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The Robyn Graham Show is the Go-To podcast for entrepreneurs who want to achieve success without social media!

Robyn Graham is host of The Robyn Graham Show, formerly The Second Phase Podcast. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Robyn wearing a tan Lack of Color hat and a sea foam sleeveless, v-neck dress that has ruffles all over the top with the podcast logo on the top left of the graphic is Robyn's name with The before her name and show underneath with a microphone off of the w. Robyn is looking at the camera and smiling.

Success without Social Media. The Better Way to Grow a Business

The podcast for entrepreneurs who want strategies to grow your business for success without social media!

The go-to podcast for Christian entrepreneurs and business owners who want success without social media. 

Are you tired of hearing you must be on social media – posting at just the right time and constantly selling in the DMs – to grow a successful business? 

Are you sick of spending countless hours producing valuable content, with little to nothing to show for it? 

Worse yet, are you fed up with imposter syndrome that inevitably comes with time spent scrolling on social . . . no wonder you procrastinate . . . 

I’ve got GREAT news! There is a better way to grow your business! 

Hey you! I’m Robyn Graham, a Christian Business Coach and Marketing Strategist specializing in growing a successful business without social media. I’m also the author of “You, Me, and Anxiety”. 

The Robyn Graham Show is a podcast for Christian business owners and entrepreneurs who want to follow their God-led calling and uncover joy, purpose, and passion in their life and business – while having an impact and making money.

Each week I’ll teach how to grow your business without social media in addition to various topics and strategies that you can employ to do so – think how-tos like:

. . . marketing strategies (without social media)

. . . SEO strategies 

. . . Personal branding strategies

. . . PR strategies 

. . . Email marketing strategies 

. . . Sales tips and strategies

. . . Tech, tools, systems, processes, and automation – the behind-the-scenes stuff you need to simplify

. . . Strategies to recognize and navigate mindset barriers and anxiety

I and my guests will give you the best advice to help you create the life and business of your dreams. . . with a healthy dose of Jesus – so that you can build a solid foundation for your business and create a lifetime of limitless earning potential while fulfilling your purpose and creating a ripple effect of good in the world. 

If you’re tired of overthinking and doing “all the things” with minimal results, you’re in the right place! 

I’m all about simplicity, ease, and grace while having an impact and making money. 

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Learn more about Robyn, the host of The Robyn Graham Show, and for more opportunities to learn from her, check out her media appearances.

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What People Are Saying About The Robyn Graham Show

A top 1% globally rated podcast for entrepreneurs.

A Treasure Trove

A treasure trove of inspiration and guidance for anyone trying to navigate their way through a transition in business or life. Robyn offers a great balance of candor and warmth alongside actionable insight. Above all, she keeps it fresh with a variety of topics and guests from various backgrounds.

Inspiring Listen Every Time!

The connection Robyn has with her guests and the encouragement she gives her audience in every episode always keeps me coming back for more. The brand marketing strategies are explained so well that I find myself inspired to work on my own business branding right then and there!



Such A Powerful Podcast!

I LOVE The Second Phase Podcast! It is such an amazing concept and it really gets you thinking about where you are in life today and where you want to go in your “second phase!” This podcast is everything (real talk, inspiration, and motivation) wrapped up in one amazing podcast!



Inspiring Show!

Robyn’s episodes are inspiring and offer lots of great business advice. If you’re looking to pivot or make a change in your business, this show is for you!

Christina Scalera


Motivation Alongside Business Advice

I love that this show gives motivation alongside business advice. In the early days of my business, I didn’t just need business tips — I needed the inspiration to get through all the ups and downs! Robyn is a sweet host who gives advice for your business and for YOU as a business owner!



So Prepared

This feels like Oprah’s show! The host, Robyn, comes with a tremendous amount of preparation and enthusiasm for each interview! She knows her guests like the back of her hand, and this is rare among hosts these days. SO much good in the lessons shared through this show!

Jordan Gross


Starting A Business And Have No Idea How To Start?

Robyn is a stellar interviewer and combines great conversation with tactical strategies on how to get your business launched and the steps to take to establish your brand.

Julie-Your Expert Guest


Great And Fresh!

Great host and special guests, great content, great advice! What a refreshing podcast. I can’t wait for the next episode. Truly a great podcast for anyone on their “second phase”.

Denise Yusuff


Thoroughly enjoy 

I thoroughly enjoy the second phase podcast and the whole concept behind it. It is a one-of-a-kind podcast that has something for everyone. You can’t help but appreciate Robyn’s passion and desire to reach such a diverse audience while helping guide each one into their second phase. She has been very creative in bringing an array of guests ensuring to meet the needs of all listeners. Whether you are in your second phase of life or not you will close each podcast feeling motivated by not only Robyn but each guest as well. I hope they inspire, motivate, encourage, and enlighten you as they did me. Happy listening!



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