed, and like you are spinning in circles without reaching your long-term goals?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Purpose to Results™ is a program that will help you transform your business, and therefore, your life.

Purpose to Results™ is my signature program to help Christian entrepreneurs start, grow, or scale their businesses.

What is Purpose to Results™?

Purpose to Results™  is the program I created to help my clients achieve complete clarity around their God-led calling and purpose, overcome mindset barriers, create a brand marketing strategy, navigate the challenges of tech, tools, systems, and processes, and take intentional effective action to build a solid foundation for the long-term success of your brand and business.

The program is based on this formula – Mindset + Strategy + Action = Results.

Mindset – Situational Mind Modeling -for clarity, confidence, and connection with purpose and impact

Strategy – Simplified Sustainable Strategy – long-term strategies embodying SEO, systems, and processes for success.

Action – The Accountability Framework – to ensure consistent execution.

Purpose to Results™ –  3 part program broken into 5 modules

  • Clarity
    • Clarity is important so that you can identify your soulmate client, and the people you want to, and can, serve.
    • Likewise, it is important to have clarity around your God-led calling and purpose so that you can create content that will resonate with your soulmate clients.
    • Creating content that connects will help you build an emotional connection with your ideal clients.
    • Building an emotional connection will help build trust.
    • And once trust is built, you will begin to build relationships.
    • Relationships help you become memorable and sharable and convert contacts to clients.
    • In addition, you must have clarity around your purpose to build a personal brand.
    • It is important to note that a lack of clarity around your purpose or God-led calling will result in doubt.
    • If you are in a place of doubt, you will not build confidence and trust with your audience.
    • The result is confusion and confused people do not buy.
    • Some signs of a lack of clarity around your purpose include:
      • Doubt
      • Fear
      • Inability to create content
      • Feelings of overwhelm
      • Frustration
      • Lack of strategy
      • Inability to reach goals
      • Procrastination
      • Feeling stuck, or like you are spinning in circles and going nowhere
      • Inability to see your gifts, talents, and how you can help others based on your experiences and life journey
      • Lack of confidence in and around your business
  • Mindset barriers
    • Mindset barriers are the same as mindset blocks.
    • Your mind gets stuck in a place of negative thoughts that ultimately hold you back.
    • Mindset barriers present as doubt, hesitation to take action, lack of clarity, lack of confidence, feeling stuck, and procrastination.
    • Often times mindset barriers result in analysis paralysis or trying many different things to build your business with nothing working to help you achieve your goals.
    • Mindset barriers may trigger anxiety
    • You may feel like a failure because of mindset barriers.
    • Frequently, people are frustrated because nothing is working and they blame many other things for the reason they are being held back.
    • Mindset barriers often cause people to stay in a place of inaction.
    • When you have mindset barriers you are more likely to compare and despair instead of taking intentional effective action.
    • The good news is that you can change your mindset and the neuropathways in your brain and begin to think more positively thus producing more results and achieving your goals.
Your thoughts produce your results!
  • Brand Marketing Strategy
    • The first part of any brand marketing strategy is to create a personal brand.
    • Once your personal brand is established, it is time to communicate with your audience and tell them what makes you unique.
    • Personal branding is differentiating yourself so that you stand out as the expert that can help your soulmate clients.
    • Your brand marketing strategy is the strategy you create to market your brand and business to your soulmate clients.
      • Where can you reach them
      • What marketing tools and platforms should you use
        • Email marketing
        • Pinterest marketing
        • Social media marketing
        • YouTube channel creation
        • Podcasting
        • LinkedIn
        • Blogging
        • SEO
    • Is it one platform or is it multiple platforms that you should use?
    • How can you simplify the strategy so that you are consistent?
    • A brand marketing strategy also includes a sales process.
    • And no brand marketing strategy is complete without a PR strategy.
    • The key to a successful brand marketing strategy is to create messaging that resonates and connects with your soulmate clients, differentiates you from all others in your area of expertise, and builds trust with your ideal audience so that they know exactly how you will help them.
  • Tech, tools, systems, and processes
    • With every brand marketing strategy, you need to have technology and tools to automate your business and make life easier.
    • In addition, to have a successful business, you need to have systems and processes in place. But which systems and processes do you need and how can you automate them and ensure someone else can run your business if you aren’t available?
    • Tech, tools, systems, and processes go hand in hand but it can be very overwhelming to decipher which of each to invest in, which are easiest to use, and which will simplify your business and help you best implement your brand marketing strategy.
    • Automation is critical for maintaining sanity as you grow and scale your business.
    • Do you need a fancy funnel system? If yes, which one is best? If not, how do you automate?
    • How can you connect one platform or system to another using technology?
  • Action
    • Intentional effective action leads to results.
    • Results create motivation.
    • Motivation creates progress.
    • Progress creates momentum.
    • Momentum keeps you moving forward to achieve your goals.
    • The results of taking intentional action include:
      • Attracting your soulmate clients
      • Building relationships
      • Converting sales
      • Making money
      • Making an impact
      • Achieving goals

You can see how starting with clarity around your purpose is critical to taking intentional and effective action. Clarity cannot be achieved if you are sitting in a place of negative thoughts and doubt. Likewise, you will not be able to create an effective brand marketing strategy without clarity and a positive mindset. Similarly, it is necessary to understand tech, tools, systems, and processes to effectively implement a brand marketing strategy.

And lastly, without any clarity, a positive mindset, a brand marketing strategy, and the tech, tools, systems, and processes in place, you will not be able to take intentional effective action. The reverse is also true. If you aren’t taking intentional effective action to achieve clarity, a positive mindset, create a brand marketing strategy, and implement proper tech, tools, systems, and processes, you will not achieve your goals. You will feel stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, and doubtful, and stay in a place of inaction or lack of growth.

There are three opportunities to work with me using Purpose to Results™. They include:

  • CEO Club – a 6-month 1:1 business and mindset coaching/mentorship program
  • VIP Day – a 1:1 business and mindset coaching/mentorship experience in a 4-hour power-packed session
  • Transformation hour – 1:1 session in which I help you discover what barriers are keeping you from being successful.

Click here to learn more about each option or to book a discovery call to learn more about coaching with me and which option is best for you.

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