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Michelle Glogovac is THE podcast matchmaker!   Not only is she a podcast host, but a PR agent helping others get featured interviews on other podcasts.   As a podcast host and PR agent, she knows the ins and outs of getting interviews and following podcast etiquette tips!

Michelle Glogovac interviewed on the second phase podcast to share podcast etiquette tips for being a podcast guest. On the podcast graphic Michelle is pictured on the bottom right hand side smiling at the camera and wearing a navy top with a beaded necklace leaning against a green wall.

First Phase

Michelle was in corporate aviation for 18 years doing sales and business development. She sold jet fuel to corporate flight departments. Her career started while she was in college at UCSB and she had the fun experience of meeting a number of celebrities and CEOs. Michelle was never into planes, fuel, or sales, but it was a job that paid well and allowed her to travel and also move to different cities.

She was laid off in April 2018 and by then had two young children at home. Her husband is also in the aviation industry, so she had juggled schedules and traveling as a family plus a nanny for long enough. She wanted to work for herself from home and be with her kids. She listened to her first podcast in September 2018 and in December 2018, started pitching her first client.

Second Phase

Michelle owns a podcast production and PR agency. The problem she solves for her clients is getting their voices and message heard by a larger audience. Whether it’s in launching their own podcast and helping them use their own voice to reach the masses or finding them podcasts that are a good fit for them to spread their knowledge and message while providing the host with something they weren’t already providing.

Podcast Etiquette for PR

  • Identify your key message
    • What are you an expert at?
    • It’s good to have more than one topic you can focus on.
    • Focus on what the host and her listeners will learn from you
  • Research podcasts
    • Listen to podcasts to ensure they are a good fit for you.
    • Learn about the host to ensure the conversation will be effective and they will want to learn what you know and share your message with their audience.
    • Additional questions
      • Is the podcast current?
      • Does the host do interviews?
    • Suggested things to do prior to pitching
      • Listen to at least two episodes of the podcast(s) you are pitching to
      • Leave a rating and review for each podcast you are pitching to
    • Create a pitch to send to podcast hosts
      • Tell the host that you have listened to their podcast episodes
      • Share your review with the host
      • Explain what the host and her guests will learn from you if they have you as a guest
      • Express your willingness to share the interview on your website, social media pages, and email newsletter
      • Make the pitch personal
    • Email the pitch
    • Follow-up approximately two weeks after emailing the pitch

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Podcast Etiquette for Guests

  • Research the podcast (hopefully you did this prior to pitching yourself)
    • Listen to podcasts to ensure they are a good fit for you.
    • Learn about the host to ensure the conversation will be effective and they will want to learn what you know and share your message with their audience.
  • Familiarize yourself with and test the recording platform prior to the interview
  • Be prepared
    • With your topic
    • To answer unexpected questions
    • This is not a sales pitch, this is an opportunity to share your expertise and serve the host and her listeners
  • Create a lead magnet or freebie
    • Something valuable to share with the host and her listeners
    • Create a unique link so that you can track downloads from the podcast (this will help you measure your ROI on being a guest)
  • Be on time for the interview
  • Turn your phone on an airplane so that it doesn’t make noise and interrupt the interview
  • Turn off notifications on your computer
  • Record in a quiet space to alleviate editing from external noises such as pets, kids, doorbells
  • Be ready to share all of your contact information and freebie when the host asks you to.
  • Thank your host
    • At the end of the episode and by email after the interview
  • Share the episode
    • Social media
    • Email list
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • Website
    • Blog post
    • This helps you with being seen as the authority in your space and helps the host of the podcast. They have given you an opportunity to reach more people so thank them by sharing the episode and helping spread the word about their show.

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Learn more about and connect with Michelle:

Michelle Glogovac is THE podcast matchmaker, producer, PR agent, and host of the My Simplified Life podcast. After an 18-year career in corporate aviation, Michelle discovered her love of all things podcasting. She works with entrepreneurs and business owners to niche down, and grow their businesses, and visibility while
ensuring their message reaches the masses. Michelle is a natural relationship-maker, which is why her passion for helping experts being interviewed on podcasts is so successful. Michelle is a wife, mom of two, stepmom of two, and a fur mom. She has her B.A. and M.S. in Law. She resides in the Bay Area and loves to share what her favorite wines are!

I truly believe that everyone has a unique story to share and that someone in the world needs to hear it. I love being able to make that happen and also having the opportunity to introduce strangers to each other and form new connections and relationships.

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