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Become unstoppable by using your voice. Leverage public speaking to become more visible. Create the life you desperately want and live the way you want with freedom by building a lifestyle from speaking on stage.

When you leverage public speaking, you create a lifelong opportunity for business success and lifestyle freedom.

Moira believes in a destiny-driven business. There is a business you can have and there is also something you are destined to have. Every action you take every day in your business is either moving you closer to it or taking you away from it. Speaking is the fastest way to reach more people with your message.

Robyn emphasized, for those afraid of speaking, it becomes easier, no matter the size of the audience when you are passionate about the topic you are speaking about.

Here’s what public speaking can do for you

When done properly, you can use speaking as your primary marketing tool. Instead of spending time learning all the marketing techniques, you can use your voice. Your voice feeds into everything in your business.

The reality is, you are probably speaking and using your voice daily, speaking to family, clients, etc. Even if you are a podcast host, you are a speaker.

Moira emphasized that it is about taking on the identity of being a speaker. If you are an entrepreneur, you are a leader, and leaders are expected to speak.

You can’t change the world in a vacuum, hidden away in a corner or in your office. You must speak out.

People are looking to hear from real people who are vulnerable and made mistakes but come through it. It isn’t about being polished and perfect, it’s about being real and sharing your knowledge, passion, and gifts.

Speaking is an opportunity to share what you do, how you do it, and who you serve while serving at the same time making an impact that can help change your lifestyle and the world.

Reframe your thoughts and overcome the fear of public speaking

Stop looking at speaking as the entire world and think of it on the level of your world, your business, my followers, my audience, and my people. The people that are assigned to you, the people that you are meant to serve.

Think of speaking as an opportunity to serve. Your audience will get bigger as you get bigger.

More overcoming the fear of public speaking.

4 Steps to becoming a public speaker


The first step is to focus on your message. What is your message? And then put your message out into the world so that people will discover you and say, oh I want that, I need that, that is who I need to work with.


Your message needs to be dialed in and the center of your talk. Moira doesn’t believe you need to have twenty talks. You can have one talk and take it to multiple audiences.


What can you offer the audience that makes them want to connect with you after your talk? Sales are then made on the back end of your talk.

Have a message, create a talk, and have an offer.

How to tell your story as a public speaker

Tell your story in a way that reaches the hearts of those who are listening to you. And remember that your story is never about you, it’s about the audience through you. They need to see themselves in the story.

You should be able to tell your story in 2 to 3 minutes.

This is how you attract warm qualified leads.

You have a talk, now what?

Once you have created your talk, consider where you’d like to go. If you want to travel to some place, look for speaking opportunities in that geographical area. However, it is easiest and best to start on local stages. Start local and become better. This is how you perfect your talking and speaking skills.

You probably won’t get invited to big stages until you’ve been seen on smaller stages. Make all your mistakes at the local level when the stakes are low. Start small. Small stages can be anywhere in the world and can be as lucrative as large stages.

Should you pay to speak as you become a public speaker?

First look for small free stages.

However, paying to speak is a very powerful thing to do. But paying to speak is not for the beginner speaker.

Moira doesn’t advise that you pay for a stage until you have practiced speaking and practiced making an offer. Be sure that you are very clear and have all the pieces of your talk in place first.

There may be opportunities for you to be paid to speak. But if no one knows you, your fee won’t be very high. You start relatively low.

However, if you have a $5K package and you get two clients from a speaking engagement, you have made way more than a low fee of $1000 or less.

Free stages are lifetime value stages. There is a lifetime of value from free stages. When you open your eyes to speaking and you get 2 to 3 clients from each speaking engagement you are well on your way to six figures.

How long should your talk be as a public speaker?

Most talks are about 30 minutes, on average. If you think about your story being 2 to 3 minutes of that you can break the message and offer to be the rest of the time.

Your talk will have three main points, 7 minutes for each point, and then longer at the end for your offer, don’t leave the offer to the very end, that is a huge mistake. Don’t give so much value and then forget why you are there. You are there to inspire, but also to gather leads and attract clients.

Allow 3 minutes for your offer with a couple of minutes left over. It is better to be finished early than to go over.

Sharing your offer at the end shouldn’t feel icky

You just shared a lot of value with your audience, you’ve inspired them, and they are excited. If you just say thank you and goodbye, you are leaving them hanging. The people that need you, want more. When you share your offer, you are simply giving them an opportunity to connect with you more. It is a simple invitation; the sale comes later.

Keep in mind, these are now warm leads. It would take months of posting on social media to attract a warm audience and get the level of connection and energy you just created in 20 to 30 minutes, no matter the size of the stage.

But keep in mind, your talk needs to be built to convert. You need to be talking about a big problem that your audience has that you can solve with a payoff for them. Share a plan and process that they won’t get anywhere else. It relates to your personal brand.

How do you pitch to be a public speaker on other’s stages 

Moira is not a fan of pitching to stages. She used networking events and would then approach the coordinator and offer to speak to their audience. One stage can often lead to multiple other stages.

Get your first two to three stages booked however you can and then ask for introductions for additional opportunities. Never leave a speaking event without warm leads for future speaking engagements.

If you are serious about becoming a speaker, find a thread. That thread will take you all over the world.

Speaking is the most powerful marketing tool in the world.

Is the cost of speaking worth it?

Yes. But not until you are seasoned at speaking. Most of the time, your cost isn’t that high, and you will have an ROI. Another opportunity is to schedule multiple speaking events for the trip to ensure you will convert clients.

How do you find opportunities to speak?

There are many databanks with lists of speaking opportunities.


Innovation Women

Think about where you want to go and where your soulmate clients go and look for opportunities there.

And of course, you can use Google to find speaking opportunities.

Get started speaking now

Don’t wait to get started. Perfect and polished do not equate to profits.

If it is in your heart to speak, go for it now!

About Moira Ni Ghallachoir

Moira shows coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and service-based entrepreneurs how to build a top-tier income and become a sought-after authority with speaking. She is passionate about helping women shake up their world and start thinking bigger and bolder about who they are and what they truly want. Because through this, they will unleash their entrepreneurial spirit into the world.

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