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Launching a program, course, or even an event can be taxing. But if you have a pre-launch strategy with a good pre-launch copy the official launch can feel like smooth sailing.


Having a pre-launch copy strategy can save you energy and help you convert more of your audience to buyers during the official launch.

Is copy the magic bullet for your business?

People often think that copy is the magic bullet for getting new clients. But it’s really a combination of things, your website, your social media, the offer, your marketing strategy, and your copy.

Why is pre-launch copy important?

Brenna started noticing that people are putting time and effort into launching but not into the pre-launch phase. She saw an opportunity to take the copy and launch experience she had and add her strategy skills to help people create the pre-launch content they need to get a conversion. It isn’t only the over-arching strategy, but the ability to map it out effectively. If your message isn’t consistent you will cause confusion and lose people. Every step and every message has to be aligned for an effective launch.

Robyn Graham interviewed Brenna McGowan on The Robyn Graham Show. Brenna shared why you need pre-launch copy and how to create it. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Robyn in a sea foam green dress that is v-neck, sleeveless and has ruffles around the top, the podcast name with a microphone connected to the w of show. There is a circle with a photo of Brenna wearing white pants and a blank tank top leaning against a white wall. She has short blond hair and is looking at the camera.


How can a pre-launch copy strategy help you with an effective launch and where should you begin to create a pre-launch copy strategy?



Brenna always begins with research. Understand gaps and where you need to take people.

Types of research:
  • Interview your audience
  • Testimonials
  • Specific words
  • Surveys

Know your objective and your offer and know what your clients want and need to hear from you. Look at your analytics for your blog posts and social media posts. Know the language that your customers are using to describe you. You can also do research on Quora, Reddit, and YouTube to see what people are asking and commenting related to your launch product or event. Don’t overcomplicate the research. When you see things that resonate with your business, copy and paste them into a Google Doc or spreadsheet.

Every piece of copy your write must resonate with your audience.

Know your audience, know what they need from you, and know what they are saying and asking for. Notice the words, feelings, and emotions online to discover what will resonate with your audience.

Now that you have the research, analyze it.

Brenna uses her CASE framework to show online why our offer is what people need, to showcase our talents and gifts, and how we can solve their problems.

C is for clarifying and categorizing – the research

A is for analyzing – organizing pain points and objections, knowing what emails and posts have performed, and what is already working that you can amplify.

S is for strategizing – this is where the magic happens. You know your audience, what they need, and what content has worked in the past. Now use your strategic lens to map out the content plan before your launch. Create content and copy strategically so that it takes the burden off of the launch. The market is saturated, so you have to create content that stands out. People need more nurturing and more time to make a buying decision. Help people work through a busying decision and help them not feel so pressured. Scarcity and pressure don’t work like they used to.

E is for energizing – building momentum and energy going into the launch. When you energize during the pre-launch, you have less pressure for the launch.

Robyn emphasized going into the launch with more positive energy and in the moment with more confidence.

The three things you need to have in mind for a pre-launch copy strategy

What do people need to buy from me – there are three things:

  1. What do people need to know about me before they’ll buy from me – the know, like, and trust factor, where your branding comes into play?
  2. How is my offer unique and how will it work for them?
  3. What do people have to believe about themselves? This is why a pre-launch is needed. Often people forget that we have beliefs or assumptions that we have around why things won’t work or why this isn’t for us. In a pre-launch, you can demonstrate why amazing results can happen for these individuals. It’s about limiting beliefs and objections in pre-launch copy. When you address the objections are addressed in pre-launch there are no more excuses for not buying.

The content categories for your pre-launch copy strategy

P is for personality – let your personality shine, build the know, like, and trust factor, and share what you love.

A is for authority – come into yourself to show people that you are the expert in your industry, and share your viewpoints and opinions to let your authority shine in a positive way.

C is for credibility – testimonials, your character, show that you produce results. Weave credibility into your content.

E is for empathy – demonstrate you understand what they need.

The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world.” – Plato

About Brenna McGowan

Brenna is an award-winning email copywriter who helps get the confetti out of your head and into a personality-filled copy that glides onto the page. She has a knack for helping clients tell everyday stories that fill up their programs and jack up their open rates – all with a strategic pre-launch.

Listen to Episode 19 – Brenna’s first interview on the show back in 2020. 

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