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Are you like me? I have so many ideas (including a product or two) swirling around in my head that sometimes I even overwhelm myself.

Nicole de Larzac has twenty-plus years of marketing experience, primarily in the product industry.

Today she works with entrepreneurs to help them bring their ideas to reality, create a strategic plan for bringing their products to market and scale their product businesses.

Robyn Graham interviewed Nicole DeLarzac on The Second Phase Podcast and Nicole shared how to bring a product to market. On the podcast graphic is a picture of Nicole smiling at the camera and wearing a camouflage blouse.

About Nicole

Nicole graduated from business school and started consulting.  She quickly realized that she wanted something more creative and less analytical.

She left consulting and joined Kraft foods in marketing and later joined Coke-a-Cola.  Nicole and her husband moved to Australia and while pregnant with her first child she started her own business to have more flexibility as a new mom.

Her business was importing foods from South America and selling them to retailers like Coles and Woolworths and to leading brands.

Upon moving back to Canada, she left her business and decided that she wanted to help other female entrepreneurs who needed help creating a business while being a mom.

What are the steps to bringing an idea to fruition?

  • Iterations of the product and what problem can it solve and what makes your product different
  • Come up with ideas and narrow them down based on the competitive marketplace – 5 Top Ideas
  •  Written and visual expressions of the product so that people will understand exactly what the product is and the problem it solves
  • Surveys
  • Appeal – what appeals to your audience
  • What are they likely to buy
  • Could the product be improved
  • Feedback
  • What they like, and what they don’t like. Feedback is important because you want to understand what the consumer wants and likes.
Refining the Top Concept

Results in the final idea

  • 1st prototype
  • Consumer market feedback from a target audience
  • Does it meet their expectation
Business Plan
  • Road map with goals – how are you going to achieve the goals and market the
  • Be rooted in strategy so that you know what that business will produce revenue.
Finished Product
  • Presale
  • Before production
  • Create a waitlist
  • Know you can sell before producing a large volume
  • Production
  • Pricing
Marketing Your Product
  • Website
  • Tease out product
  • Think of where the target audience shops
    • Amazon
    • Etsy
    • Wholesalers
    • Large Market Places – i.e. Wayfair
    • Multichannel approach
    • Retail location
Driving Traffic
  • Multi-channel approach
  • SEO
    • Keywords and keyphrases
    • What are people searching for
    • Be strategic
    • Blog posts
  • Social channels
    • Engagement
  • Paid
    • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Display Ads
  • Earned
    • Earn the right for people to see your product
      • PR
      • Influencers
        • Big Influencers
          • Build relationships with them
          • Send the product and include the media kit
        • Micro-influencers
          • A great place to start
          • A smaller number of followers but more likely to work with you and promote your product.
          • More trustworthy. People are skeptical of big influencers because they know they are getting paid for promoting.
Personal Branding
  • How important is it to have a personal brand when you are a product entrepreneur?
  • Very important. People want to get to know you and your process.  Show up for your audience and get them involved with your process and product.
  • Develop a community around what you are doing.
  • Be the face of your brand.
Lifestyle and Product Photography
  • Show people using your product so that people want to use it too.
  • Have great photography because people can‘t touch your product, so you want to show as much detail as possible through great images.
  • Look professional.
Bonus Tips
  • Be persistent
  • Know your why
  • Imagine yourself where you want to be – know your 5-year vision and plan

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