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The Purpose to Results™ Facebook Group

Robyn Graham hosts the Purpose to Results Facebook group for Christian women and entrepreneurs. On the graphic is a photo of Robyn wearing a white blouse and leaning against a white wall. She is smiling and looking at the camera. The name of the group and the word welcome are on the graphic in navy. There is a light blue bar on the left side of the graphic and another one in pink crossing the one in blue.

Join us in the Purpose to Results™ Facebook group for business and mindset strategies for long-term success

The Private Facebook Group

Join like-minded small business owners and entrepreneurs in the Purpose to Results™ Facebook community for Christian women and entrepreneurs

This free private Facebook group is a place for you to learn brand marketing and mindset strategies with an emphasis on scripture, and to connect with like-minded women and build relationships.

The Benefits Of Joining the Purpose to Results Facebook Group

As a brand strategist and business and mindset coach, I want to help Christian women make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. Entrepreneurship can be challenging, and overwhelming, and many people quit or fail within the first three years in business.

By providing free resources, valuable training sessions, tips, and tools, I help women build solid foundations for personal brand and business success. I help them save money, time, and energy and to focus on the tasks that will help them achieve the success they’ve been dreaming of.

Within the group, we encourage women to connect with like-minded women, build relationships, collaborate, and support each other.

We have expert guest speakers in the group so that we can help speed up the journey to success without creating more stress.

Some of the member benefits of The Purpose to Results Facebook group include but are not limited to:

  • Learn brand marketing strategies
  • Ask questions related to your personal brand and business
  • Network and connect with like-minded people
  • Accountability partnerships
  • Gain referral sources
  • Promote Your Business
  • Free Live Workshops and training
  • Scripture verse reminders to help keep you and your business grounded in faith
  • Mindset strategies so that you can overcome mental barriers that have been holding you back
  • And so much more

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